FCC to Marriott: Never try to block Wi-Fi again

The FCC has warned hotels that Wi-Fi hotspot blocking is strictly prohibited.  More

I did LSD with Steve Jobs

Daniel Kottke's college days in the '70 were pretty prosaic: Pink Floyd, a pastoral campus and hallucinogens. The only thing that was remarkable was his fellow traveler: Steve Jobs.  More

Google Fiber expands to four more cities

Google to bring high-speed Internet service to Atlanta, Charlotte, Nashville and Raleigh-Durham.  More

Facebook blocks pages insulting Mohammed

Facebook gets court orders from Turkey to block pages depicting Mohammed, the Muslim prophet.  More

Apple just posted the best quarter in corporate history

Apple's record iPhone sales helped the company record the biggest corporate profit in U.S. history.  More

This Chinese brand is worth more than Alibaba

Sorry, Alibaba. Internet portal Tencent is the most valuable brand in China.  More

Microsoft sales soar, thanks to its non-Windows products

Sales of nearly every non-Windows product were up, helping Microsoft's revenue grow 8%.  More

Exclusive: Amazon's script for making movies

Amazon Studio boss Roy Price has two big reasons why Amazon is going into the movie business.  More

Can Apple live up to the iHype?

Apple's earnings are expected to be so good that they are distorting the estimated growth rate for the entire S&P 500.  More

Apple Pay won't add to Apple's profit

Apple Pay will barely move the needle in Apple's quarterly financial statement on Tuesday.  More

IBM disputes report of 112,000 layoffs

IBM calls report of 112,000 layoffs "ridiculous" and "baseless." But layoffs are coming.  More

Uber to limit price surges during blizzard

Uber is putting a lid on fares as this blizzard approaches, keeping prices in line with where they have stood recently.  More

No, you can't fly drones over the White House

It's illegal to fly drones into the White House property -- in case it's not already obvious.  More

Hashtag #money. The business of the pound sign

First introduced in 2007 as way of sifting through Twitter's newsfeed, the hashtag has since spawned new tech businesses and become a pop culture phenom that retailers are cashing in on.  More

To avoid Sony's fate, play war games

PwC has developed a computer game to simulate how hackers attack a company. It's called Game of Threats, and it's actually pretty neat.  More

Are smart drugs driving Silicon Valley?

Nootropics, or smart drugs, are part of an emerging movement to 'hack' your body and maximize its potential.  More

Tim Cook on his way to billionaire club

Tim Cook and other Apple executives had massive paydays in 2014 as a result of the company's record year.  More

16 firms worth billions despite losing money

Shazam is now valued at $1 billion despite the fact it doesn't generate a profit. It's hardly alone.  More

Hands on with Microsoft's HoloLens

A first hand test of Microsoft's new augmented reality goggles.  More

Jack Ma: Alibaba is just a baby

Alibaba's founder Jack Ma says his company is still in its infancy and he wants to serve two billion consumers globally.  More

Starbucks is morphing into a tech company

Kevin Johnson used to be the CEO of tech firm Juniper Networks. He was just named COO of Starbucks.  More

NHL partners with GoPro for on-ice action

The National Hockey League is partnering with GoPro to get hockey fans closer to the action than ever before.  More

AT&T texts can be faked to hack you

AT&T alerts don't look legitimate enough. It's too easy to make fake AT&T alerts to scam you.  More

Microsoft unveils next version of Office

Microsoft's next version of Office will come in two forms: Office universal apps and Office 2016.  More

Uber restarts in New Delhi

Uber says it has resumed operations in New Delhi, six weeks after one of its drivers was accused of rape and the service was banned.  More

Google is becoming a wireless carrier

Google will sell wireless service directly to customers over Sprint and T-Mobile's networks, according to multiple reports.  More

Facebook's Sandberg wants more women online

Facebook's Sheryl Sandberg has made it her personal mission to get more women connected to the Internet in developing countries.  More

Ford makes major push into Silicon Valley

Ford aims to have 125 engineers, researchers and scientists in Palo Alto, Calif., working on self-driving cars and connectivity features, by the end of this year.  More

Sony: Hack so bad, our computers still don't work

Sony has been forced to delay its quarterly earnings report as the company struggles to repair computer systems that were damaged in a cyberattack ahead of its release of "The Interview."  More

T-Mobile rejects 50% for bad credit

T-Mobile reveals that half of Americans don't have sufficiently good credit to qualify for the company's best plans.  More

