Cops can use fake Facebook accounts

Fake Facebook accounts are a legal way to search through a suspect's social media profile, a court rules.  More

Uber CEO charged with operating illegal taxi service in South Korea

The latest city to give Uber a chilly reception: Seoul, where Uber CEO Travis Kalanick is facing criminal charges.  More

T-Mobile is the tech company of the year

T-Mobile had the best 2014 of any tech company.  More

Sell your holiday gift cards for cash

If you're looking to sell your holiday gift cards for cold hard cash... there's an app for that.  More

Google now displays song lyrics in search results

Google is starting to show the full text of song lyrics in search results.  More

Russian iPhone prices soar 35%

Apple puts online store in Russia back online as stabilization of the ruble and higher prices lets it again get the price it wants for iPhones and iPads.  More

Sony threatens Twitter with lawsuit

Sony attorney David Boies wrote to Twitter saying if it doesn't block tweets of hacked material it will face legal consequences.  More

The new 'Obamaphone' is broadband

The FCC wants to expand the Lifeline phone subsidy for poor Americans, adding broadband.  More

Apple pushes out first-ever automatic security upgrade for Mac

That's the first time Apple has sent Macintosh customers a software upgrade that installs automatically. It has lagged behind rival Microsoft in this area.  More

The best CEOs of 2014

Tim Cook of Apple did an amazing job this year. But several other CEOs deserve praise as well.  More

A peek into North Korea's Internet

So, North Korea's Internet went down. What is it like anyway? There are PlayStations, XBoxes and a MacBook.  More

Russia made Google remove chocolate link

The search giant receives removal requests from all over the globe.  More

Uber seeking patent on surge pricing

Uber wants patent protection for the way it charges more at periods of peak demand.  More

BitTorrent to release 'The Interview'?

BitTorrent says it's the perfect candidate for Sony to release "The Interview." It's also the network that was used to share the stolen Sony documents.  More

Instagram and others grapple with anti-cop posts

Social media companies respond to threatening posts following the killing of two police officers this weekend.  More

You can buy a Sony-style hack

Forums in dark corners of the web sell the kinds of hacks that befell Sony.  Play

The top 10 money stories of 2014

It was an eventful year in the world of business. CNNMoney takes a look back at the 10 biggest financial stories of 2014.  More

Google sues to stop Hollywood threats

Major Hollywood studios led a quiet campaign with state governments to censor Google content online. Now, Google is calling them out on it.  More

Obama calls James Franco 'James Flacco'

While talking about the Sony hack during his end-of-year press conference, President Obama called actor James Franco "James Flacco."  More

Why North Korea's attack should leave every company scared stiff

By backing down from showing "The Interview,"Sony has set a dangerous precedent. Hackers now have a blueprint for hurting American companies.  More

It's time for disruptive tech firms to grow up

Companies such as Uber and Airbnb need to behave more responsibly towards their staff and customers.  More

The heart of the Internet has been hacked

ICANN, the all-powerful but little-known organization that administers global website domain names, has been hacked.  More

Justin Bieber lost 3.5 million followers

Kim Kardashian barely qualifies as famous, after Instagram loses a ton of weight.  More

BlackBerry ending year on sour note

It's been a mostly successful turnaround year for BlackBerry under CEO John Chen. But the company's sales continue to plunge and that has Wall Street spooked.  More

Uber agrees to temporarily suspend service in Portland

Portland's mayor says the city will create new rules, eventually allowing Uber to operate there.  More

YouTube CEO: Paid maternity leave is good for business

Susan Wojcicki said the rate of new moms leaving Google fell by 50% after the company began offering 18 weeks of paid maternity leave.  More

Activists plan to drop 'Interview' DVDs in North Korea

Sony may have pulled its controversial film 'The Interview', but North Korean citizens may soon have copies dropping from the sky.  More

Movies are the least of Sony's problems

Hacking of Sony's movie studio is getting most of attention but problems and losses in consumer electronics a much bigger problem for the company.  More

Steve Carell North Korea project said to be another casualty of Sony breach

A Steve Carell thriller "that was to be set in North Korea" has been scrapped, according to Deadline and other entertainment news outlets.  More

What's wrong with Google?

Google's stock has been left behind while its rivals soar in 2014.  More

Reddit cofounder: The next Google is one visa away from leaving U.S.

