Uber is misogynistic, says targeted journalist

Sarah Lacy, the journalist at the center of the latest Uber controversy, says the company has a pattern of misogyny.  Play

FAA can regulate drones

NTSB rules that drones are aircraft and thus covered under current FAA rules controlling their flights.  More

Best Buy tells Amazon: Take that!

Best Buy shares skyrocket as the retailer proves it can do battle with Amazon.  More

Thiel: Uber 'most ethically challenged company in Silicon Valley'

PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel questioned whether Uber's aggressive tactics have gone too far.  More

For $90, you can bury stuff on the moon

Lunar Mission One Kickstarter project lets people donate $90 to put their personal memories on the moon.  More

Samsung to stop making so many damn phones

Samsung makes a whole lot of smartphones. It's going to cut way back on its lineup next year.  More

Here come the Apple Watch apps

The Apple Watch is still months away, but developers can start writing apps for the wrist starting today.  More

FBI's 10 most wanted cyber criminals

The FBI is raising the stakes in its hunt for hackers and cyber fraudsters. Meet the suspected cybercriminals the agency wants most.  More

Spy on Perez Hilton's texts

Viber's new feature, Public Chats, lets you in on real-time conversations between celebrity personalities and their friends.  More

Apple's Mac update fails to fix Wi-Fi problems

Apple's Mac update to fix Wi-Fi connectivity problems didn't solve the persistent problem.  More

Uber exec suggests digging up dirt on journalists

The exec thought the dinner was off the record. It wasn't.  More

Will Apple soon be worth $1 trillion?

Apple is the world's most valuable company. Could it top $1 trillion soon? Is that a sign of a new tech bubble? Or will Microsoft, Google or Alibaba beat Apple to the 12-zero level.  More

Congress to banks: Admit you've been hacked!

Congress tells banks that they must be more upfront with the public when they have been hacked.  More

Hackers attacked the U.S. energy grid 79 times this year

The U.S. energy grid is always getting attacked by hackers. They're coming dangerously close.  More

Are robots replacing jobs?

From factory floors to warehouses and hospital floors, humans are increasingly finding themselves working alongside robots, and the impact of robots in the workforce are only expected to grow.  Play

Alfred: A butler for the 99%

Alfred: A butler for the 99%  More

Pittsburgh's robot renaissance

Pittsburgh is experiencing major economic growth due to a booming robotics industry.  Play

FTC fines TRUSTe over privacy seal

TRUSTe admitted Monday that between 2006 and 2013, it did not conduct annual inspections for every organization that brandishes its seal of approval.  More

Looking for a stock tip? Check the CEO's face

CEOs give away a lot of information when they speak. Facial recognition can help decode it for investors.  More

Aloe Blacc to Spotify: Pay songwriters more

Singer/songwriter Aloe Blacc says that songwriters deserve a bigger slice of the pie from streaming services like Spotify and Pandora.  Play

Facebook is coming to your office

Facebook is working on "Facebook at Work," an office version for employee-to-employee communication at work.  More

Indian startup funding up 261%

Indian startup funding up 261%  More

Amazon is hiring drone pilots

Amazon is hiring engineers to test and help certify its experimental drone delivery system. Pilot's certification preferred, but not required.  More

IBM CEO is 3rd woman to join Augusta National

IBM CEO Ginni Rometty reportedly becomes member at Augusta National, which only accepted women members two years ago.  More

Twitter trashed with 'junk' rating from S&P

Ratings agency Standard & Poor's assigned a junk rating to Twitter's debt.  More

Best CEO of 2014: Apple's Cook or BlackBerry's Chen?

Apple is at an all-time high and Tim Cook deserves a lot of credit for that. But is John Chen's rescue of BlackBerry a more impressive feat?  More

Resurrecting drowned iPhones from the dead

Startup TekDry has created a machine that can dry out a waterlogged phone.  Play

Should you buy the $99 PC from Walmart?

PC prices are now the lowest in history  More

Facebook unveils privacy settings 101

Facebook has unveiled a 'Privacy Basics' guide and a new data policy.  More

Is online privacy a lost cause?

