He codes, he live-streams, he's 11.

Harrison Brammell is an 11-year-old fifth grader who is obsessed with coding and live-streaming. And he's good too.  More

SpaceX Dragon passenger capsule due to get key test

SpaceX says it will test system for allowing astronauts to escape malfunctioning rocket in key test for Dragon space capsule.  More

Obama 'heartbroken' about Dave Goldberg

President Obama said Dave Goldberg 'embodied the definition of a real leader' in a touching Facebook post.  More

DIY computer startup gets $15 million

The London-based startup is on a quest to democratize access to technology and coding with its computer company.  More

Here's how to make espresso in outer space

Coffee maker Lavazza listened when an Italian astronaut said he missed the espresso back home. The ISSpresso coffee machine is the solution.  More

Dave Goldberg collapsed while exercising before his death

Dave Goldberg died after collapsing at a Mexican resort's gym, though the official cause of death is still unknown.  More

Is this 'America's best part-time job'?

CEO Bastian Lehmann said his growing startup offers flexibility and better wages than other part-time jobs.  More

Ouch! shows her layoffs at HP

Carly Fiorina didn't buy, and she's going to regret that.  More

Mayweather-Pacquaio fight made Periscope the new Napster

Some people shelled out $100 to watch Floyd Mayweather vs Manny Pacquiao fight on pay-per-view. Others simply went online and watched it for free on Periscope or Meerkat.  More

Floppy disk drives play 'Game of Thrones' theme song

FDD music is a thing. It stands for floppy disk drive music, and it's all over YouTube.  More

Who exactly is the Apple Watch for?

Here are some people who would benefit most from Apple's latest device.  More

Cisco names Chuck Robbins as its new CEO

Cisco has named Chuck Robbins as its next CEO, replacing John Chambers.  More

What Sheryl Sandberg said about her late husband Dave Goldberg

Sheryl Sandberg called her late husband Dave Goldberg her best friend, and she said their marriage was the best decision she ever made.  More

Can these guys find the next Waze?

A new accelerator, ICONYC Labs, is finding hot new Israeli startups to participate in its six-month program.  More

Microsoft's risky bet on HoloLens

The 40-year-old Windows maker leaps into the future with augmented reality goggles.  More

Why China is so tough for Uber to crack

Uber's office in the southern Chinese city of Guangzhou was raided last week by local authorities. But the company has bigger problems in China.  More

Dave Goldberg, husband of Facebook exec Sheryl Sandberg, dies suddenly

Facebook announced Saturday that Silicon Valley entrepreneur Dave Goldberg, husband of chief operating officer Sheryl Sandberg, died suddenly on Friday.  More

Would you share your salary with the world?

Users are flooding Twitter with their salary histories and thoughts on pay transparency on International Workers' Day.  More

10 things you'll love about Windows 10

There's a lot to like about Windows 10. Here are our favorite features in Microsoft's soon-to-be-released operating system.  More

Tesla's new product is a battery for your home

Tesla has unveiled a suite of new energy products, including a wall-mounted battery that will be sold for use in consumers' homes.  More

Tamagotchi now lives in your watch

Japanese video games maker Bandai Namco resurrected its hit toy Tamagotchi, creating an app for Aplle Watch.  More

You can play music on... floppy drives?

There's an entire online community of floppy drive music producers. They play everything from classical to the Game of Thrones theme song.  Play

Could this company predict the next terror attack?

Analytics firm PredictifyMe has partnered with the United Nations in an effort to thwart suicide bombings. Laurie Segall reports.  Play

Microsoft thinks it can guess your age

The Microsoft How Old Am I tool guess your age and gender, with mixed results.  More

Here's how much it costs to make an Apple Watch

IHS has estimated the cost of manufacturing the Apple Watch.  More

Amazon's Jeff Bezos launches first rocket into space

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos says his commercial space flight company launched its first test flight of a rocket designed to carry passengers into space.  More

The FBI is fighting a losing battle over phone snooping

The FBI wants to be able to get into your phone. In a rare show of unity, politicians fought back against that idea.  More

Play me baby one more time? Britney Spears stars in mobile game

Britney Spears will get her own mobile game ... and it's from the same company that has a hit Kim Kardashian game. It's also developing games for Kendall and Kylie Jenner as well as Katy Perry.  More