GalaxyBerry? Samsung-BlackBerry rumor is back

BlackBerry has said it isn't talking to Samsung. But the market refuses to believe it. Shares surged again on more takeover rumors. But why would Samsung want BlackBerry?  More

Belichick talks #DeflateGate in front of Gillette #Flexball ad

New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick talked about DeflateGate in front of a Gillette Flexball banner.  More

Smarter people use iPhones - study

A new study shows that states with more college-educated people tend to have higher iPhone sales.  More

Big layoffs planned at eBay

Pink slips are going to be handed out to 2,400 workers at both eBay and PayPal by the end of March.  More

Netflix plans more original series

The chief content officer at Netflix says the company "can probably launch successfully ... around 20 original scripted shows a year."  More

Big layoffs planned at eBay

Pink slips are going to be handed out to 2,400 workers at both eBay and PayPal by the end of March.  More

Microsoft's insane holograms of the future

Windows Holographic and HoloLens show that Microsoft shouldn't be discounted in the innovation game.  More

Microsoft unveils Windows 10

Microsoft unveiled more about Windows 10 in an event on Wednesday.  More

Why is Fidelity investing in SpaceX?

SpaceX raised $1 billion from Google and Fidelity. The investment makes strategic sense for Google. But if Elon Musk doesn't want SpaceX to go public, how will Fidelity cash out on its investment?  More

Obamacare site tells marketers you smoke is relaying your personal information to online advertisers and other private companies. They're seeing your zip code, income level, pregnancy status and whether or not you smoke.  More

Billionaires battle for Internet in space

Google balloons. Facebook drones. SpaceX satellites. Billionaires are in a space race to give you Internet from the sky.  More

10 things to expect from Windows 10

Microsoft will unveil more about Windows 10 this week. Here's what to expect.  More

Hackers tweet 'I am not Charlie' from French newspaper account

Hackers forced their way into the Twitter account of France's "Le Monde" newspaper on Wednesday and posted "Je ne suis pas Charlie."  More

SpaceX gets $1 billion from Google and Fidelity

Elon Musk's company announced this latest round of funding Tuesday. Google and Fidelity will own nearly 10% of the company.  More

New Facebook feature flags fake news

Anyone can now report scams, hoaxes and incorrect news as 'false' on Facebook.  More

Facebook claims it created 4.5 million jobs

A Facebook-sponsored study suggests that the social network has created 4.5 million jobs.  More

Social network founder charged with murder

David Nguyen, the co-founder of the contact-sharing platform Plaxo, is accused of killing his ex-wife's new husband.  More

This armband gives you telekinesis

The $200 Myo armband enables you to control your movie, music, presentation, video game or even a toy with a wave of a hand.  Play

Apple's MLK Day honors stir controversy

Apple workers don't get the day off today. Instead, the company encourages them volunteer.  More

Microsoft patents 'Theater mode' for phones

Microsoft patented something called "inconspicuous mode" for phones. It's basically a "theater mode" that automatically dims the screen and puts it on silent if it knows you're at the movies.  More

Facebook has more than 1,100 jobs to fill

Facebook career site lists 1,159 job openings in everything from ad sales to drones and virtual reality.  More

Mark Zuckerberg wants to make us smarter

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg's second book club selection shows the group isn't about popular reads, but "learning about new cultures, beliefs, histories and technologies."  More

This $3,300 fridge has a built-in Keurig

GE and Keurig are making a $3,300 refrigerator that brews K-Cup coffee.  More

Uber makes nice with Europe: We can add 50,000 jobs

Uber has this offer for European governments: Work with us, and we'll create 50,000 jobs in your cities this year.  More

Software can't replace mass spying

Special targeted software cannot replace the U.S. government's ongoing bulk collection of private records, a presidential committee has found.  More

Hacked news companies tweet Chinese fired on U.S. warship

No, China did not just attack the United States. Two major news accounts on Twitter were sending out fake news.  More

6 'hot' businesses that like global warming

2014 was just revealed to be the hottest year ever. Climate change is horrifying for the human race -- but these industries are poised to profit.  More

Google & Apple settle antipoaching conspiracy case

After federal judge rejected earlier $325 million deal as too low, Apple and Google agree to $415 million settlement for tech workers harmed by no poaching deal.  More