Nine in 10 Americans believe they have no control over their personal information and most say there's nothing they can do about it.  More

Tech bubble 2.0? Nasdaq nearing 5,000 again

Are we about to have another tech bust? The Nasdaq is approaching a level where it last traded in March 2000 -- just before dot-coms crashed. But here's why it might be different now.  More

Samsung's Gear VR is virtual reality on the go

Samsung's new virtual reality headset runs off a smartphone -- and it's shipping in December.  More

YouTube to launch premium music streaming service

Soon you will be able to listen to some of your favorite music without ads on YouTube.  More

U.S. weather system hacked, affecting satellites

Hackers attacked the U.S. weather system in October, causing a disruption in satellite feeds and several pivotal websites.  More

Scared of cyberattacks? Buy this ETF

Investors now have an easy way to cash in on one of the hottest areas of the tech world: cybersecurity.  More

Netflix for iPhone now comes in higher high-def

Netflix's new iPhone 6 Plus app offers 1080p resolution for even higher high-definition viewing.  More

Hedge funds want 'one-night stand' with startups

Silicon Valley VCs are losing confidence for the first time in two years -- and they're blaming hedge funds for the market uncertainty.  More

Chelsea Handler Instagrams another nudie pic

Comedian Chelsea Handler has posted a second nude photo to protest Instagram's policy toward female nudity.  More

Jack Ma: Being rich is a 'great pain'

Being rich is good. But the founder of Alibaba said being too rich can be a pain.  More

Snapchat now warns you if another app saves your photo

Snapchat is taking a small step toward actually taking your privacy seriously.  More

Mark Cuban bets big on new video-sharing app

Vine competitor Ocho, a new video-based social networking app, launched on Tuesday, receiving $1.65 million in funding.  More

Keira Knightley thinks billionaire Silicon Valley nerds are weirdos

At an event in Silicon Valley, English actress Keira Knightley was reportedly shocked to discover wealthy tech billionaires wear Crocs to parties.  More

6.5 million SSNs hacked in 2014

So far this year, hackers have stolen at least 6 million Social Security numbers. It confirms how useless it is to prove your identity.  More

Zynga founder is now in the pot business

Tom Bollich founded Zynga in 2007. Now he's CEO of Surna, a company that helps marijuana growers.  More

Google leases massive Navy blimp hangar

Google signs 60-year lease with NASA for historic Hangar One, a massive blimp hangar near its headquarters.  More

The tech behind smart cities

From floating solar farms to streets that store energy, these tech concepts could drastically alter urban life, making cities smarter, safer and more efficient.  More

Steve Wozniak: The iPhone 6 is three years too late

Apple founder Steve Wozniak said Apple should have developed a bigger iPhone several years sooner.  More

'Airbnb for dogs' gets $25 million in funding

Dogvacay got a big chunk of money from the venture capital arm of Ontario's pension fund.  More

AT&T cancels plans for in-flight Wi-Fi network

AT&T will no longer build its in-flight 4G Wi-Fi network, sending Gogo's shares soaring.  More

Obama wants more regulation for the Internet

President Obama says the Internet is open, free and vital to society -- and should be more heavily regulated to ensure it stays that way.  More

Google wants to match your Ebola donation

Google will match every dollar donated in a $7.5 million public Ebola campaign with two more. The company pledges $10 million and co-founder Larry Page commits $15 million.  More

Apple finally lets iPhone defectors get texts again

Apple has rolled out a tool for iPhone expats to officially sever their ties with Apple's iMessage system.  More

Martha Stewart: 'I love 3-D printers'

Domestic queen Martha Stewart says she has embraced new technology when it comes to artisan crafting.  More

You might not need a mobile carrier by 2020

Now that Wi-Fi is everywhere and getting safer, you might not need a mobile carrier by 2020.  More

Virgin Galactic not pressing pause

The CEO of Virgin Galactic acknowledges it is a "tragic accident" but says he has confidence in the team, which is charting a path forward -- into space and into the future.  More

Virgin Galactic ticketholder No. 610 has 'no regrets'

At $250,000 dollars a ticket, the seats aboard a Virgin Galactic space flight are basically for the rich.  More

This is how your Gmail account got hacked

Google reveals how Gmail accounts get hijacked -- and the damage scammers do.  More

This suit will give you superhuman strength

Lockheed Martin's Fortis exoskeleton makes 30 pound items weightless. Laurie Segall reports.  Play

Home Depot hackers stole 53 million emails, too

New details reveal that hackers stole 53 million email addresses, in addition to the 56 million credit and debit cards compromised.  More

Amazon's quirky Echo is Siri in a speaker

Amazon unveiled a new personal assistant device Thursday it's calling Amazon Echo.  More

Apps for kids collect shocking data rates every Android app on privacy, and apps aimed at kids got the worst grades.  More

Mark Zuckerberg holds his first-ever public Q&A on Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg took on the public Thursday, holding his first-ever open Q&A session.  More

