'Shellshock' can hack lights in your house

CNNMoney's Jose Pagliery breaks down the shellshock vulnerability and explains which devices could be affected.  Play

Apple iPhone 6 finally cleared for launch in China

Apple has been granted regulatory approval by the Chinese government to sell the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.  More

Facebook ads now showing up across the Web

Facebook launched a new line of business Monday that will display advertisements on computers and mobile devices to users on sites across the Web.  More

27 new billionaires in richest Americans list

Forbes says the richest 400 people in America made $270 billion this year. All told, the group has a staggering $2.29 trillion in combined wealth.  More

PayPal now lets shops accept Bitcoin

This week, PayPal took its first venture into the world of all-digital money. Merchants can now start accepting Bitcoin as payment.  More

Hack the Hood: Preparing low-income youth for tech jobs

Hack the Hood teaches low-income youth in Oakland how to build websites for small businesses. It's only a year old but is already having a big impact on students like Nhat Ho.  More

Can states solve the immigration crisis?

Massachusetts is the first state to pass an initiative helping foreign entrepreneurs bypass the H-1B visa quota.  More

Instagram blocked in China as protests sweep Hong Kong

Chinese censors appear to have blocked access to Instagram after images of pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong flooded the social media app.  More

Hello Ello (Peace out, Facebook!)

Hello Ello (Peace out, Facebook!)  More

How iPhone apps could impact your insurance

The life insurance industry may have a new tool to help determine rates for customers: the iPhone.  More

Apple's bad update worse than #BendGate

Apple's latest iOS update is even more of a problem than #BendGate, but Apple has recovered quickly from issues like these in the past.  Play

Apple fixes software bug in iPhone 6

Apple releases new software, iOS 8.0.2  More

Investor wants Marissa Mayer's Yahoo to buy AOL

Activist fund Starboard Value released a letter to Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer Friday urging her to consider a strategic deal with AOL. Both stocks rose on the news.  More

Return of CrackBerry? Not so fast

BlackBerry lost money again and sales plummeted from the same period last year. But smartphone shipments topped forecasts and the company is no longer burning through cash.  More

10 startups from emerging markets

These startups are designed by and aimed at a young population and are more likely to develop ideas to overcome specific problems.  More

Apple: Nine iPhone 6 Pluses reported bent

Apple said Thursday that nine iPhone Six Plus buyers have complained about their phones bending since the devices went on sale last week.  More

Marc Andreessen: Spendthrift startups will "vaporize"

Prominent venture capitalist Marc Andreessen has a message for Silicon Valley startups: Get your spending under control now.  More

Under Steve Ballmer, LA Clippers bench the iPads

The NBA team's new owner is perhaps best known for his passion for Microsoft when he was CEO of the company, and he's bringing his product loyalty to the new job.  More

BlackBerry Passport: Hip to be square

BlackBerry hopes to woo back former business customers with its new Passport smartphone, which has a square-shaped touchscreen.  Play

6 things to love - and hate - about the iPhone 6

The iPhone 6 is a gorgeous, well-built phone. But you might not love everything that comes inside.  More

Hack attacks = big $ for cybersecurity IPO

The big drop in tech stocks didn't hurt the performance of a red hot IPO.  More

Charging the iPhone 6 costs just 47 cents a year

It will cost you 72-times more to watch TV each year than it will to power up your iPhone 6.  More

Bay Area restaurant: "Hate us on Yelp"

Botto Bistro's owners solicited bad reviews out of spite  More

6 things you need to know about STEM

There's a lot of hype around STEM: Is there a job shortage and how do we fix it? Here's what you need to know.  More

India's $74 million Mars mission cost less than 'Gravity' movie

India's successful mission to Mars is a triumph of low-cost engineering and government efficiency.  More

'Bash' bug could let hackers attack through a light bulb

Meet the bash bug, a flaw in the way connected devices communicate over the Internet.  More

Does the iPhone 6 Plus bend? CNN tests.

As rumors swirl of consumers bending Apple's iPhone 6, CNN put them to the test.  Play

iPhone 6 Plus users complain it bends

Some owners claim Apple's latest product bends in their pockets.  Play

Apple, Twitter bet on billion-dollar startup

John Collison and his brother Patrick started Stripe, a PayPal competitor, which has a $1.75 billion valuation and is being used to power Apple Pay.  More

Is the iPhone 6 Plus bendable?

Some iPhone 6 Plus users have reported that the new Apple device bends after being carried in a pants pocket for a prolonged period of time.  More

Oracle co-CEOs get paid a ton

Oracle CEOs get paid a ton even though shareholders have voiced concerns over the high compensation  More

This plastic is made from thin air

Newlight Technologies is turning carbon into plastic, taking on a $373 billion dollar a year industry.  Play

7 epic gadget flops

From the Microsoft Zune to the BlackBerry PlayBook, the Fire Phone is following in some unfortunate footsteps.  More

iPhone 6 has car Bluetooth problems

Can't connect iPhone 6 to car Bluetooth? You're not alone.  More

How much does your iPhone really cost?

