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One reason to flood the Facebook market

Selling shares before the tax rates rise. More

Two analysts diverge on when (and if) Apple will build a TV set

One says Apple's iTV is already in production. Another says it won't arrive before 2014 More

Apple's stock soars to new all-time high

Investors are bullish about an expected wave of new gadgets, including an iPhone overhaul. More

Tech summer camps for girls

A growing number of summer camps are teaching computer science to girls to get young women interested in tech careers. More

Facebook: Who sold and who held on?

Facebook is unlocked. So who held, and who sold? More

Trulia files for $75 million IPO

Real estate Web site Trulia has filed to go public, hoping to duplicate the success of Zillow. More

Apple Store chief admits he 'messed up'

Company acknowledges "mistake" as planned cutbacks are reversed More

EBay bans sale of spells and hexes

Sorry, love spell vendors: EBay's new market rules prohibit a long last of non-tangible wares.  More

Restaurant offers discount to ditch your phone

Eva Restaurant in Los Angeles is bribing diners to leave their cell phones with the receptionist. More

Square's new pricing: A bold move

With a new pricing structure, Jack Dorsey's mobile payments company Square is upending things -- again. More

The new power brand in music. (Hint: It's not Apple or Spotify)

With so many different channels for discovering and listening to music and, with massive generational shifts under way, it's impossible to tell what the music business will look like even in the short-term. More

Siri is your new customer service rep

Nuance, the company behind Siri, is bringing that technology to third-party smartphone apps and other platforms. More

Lenovo trash-talks Microsoft's Surface tablet

Apple's ongoing quest to conquer TV; a new survey reveals our increasing dependency on phones. More

Opinion: Apple and Cisco are better than bonds

Who needs to own a boring U.S. Treasury bond when you can buy an exciting tech stock and get a similar -- or in many cases, higher -- yield in the process? More

Bigger phone screens? Not so fast

Manufacturers want to pump out more high-end smartphones with massive screens. (The next iPhone might even have one.) Trouble is, some display manufacturers are struggling. More

DOJ approves major Verizon spectrum deal

Verizon, Comcast and other cable companies were sued by the Department of Justice for antitrust violations over a proposed spectrum and wireless services deal. More

Apple and the stupid cable box

A filmaker makes a strong case that the cable guys will never strike a deal with Cupertino More

New battery could be wind power's BFF

Startup Liquid Metal Battery is developing a low-cost battery they say will store wind or solar electricity for when there's no wind or sun. Play

Facebook stock slides 6% as insiders get chance to sell

Facebook's life as a public company has been a nightmare from day one, and the pain continued on Thursday as some company insiders got their first chance to dump shares.  More

Pop went the social media bubble. Now what?

Yes, there was a social media bubble. And, yes, it popped. The question now is, what happens next?  More

Apple: Amazon played DOJ's antitrust division like a violin

Points to meetings between government lawyers and at least 14 Amazon employees. More

Microsoft versus Sony versus Nintendo. Who wins?

After years if riding high, video game makers are desperately fighting each other once again. Question is, who can actually win this round? More

Flying with a Mach 5 hypersonic engine

The 'scramjet' is an engine that can go from New York to Tokyo in under 2 hours -- and development is well underway by the Air Force Play

Why would Apple settle?

Samsung has much to gain by cutting a deal, as the judge requested. Apple not so much. More

What Kevin Rose thinks of the new Digg

Also: what makes for a great startup and the nuances of failing. More

Using Facebook & face-scans to offer deals

Facedeals uses cameras in stores to recognize your face and send you targeted deals using your Facebook profile. Play

Shatner returns to Priceline ads

Online travel site Priceline brings back popular pitchman Shatner seven months after killing off his character in bus crash spot. More

Cisco profit soars 56%

Cisco shares rose after the company increased its dividend and beat Wall Street's quarterly sales and profit estimates. More

The most important company you know nothing about

Something is badly broken in the business models of social companies like Facebook, Twitter and Groupon. wants to fix that. More

Do you need a Facebook profile to get a job?

In our connected culture, hiring managers expect to be able to find data about you when they Google your name -- and they will Google your name. More

Windows 8: Relearn how to use your PC

Windows 8 introduces a host of new gestures and controls that change the way we use PCs. More

Mobile pay war: Wal-Mart and others vs. Google

MCX, a new mobile wallet group formed by a group of more than a dozen retailers, will compete with Google, wireless carriers, Square and PayPal. More

270 million Facebook shares set to flood market

Facebook's post-IPO life has been difficult to say the least, and on Thursday it will face one of the toughest times for a newly public company: the first day that some insiders are allowed to dump the stock.  More

The iPhone 5 effect

The sales impact of releasing it this quarter (as rumored) rather than next (as expected) More

A case of dubious mobile phone sales numbers

How can Gartner and IDC pretend to estimate unit sales figures accurate to 100 units? More

Startup that feeds other startups - literally

ZeroCater handles the catering duties for Silicon Valley's tech startups. More

Is this what the iPad mini will look like?

How Facebook is wooing big advertisers; Inside Khan Academy Computer Science project. More

Progressive robo-tweets spark social media crisis

Pro tip for big brands: When talking on Twitter about how you handled a customer's tragic accident, the phrase "contractual obligations" is unlikely to play well.  More

Megaupload founder to launch new music venture

An accused piracy promoter is readying his next startup. More

How Europe is rocking the startup world

Young Euros used to happily settle for life-long government or corporate jobs. European tech entrepreneur Martin Varsavsky explains how the crisis has changed all that. More

Starbucks' vision: Magical cash-free payments

Square and Starbucks want to make payments invisible. More

How to solve your Wikipedia problem. (Yes, you have one.)

Wikipedia has become the new thorn in the side of countless startups, small businesses, celebrities, and prominent executives. Here's how to take control of the situation. More

The $99 box that wants to crush the Xbox

The designers of the Ouya game console set out to raise $900,000 on Kickstarter. Instead they brought in over $8 million -- and became the most talked about device maker in tech. More

The security risks in paying by smartphone

Security consultant Charlie Miller explains how smartphones equipped with NFC mobile payment chips can be exploited by hackers Play

YouTube escapes Google's anti-piracy crackdown

YouTube gets a barrage of copyright-related take-down requests, but Google says the site will be mostly unaffected by a new search tweak that factors in piracy. More

Where cell phones go to be reborn

While most old mobile phones end up in landfills, increasingly they end up in the hands of eRecycling Corps who restores them to be resold. Play