Peter Thiel on Tim Cook coming out: 'It was courageous'

The openly gay billionaire said the Apple CEO's decision to come out 'will make a difference.'  More

It's bring mom and dad to office day...seriously

LinkedIn says most parents don't offer their kids any professional advice because they don't understand what their children do at work. Bring In Your Parents day is an attempt to change that.  More

First look at Oculus's new VR goggles

CNNMoney's Laurie Segall checks out Oculus's prototype of the new virtual reality goggles called 'Crescent Bay.' CEO Brendan Iribe says that the consumer version of the device is 'many months away.'  Play

Microsoft makes Office free on mobile

Microsoft Office is now free on mobile devices, including the iPad, iPhone and Android.  More

Apple Pay is a win for (smart) retailers

Stores that accept Apple Pay are investing for improved security -- and a better customer experience in the long run.  More

This suit will give you superhuman strength

The Fortis exoskeleton makes 36 pounds feel weightless and is being tested on C-130 production lines.  More

Nest CEO on culture of Apple vs. Google

Tony Fadell has worked for Apple and now is part of Google as a CEO of Nest. He describes the differences in the cultures of the two tech giants.  Play

Uber program offers auto loans to subprime borrowers

Taxi hailing service Uber is facing criticism for its participation in an auto loan program offering financing to subprime borrowers.  More

This could be the future of virtual reality

Oculus VR's new prototype is more than a step in the right direction -- it immerses you in another world.  More

Does text therapy actually work?

Services like TalkSpace offer access to licensed therapists through a smartphone app. But are they successful?  More

Dropbox CEO on turning down Steve Jobs

Dropbox CEO Drew Houston talks to Laurie Segall about turning down an offer from Steve Jobs and why there is a gender pay gap in Silicon Valley.  Play

The Star Trek communicator is real

Onyx is the real-life Star Trek communicator badge that Captain Picard and his crew wore on the Enterprise.  More

Nintendo wants to watch you sleep

The maker of Mario wants to monitor your sleep -- and then help improve it.  More

Former CEO: Tinder 'removes friction'

Tinder co-founder Sean Rad sat down with CNNMoney in the spring to talk about love and how the app has changed the dating game.  Play

New Jawbone tracker takes your heart rate

The newest wearable from Jawbone has the ability to tell if you're dehydrated, stressed or tired. Unfortunately, it can't do it all those things right now.  More

Google Calendar now auto-creates events

The new Google Calendar for Android automatically creates new events based on your email.  More

Emoji who? Riffsy is the new guy in town

Startup Riffsy lets you text GIFs with just one tap. It raised $3.5 million in funding after launching just over a month ago.  More

Disney deal brings together tech rivals Apple and Google

Now you can watch "Frozen" on Android and Mac.  More

Priceline gets slammed on weak outlook

Online travel giant Priceline has hit some turbulence. Europe's weak economy is a problem. And Ebola could be a risk too. But is the sell-off an overreaction?  More

Amazon offers unlimited photo storage

The latest Amazon Prime perk? Free, unlimited photo storage.  More

Black emojis are coming

All Emojis are yellow, but soon they'll be pink, brown and black.  More

Tinder founder stripped of CEO title

Tinder's Sean Rad has been forced out as CEO and is now the dating app's president, according to Forbes.  More

What your $500 iPad costs to make

Apple's iPad Air 2 retails starting at $499. CNNMoney takes a look at what it costs to build piece by piece.  Play

3-D-printed organs are on the way

Biotech companies are closer than ever to producing human organs using 3-D printers.  More

Alibaba's growth can't be stopped

Alibaba first earnings report as a public company show that it's continuing to grow at a massive pace  More

Starwood hotels let you unlock your hotel room with your phone

Starwood hotels make your phone into your key to unlocking your room.  More

Chinese courts are selling seized assets on Alibaba's Taobao

Ever wonder what it's like to live like a corrupt Chinese businessman or official? This might be your chance -- Chinese courts are now auctioning seized assets on Alibaba's online platform.  More

Sprint to lay off 2,000 as losses mount

Sprint announced Monday that it's laying off 2,000 people, as it posted another quarter of massive losses.  More

'Find Me I'm Yours': This is the book of the future

'Find Me I'm Yours,' a new book by Hillary Carlip, is a completely new way of telling a story.  More

Gmail's new app doesn't require Gmail

Google has released a new version of the Gmail app that can also be used by people with email accounts from Yahoo and Microsoft.  More
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