Apple and IBM are making special iPad apps for seniors

Apple and IBM are partnering with Japan Post to deliver new set of iPad apps for seniors.  More

Marissa Mayer made $42 million after Yahoo slashed her bonus

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer was docked pay for the company's poor financial performance in 2014.  More

$7.8 million to help college students find jobs

Campus Job, an online job marketplace for college students, is signing up 10,000 people a week and investors are eager to get in.  More

Apple may have to pay Ireland 10 years of back taxes

Apple warned investors this week that it could owe a decade's worth of back taxes to Ireland.  More

These tiny robots have superhuman strength

Engineers at Stanford University have developed robots that are small but mighty, and could help humans in real ways.  More

Sony's back! Walkman not included

Sony is famous for creating innovative consumer electronics like the Walkman, Discman and Trinitron. But these days, the company isn't making much money on gadgets.  More

'Secret' app shuts down and (surprise!) gives investors money back

Secret app raised more than $35 million. Now it's closing shop -- and giving its investors their money back.  More

Microsoft just showed off the future of the PC

Microsoft Windows 10 has a feature called Continuum for Phones that could let you keep your PC in your pocket.  More

'Microsoft Edge' will replace Internet Explorer

Microsoft Edge is the new name for 'Project Spartan,' the browser that will replace Internet Explorer.  More

Tattoos may stop Apple Watch from working

Your tattoo can prevent the Apple Watch from sending notifications, placing calls and using Apple Pay.  More

ClassPass: We're a friend, not a foe, to fitness studios

The alternative gym membership startup is on track to pay out $100 million to small businesses in 2015.  More

Tesla battery to save consumers 25% on electric bills

Elon Musk's brother described how the new Tesla battery could slash consumers' electric bills.  More

Instagram blocks 'offensive' eggplant emoji hashtag

Instagram now lets you search for photos with emoji hashtags -- but not if you're looking for offensive eggplant images.  More

Twitter earnings leaked ... on Twitter. Stock tanks 20%

Twitter's latest results were leaked by someone on ... Twitter. Shares fell once the company confirmed the numbers were legit. Sales missed forecasts despite decent user growth.  More

Afraid of spiders? Try virtual reality

How therapists are treating arachnophobia by exposing patients to hundreds of virtual spiders.  More

iPad glitch grounds American Airlines flights

An apparent iPad software glitch has grounded several American Airlines planes in the United States.  More

This might be the best smartphone camera on the planet

The LG G4 smartphone has the makings of a revolutionary camera.  More

The Galaxy S6 arrived just in time for Samsung

Samsung may have posted a staggering loss in the beginning of the year, but the company isn't worried as it sees demand ballooning over the new Galaxy S6 phone.  More

How to donate to Nepal anonymously (and avoid spam)

Donate to Nepal, but avoid junk mail solicitations from charities. Do it anonymously.  More

Free rent: 7 World Trade Center opens doors to startups

SilverTech Ventures is a new accelerator that offers perks like free office space and access to its founders' extensive networks.  More

Slack cofounder: I'm an old-time telegraph operator

Stewart Butterfield sold Flickr to Yahoo in 2005. Today, he helms Slack, valued at $2.8 billion.  More

What Apple could buy with its $193.5 billion cash

Apple wouldn't actually buy these things. But it's fun to put its $193.5 billion cash hoard in perspective.  More

What a gas: Using water and air to run a car

Audi announced its research team is capable of making synthetic diesel from water and air.  More

Apple's stock hits another all-time high

Apple's stock surpassed its previous all-time high on investor's optimism about the company's earnings and the new Apple Watch.  More

Where Hillary Clinton is smoking the GOP candidates

A look at each candidate's Facebook strategy shows that Clinton is by far the most-talked about candidate.  More

Google took away this perk. Employees freaked out

Everybody wants to work at Google, which is consistently rated the best place to work. Part of the reason? A wide array of perks, big and small. Google's Head of People Operations Laszlo Bock breaks it down for us.  More

Martha Stewart professes her love for drones

Tech devices -- from drones to Raspberry Pis -- got a lot of love onstage at the 2015 Matrix Awards honoring powerful women. Here's why.  More

GoFundMe shuts down crowdfunding for anti-gay bakery

An Oregon bakery that refused to bake a cake for a lesbian couple's wedding had its crowdfunding page shut down after just one day.  More

BlackBerry would team with Apple on security

BlackBerry CEO John Chen is very open to working with Apple on security despite the two companies' smartphone rivalry.  More

Booming iPhone 6 sales fuel Apple's second-best quarter ever

Soaring iPhone sales helped Apple post near-record revenue and profit.  More

Facebook Messenger now lets you make video calls

It's about time. Now you can Facetime and Skype your friends through Facebook Messenger.  More

How many sheets of paper would it take to print out the Internet?