Gaza accelerator gets support from Silicon Valley

Gaza Sky Geeks, run by humanitarian organization Mercy Corps, is fighting to bring Silicon Valley's spirit to the Gaza Strip.  More

EU slams Luxembourg for helping Amazon with taxes

Luxemburg might be giving Amazon an unfair advantage by helping the company slash their tax bill, the European Commission said.  More

Meet the vigilante who hacks jihadists

Jester, hacker, soldier, spy. This is what an online vigilante looks like.  More

Hugo Barra: New Xiaomi phone shows we're not copycats

Hugo Barra has an answer for critics who dismiss Xiaomi as an Apple copycat: the Mi Note.  More

Elon Musk gives $10M to fight killer robots

Tesla and SpaceX founder Elon Musk is worried that advances in Artificial Intelligence could pose threat to mankind and he's willing to spend some of his millions to keep it in check.  More

19,000 French websites under attack

In the wake of the Charlie Hebdo massacre, hackers are attacking 19,000 French military and civilian websites.  More

Will Bitcoin ever rebound?

It's hard to imagine Bitcoin having a tougher year than 2014. But prices are still plunging. One investing pro thinks Bitcoin is headed to the 'trash heap.' But it may be wrong to write Bitcoin's obituary.  More

Marriott: You win, we won't block Wi-Fi

Marriott has pulled its FCC petition to block Wi-Fi hotspots in its hotels.  More

Forget actors -- L.A. is full of wannabe Zucks

2014 was a banner year for Los Angeles' tech ecosystem. Startups raked in over $3 billion in funding, 188% more than the year before.  More

Holiday hangover: Best Buy dives 15%

Watch out. Best Buy warned investors its sales and profits are likely to hit a speed bump in the coming months.  More

Xiaomi's new phone wants to be an iPhone killer

Xiaomi revealed a slate of new products in Beijing on Thursday, including a flagship smartphone that the Chinese company said would rival Apple's iPhone 6 Plus.  More

Apple's new security feature not good enough

If you enable Apple two-step verification, your iCloud account is protected. Your iMessages are not.  More

The best blood test you'll ever take

Inside Tracker will give you the most informative blood test you'll ever take. Is it worth $99?  More

Blackberry soars 30% on reports of Samsung bid

Samsung reportedly approached BlackBerry about buying the company for as much as $7.5 billion.  More

Watch this pen draw in 3D, mid-air

3Doodler is a pen that rapidly heats and cools plastic, allowing you to draw three-dimensional objects.  Play

Apple patents camera, GoPro shares tank

Apple has been granted a patent for a sports camera, sending shares of GoPro into a tailspin.  More

Uber partners with Boston on traffic data

Uber announced a first-of-its-kind partnership to provide ride data to the city of Boston. Don't worry: It's anonymized to protect riders' privacy.  More

Taxi drivers strike in China over steep fees, Uber

Need a cab in China? Good luck finding one. Taxi drivers in many Chinese cities -- unhappy with steep cab rental fees and competition from firms like Uber -- have gone on strike.  More

Facebook to send Amber Alerts

Facebook will begin delivering Amber Alerts to people's news feeds.  More

David Cameron: iMessage should be banned

British Prime Minister David Cameron said that the U.K. government must be able to access people's messaging data.  More

'Leap second' threatens to break the Web

Leap seconds make Web software go haywire. Another scheduled for June threatens the Internet once again.  More

Tesla stock: Time to ditch it?

Tesla was a hot stock in 2013 and 2014. But cheap gas and GM's electric car may be a problem for Elon Musk's company.  More

Facebook 'likes' predict your personality

New research shows computers can judge a person's personality more accurately than their family.  More

CNN cleared to test drones for reporting

After signing a deal with the FAA, CNN will begin using drones for newsgathering and reporting.  More

Indian startup pays $50 million to compete with Yelp

Zomato acquires IAC-owned Urbanspoon, giving it a major foothold in the U.S. and Australian marketplaces.  More

You can order Girl Scout cookies online, but there's a catch

Girl Scout cookie fans can finally order their Samoas online, but it looks like the scouts could still learn a thing or two from Amazon (AMZN, Tech30).  More

Obama puts hacked company on notice

President Obama on Monday is expected to demand better privacy for students and quicker confessions from companies that lose your data.  More

Anonymous blocks jihadist website

Anonymous hackers claim to have blocked a jihadist website and posted Twitter handles they say belong to terrorists.  More
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