The iPhone 6 retails at $649 but only costs $227 to make.  Play

Chinese smugglers make big bucks on iPhone 6

Apple has not yet said when the new smartphones will go on sale in China, and smugglers are filling the gap.  More

24-year-old's startup helps Apple Pay work

John Collison is the co-founder of Stripe, one of Apple's launch partners for Apple Pay. Laurie Segall reports.  Play

Gadgets to make you a superhuman

Put on these wearable gadgets, and you'll have superhuman strength, sight, hearing and health.  More

Jack Ma was happy making $20 a month

The founder of Alibaba, now the richest man in China, spoke Tuesday on a wide range of topics, including how to spend money and his vision for the future.  More

Sheryl Sandberg stars in a comic book

The comic book "Lean In" is about the empowerment of women and their uphill battle in the male-dominated business world.  More

This is how Electronic Arts made FIFA 15

CNNMoney gets an all access pass to how FIFA became the best selling video game in history.  Play

Google pulls out of conservative political group over climate change

Google chairman Eric Schmidt says company is dropping out of ALEC, a conservative political group, because it is lying on climate change.  More

The UPS Store will 3-D print stuff for you

UPS announced Monday that it's bringing its in-store 3-D printing service to nearly 100 stores across the country.  More

Messaging app Line shelves IPO plans

Popular messaging app Line, known for its cute emoticons, is shelving plans for an IPO this year.  More

Cook: New Apple HQ 'greenest' on the planet

Apple CEO Tim Cook speaks about the company's environmental efforts on opening day of Climate Week NYC 2014.  Play

7 safety tips from hackers

Want to protect yourself from hackers? Take advice from hackers.  More

A cheapskate's guide to tech

From ebooks to phone service, here are some tips for living your digital life on the cheap.  More

Apple sells 10 million iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Pluses

Apple sold a record number of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus smartphones during the first weekend.  More

Larry Ellison: Billionaire with the shiniest toys

It's really good to be Larry Ellison. The Oracle founder is stepping down as CEO, so maybe he'll have more time to enjoy his glamorous life.  More

Digital tip jar coming to a coffee shop near you

DipJar is the latest step in the evolution away from cash.  More

Say Aloha to Larry Ellison's Hawaiian island

Now that Larry Ellison has stepped down as CEO of Oracle, he may be spending more time on his Hawaiian island of Lana'i.  Play

Lines for Apple's iPhone 6 are insane

Apple's new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus went on sale Friday, with fans lining up for hours outside Apple Stores around the world.  More

Will Yahoo use Alibaba cash to buy AOL?

Yahoo finally hit the Alibaba IPO jackpot. Will it take some of the cash it's getting from selling part of its Alibaba stake to buy AOL? Or maybe an online ad tech firm?  More

An Amazon-Alibaba deal? It's possible

Amazon shares pop Friday after Alibaba co-founder Jack Ma indicates he's be open to a joint venture with Amazon  More

As open enrollment nears, Obamacare website still isn't totally safe, the Obamacare website, still is plagued with bugs and lacks security.  More

Home Depot: 56 million cards exposed in breach

Attack is not the largest in history but it is bigger than the Target hack of late last year.  More

Larry Ellison stepping down as Oracle CEO

Oracle founder Larry Ellison will become chairman of the board after stepping down as its chief executive.  More

Tim Cook didn't address Apple's real privacy problem

Apple says it has addressed customers' privacy concerns. But its security record says otherwise.  More

It's official: Alibaba prices at $68

Alibaba officially secured its place in history as the largest U.S.-listed IPO of all time. The company will be worth $168 billion.  More

Amazon releases new Fire tablets and e-readers

Amazon released a cheaper Kindle as well as a tablet aimed at children, two of six new devices unveiled by the company Wednesday.  More

Alibaba is getting a social media lovefest

Are investors getting too excited for the big Alibaba IPO?  More

Why NASA is turning to Elon Musk

NASA has turned over the shuttle program to two companies, Boeing and Elon Musk's SpaceX. The agency wants to pursue something far sexier.  More

NASA tech finds disaster survivors

A new device can detect heartbeats of disaster survivors under 40 feet of rubble. But there are only prototypes for now.  More

See Amazon's new tablets in :60

Today Amazon released the Kindle Voyage and new Fire tablets.  Play

Sony shares plunge as more losses loom

Sony stock tumbled Thursday after the firm warned investors it expected to lose billions this year.  More

Apple says iOS 8 will shield your data from police

Apple says new operating system for iPhone and iPad won't allow it to bypass your password to get data - even if police have warrant.  More

Apple's HealthKit launch derailed by bug

Apple's new HealthKit platform, set for release in conjunction with the new iOS8, has been delayed by a bug.  More

A BlackBerry ... designed by Porsche

Porsche and BlackBerry have collaborated on the design of a new smartphone.  More

IOS 8 is coming: Should you get it?

IPhone and iPad owners rejoice! iOS 8 is coming today.  More

Sony expects to lose more than $2 billion

Things aren't looking good for Sony -- the Japanese company expects to lose billions of dollars this year, as the global smartphone race heats up.  More

Ex-con launches startup aimed at inmates

Frederick Hutson launched in 2012 to help inmates communicate with their friends and family. He's on target for $1 million in sales this year.  More

Peter Thiel: Apple Pay isn't a breakthrough

Peter Thiel, co-founder of PayPal, says 'for payments companies to take-off you need to come up with something that's vastly better than the next best thing.'  Play

California OKs first tests of self-driving cars

Audi, Google get green lights from the state best known for automobiles.  More

FBI launches a face recognition system

The FBI's new facial recognition system lets local police easily identify you. It will one day spot you from your iris, voice and the way you walk.  More

Billionaire Peter Thiel tells Apple: Innovate more

The founder of PayPal thinks the U.S. is in for years of stagnation if he doesn't innovate more.  More

Startup 101 from Silicon Valley heavy hitters

Y Combinator president Sam Altman is teaching a startup class at Stanford with Silicon Valley heavy hitters as guest lecturers. Bonus: All the videos will be available for free online.  More
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