Even if you printed out the entire contents of the internet, where would you put all the papers?  More

Google wants to buy your invention

Google says it wants to buy people's patents, hoping to make the patent purchasing situation easier for inventors.  More

The Microsoft Windows Server rapture is coming

Microsoft is ending support for Microsoft Server 2003 in July. That means no more patches and upgrades -- and more exposure to hackers.  More

How high do you think the Nasdaq will go?

The tech-heavy index, home to Apple, Facebook and Google, is finally back above 5,000 and at a new all-time high. Some think it could hit soon 6,000. But are investors too enthusiastic?  More

Google and Facebook help locate Nepal survivors

Google and Facebook have built tools, such as Person Finder and Safety Check, which help people locate their loved ones in Nepal.  More

Google exec's girlfriend: He was magical

Dan Fredinburg was killed while hiking Mount Everest during the Nepal earthquake Saturday. Those close to him share what he was like.  More

Google executive killed in Nepal earthquake

Google X privacy director Dan Fredinburg was killed in an avalanche on Mt. Everest during a massive Nepal earthquake.  More

Internet celebs invade Nerd Prom

Stars of Youtube, Vine, Snapchat, and Twitter are attending this year's White House Correspondents' Dinner.  Play

10 things you must know about Apple before earnings

Apple is likely to post huge growth in sales and profits thanks to the popularity of the iPhone 6. Here are all the numbers to keep an eye on in the report.  More

Facetune makes your ugliest selfies look beautiful

Facetune is the kind of app we've always wanted but felt too guilty and vain to download.  More

An Android robot is peeing on an Apple logo in Google Maps

If you look closely at a Google Maps image of Rawalpindi, you'll see and Android peeing on an Apple logo.  More

Take a peek inside an Apple Watch

IFixit has torn apart the Apple Watch, giving us the first glimpse of the smartwatch's guts.

Salesforce CEO promises women will get same pay as men

Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff says it will take several years but a review of salaries will bring pay equity for his staff.  More

Like Tinder, but for networking

What glass ceiling? Glassbreakers founders Eileen Carey and Laura Mosenthal are shattering it by connecting female tech professionals with their peers.  More

Facetune: like Photoshop for your phone

We test out the popular app to see if it really works.  Play

Amazon lifts curtain on secretive $5B cloud business

Amazon revealed that its cloud business will bring in $5 billion worth of sales this year.  More

7 quirky luxury products for the super rich

Take a look at some of the most unusual luxury products being marketed to the top 1% in Monaco, including a rotating sunbed, hand-made wooden skis and fur coats for dogs.  More

Microsoft: The post-Windows company?

Microsoft sales continue to impress even as Windows slumps.  More

Google: Our mobile strategy isn't as bad as you think

Google's advertising and paid search business continued to slow down in the first quarter of 2015.  More

These CEOs work for 'free'

The list of $1 CEOs is long, but the list of CEOs who only make $1 or less is very exclusive.  More

The cell phone data scam

Your cell phone company is ripping you off by forcing you to pay for data that you don't use.  More

Facebook's mobile ad revenue jumps

Facebook revenue grew 42%, as it relies more heavily on its mobile business  More

Google launches 'Project Fi' wireless service

Google will sell wireless service directly to customers, the company announced.  More

Google invites more people to turn off its ads

Google's new 'Contributor' service give websites an alternative to advertising by asking users to pay a few dollars every month.  More

Tesla wants to power your home with a battery

Tesla says it will unveil a home battery and a battery for businesses on April 30.  More

'Unfriended' is a smart, tech-savvy horror film

If you can sit through a WebEx and like scary movies, you'll probably appreciate 'Unfriended.'  More

Want to keep employees happy? Give them a quiz

Startup TINYpulse has software that it says keeps employees happy -- and helps businesses retain them.  More

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