My First Million

6:04am: Julie Mahloch discovered that few places addressed beauty questions for older women. So she started a website that did and made a million dollars in revenue. More
Apr 17: Ken Stamps' belief that more Americans want to do zip-lining in the states has paid off. His U.S. company Navitat Canopy Adventures recently made a million dollars in revenue. More
Mar 29: Sarah McIlroy didn't have the time or skill to help her daughter create clothes, so she came up with FashionPlaytes, a website that helps tweens design their own fashions. More
Mar 13: Dan and Jill O'Brien starting raising buffalo as a hobby. Fifteen years later, it became a million-dollar-in-revenues business. More
Feb 28: Lauren and Bill Elward made a million dollars in revenue recently with their company Castle Ink, which sells recycled ink cartridges. More
Feb 21: Rosana Santos Calambichis's frozen-food company was hard hit by a number of terrible events -- including the recession -- but she was able to rally on, and recently Big Chef crossed the million-dollar-in-sales mark. More
Feb 8: The son of a former gold miner finds 'gold' in collegiate sterling silver beads for bracelets. More
Dec 27: Steve Miller found a way to get speeding tickets reduced or dismissed. Now he has a booming business that just crossed over the million dollar in revenue mark. More
Dec 16: Elle Kaplan hit pay dirt by investing for women in her new company Lexion Capital Management. More
Dec 8: Adele Horowitz created a new way of getting rid of head lice. Now her business is making a killing. More
Dec 2: Matt Griffin came up with a pan that creates brownie edges and now has a million dollar in revenues. More
Nov 21: Scott Santy's love affair with flip-flops turned into a lucrative business venture with hot designs and a cool million dollars in revenue. More
Oct 27: Allison Evanow dreamed up the idea for Square One spirits after watching mixologists use everything organic in their cocktails, except for the liquor. More
Oct 19: The creator of the jelly bean, David Klein, joins forces with his daughter Roxy to create Nifty Candy, a company that makes a variety of wacky confections. More
Oct 11: What's love worth? A million dollars, at least at LoveBook online, which lets users create personalized books for spouses and significant others. More