#DetroitWater: Keep Detroiters' water on!

Detroit's looming water shutoffs spark a social media campaign and an app to connect donors with residents behind on their bills.  More

Amazon plunges 10% on big loss

The company posted a larger than expected loss Thursday, sending shares tumbling 10%.  More

Weird Al's new album has been pirated 40,000 times

'Mandatory Fun,' the latest album by Weird Al, is topping the charts -- and getting pirated like mad too.  More

Only 3 in 10 Twitter workers are women

Like many of its Silicon Valley peers, Twitter workers are mostly male and white according to a diversity report released by the company Wednesday.  More

Facebook at all-time high on mobile might

Facebook posted another strong quarter driven by its success in mobile advertising revenue.  More

Apple sued by employees over labor issues

Apple is facing a class-action lawsuit from employees who say they were denied meal breaks and rest periods.  More

Microsoft's most boneheaded product is about to be killed off

Microsoft is cutting the cord on Windows RT, its poorly executed tablet operating system.  More

Dark Mail: Email that hides from the NSA

Ladar Levison, the guy behind Lavabit, is launching Dark Mail to encrypt emails so the NSA doesn't even know who's talking.  More

We work in a war zone but we're not unstable

As 65,000 IDF reservists are tapped to serve in Gaza, Israeli's tech community tries to maintain business as usual, amidst bombs, sirens and employees called to war.  More

Apple profit soars but iPads slump

Apple reported earnings showing the company is slightly more profitable, but revenue fell short.  More

Avoid the rush! Some ERs are taking appointments

Hospitals are hoping online ER appointments will help attract patients anxious to avoid long waits in a crowded and often chaotic environment.  More

Microsoft weighed down by ailing Nokia

Microsoft reported quarterly results Tuesday that took a hit from Nokia's ailing business.  More

Verizon's offer: Let us track you, get free stuff

Verizon has announced a new program offering perks for customers who agree to have their location data tracked for marketing purposes.  More

Is this Apple's new iWatch?

The United States Patent and Trademark Office has granted Apple a patent for a smartwatch. It resembles others already on the market but there are some features that could set an iWatch apart.  More

Israeli tech talent tapped to fight in Gaza

Israeli tech talent tapped to fight in Gaza  More

My company's immigration nightmare story

Jamison Door Company has been trying to expand for two years, but they say the nation's outdated, complicated immigration rules keep getting in their way.  More

Netflix passes 50 million subscribers

Netflix now boasts over 50 million members, and is continuing its push into content production and new markets.  More

Harlem: New York's new tech hub?

Is New York's Silicon Alley moving uptown to an unlikely neighborhood?  More

You're not cool enough for Facebook's newest app

Facebook has unveiled a new standalone app it's calling 'Mentions,' which is designed to help famous people manage their presences on the site.  More

Google to speed up Web with smaller photos

Google's new WebP image file format promises to speed up the Web by reducing image sizes. Those JPEGs and GIFs are just too darn big and clunky.  More

Snowden asks hackers to protect whistleblowers

Daniel Ellsberg and Edward Snowden teamed up to make this plea to hackers: Develop better tools that allows future insiders to secretly expose wrongdoing.  More

Netflix partner says Verizon slows traffic

Level 3, a company that Netflix and others pay to deliver traffic to Internet service providers, has accused Verizon of refusing to upgrade its infrastructure to boost lagging streaming speeds.  More

Facebook says: If you Like it, Buy it.

Facebook says: If you Like it, Buy it.  More

Google's money machine is going strong

Google reported Thursday that its second-quarter sales surged 22% versus last year, sending the stock more than 2% higher in after-hours trading.  More

Russian hackers placed 'digital bomb' in Nasdaq - report

Nasdaq was the target of hackers who left a 'digital bomb' in 2010. It didn't go off. But it could have halted trading and cost billions.  More

Meet the new ice cream man: Uber

Uber will deliver ice cream to subscribers on Friday. It's the latest on-demand service from the taxi app company that is now worth more than $18 billion.  More

New York unveils Bitcoin license rules

New business rules for Bitcoin licenses show that New York financial regulator Benjamin Lawsky is trying to help -- not kill -- this promising, independent currency.  More

Former Yahoo engineer: 'I suffered depression'

In an exclusive interview, former Yahoo engineer Nan Shi opens up about alleged sexual harassment.  More

Amazon: Read as much as you want for $9.99

If you like to read a lot, Amazon has the plan for you. Kindle Unlimited offers 600,000 e-books and some audiobooks for $9.99 a month.  More

FedEx indicted for shipping drugs sold online

The company says it is innocent and will plead not guilty to the charges brought Thursday by the Department of Justice.  More

Yahoo sex harassment accuser shares pain

In an exclusive interview with CNNMoney's Laurie Segall, Nan Shi says she feels "shame."  Play

Nadella officially puts his stamp on Microsoft

New Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella announced massive layoffs at Microsoft on Thursday as he moves boldly to reshape the company.  More

NFL Sunday Ticket coming to smartphones

DirecTV is offering NFL fans the chance to stream every out-of-market game of the upcoming regular season on a computer, smartphone or tablet, even if they don't have a satellite TV account.  More

Yahoo exec: Sex harassment accuser 'made the entire story up'

Yahoo exec Maria Zhang says Nan Shi, a former employee, fabricated her sexual harassment allegations.  More

Here's Google's plan to rid the world of cyberattacks

The Internet is full of bugs, and Google just launched a superhero team to kill 'em all.  More

This is Airbnb's 'obscene' new logo

The website devoted to short-term apartment rentals premiered a giggle-inducing new logo.  More

Amazon mulls $10 subscription service for e-books

Amazon is considering 'Kindle Unlimited,' a subscription e-book service.  More

BlackBerry crumbled by Apple and IBM

An Apple-Big Blue partnership to sell iPhones to corporate consumers is bad news for BlackBerry. Shares tumbled due to fears about Apple and IBM attacking BlackBerry's core market.  Play

IBM to start selling Apple iPhones and iPads

Apple and IBM are partnering up. Expect iPhones and iPads with IBM-made apps for business clients.  More

Did Apple and IBM just kill BlackBerry?

BlackBerrry's turnaround just hit a big speed bump. If IBM can successfully sell Apple's iPhones to corporate customers, how can BlackBerry counter that?  More

UK plans to build a spaceport

Sensing a booming industry in coming decades, the United Kingdom is investing in a new airport that can accommodate vessels flying to and from outer space.  Play

Is Line the next social media IPO?

The social media bubble may not be over just yet: Messaging app Line is thinking about going public.  More
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