Reddit's Alexis Ohanian has been vocal about the need for high-skilled visa reform. At stake? The country's position as a tech leader.  More

Why China's Tencent wants to own Beyonce online

China's biggest tech firms are racing to hook up with media partners as they battle to dominate the country's online entertainment industry.  More

Uber says it will toughen background checks

Uber says it will toughen checks on drivers, including using biometric screening, voice identification and, in some countries, polygraphs.  More

Silicon Valley's recruitment plan

Laurie Segall sits down with Reddit founder Alexis Ohanian and founder of AeroFS, Yuri Sagalov, to discuss how immigration reform could bring more skilled tech workers to the U.S.  Play

The 'Serial' effect

The first season of 'Serial' drew millions of listeners every episode, and the podcast's popularity may be spilling over to other shows.  More

Judge denies request to release Steve Jobs trial video

A California judge has denied a request by media companies to release a videotaped deposition of Apple's Steve Jobs, taken six months before his death in 2011.  More

Reddit takes down Sony hack forum

Reddit made the unusual decision to take down a subreddit that housed hacked Sony Pictures materials.  More

Cuba poised to join the Internet age

Cuba has ranked among the most restrictive nation's for Internet access, but a policy shift by the U.S. government could bring the island into the information age.  More

Russia iPhone prices have fallen 34% this year

IPhone and iPad prices in Russia have tumbled in 2014 as the ruble collapsed.  More

Oprah-approved startup raises $6.25 million

News startup The Skimm announced a new round of funding, 1 million active readers, and plans to expand into a 'lifestyle brand.'  More

Uber to use Baidu's maps and apps in China

The Chinese search giant will invest an undisclosed amount in the car sharing company. Uber will be able to use Baidu's mapping and mobile technology.  More

Hacked Sony ex-employees sue for privacy violations

Former Sony Pictures employees sue the company for failing to protect their personal information.  More

Cow farmers get high-tech tracking app

Brazilian startup BovControl is turning cows into data with a mobile app.  More

Tesla sales forecast cut by 40% due to low oil prices

Morgan Stanley analyst Adam Jonas cuts his price target for Tesla, saying cheaper oil could hurt sales of next generation Model 3 aimed at mass market.  More

Google Ventures: less Ubers, more health care

The venture capital investment arm of the tech giant has quadrupled its funding of life sciences and health startups this year.  More

Apple closes online store in Russia as ruble tumbles

It's yet another sign of the Ruble's free fall. The currency has now lost about half of its value against the U.S. dollar.  More

Sony hackers threaten moviegoers with terrorist acts

Sony hackers tell 'The Interview' moviegoers that they will suffer a 'bitter fate.'  More

Apple wins antitrust trial

California jury says Apple doesn't have to pay damages in iTunes iPod trial.  More

T-Mobile will roll over your data

T-Mobile's latest disruptive move? It's letting you rollover your unused data from one month to the next.  More

Uber limits 'God view' to improve rider privacy

Uber has rolled back employee access to "God view" mode, which allows them to track riders' movements and personal data.  More

14 biggest tech fails of 2014

2014 was chock-full of big failures in technology, from security snafus to executive gaffes. Here are the top ... er ... bottom 14.  More

Inside Sydney gunman's digital footprint

CNNMoney reconstructs Man Haron Monis' digital footprints, including pages that were removed. Laurie Segall reports.  Play

Spotify CEO sees bright side to Taylor Swift breakup

Spotify founder Daniel Ek talks to Billboard about streaming music.  More

Redditors raising $25k for 'Serial' podcast victim

The money will go to a scholarship fund in memory of Hae Min Lee, the victim at the center of the podcast's story who was murdered in 1999.  More

Why Apple is defending Microsoft in court

When are your private emails really out of the U.S. government's reach?  More

Sony hackers: ask nicely and we'll offer mercy

The Sony hacking saga continues, this time with a slimy deal for Sony employees and threats of further data dumps.  More

France wants to ban uberPOP from January 1

France is planning to ban Uber's ride-sharing service uberPOP from January 1.  More

Sony hack sends stock down 10% in past week

Sony's stock has tumbled as more and more embarrassing emails have come to light. Is it an overreaction?  More

Sony Pictures hackers promise 'Christmas gift'

Hackers are threatening to release more sensitive data from last month's massive cyber break-in at Sony Pictures.  More

Uber's global ambitions hit roadblocks

In places like Spain and India, Uber is running into problems on its path to global domination.  More

Who's winning the price wars? Consumers

The pricing battle is heating up among retailers--and there's no longer a clear winner.  More

7 lifehacks to eliminate your holiday hassle

Whether curating the perfect gift or finding a pet-sitter, these startups offer time-saving services that might just seem like holiday magic.  More

Ford dumps Microsoft for Blackberry

Ford upgrades Sync system that spanned customer complaints, replacing Microsoft operating system with one from Blackberry.  More

Wireless war: Consumers win, investors lose

Discounted phones and cheaper plans are good for subscribers -- but not investors in Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile.  More

How to hack a Keurig

Keurig only designed its new Keurig 2.0 machines to brew coffee from officially licensed K-cups.  Play

Google pulls Amazon app from Play Store

Amazon and Google are having an app store standoff, resulting in the de-listing of Amazon's app from Google Play.  More

NYC & Chicago mull Uber-like taxi apps

Uber and Lyft could be getting some fresh competition from Chi-town, the Big Apple.  More

Iowa replaces drivers license with app

Iowa's Department of Transportation will experiment with issuing drivers licenses via an app.  More

Microsoft fights government search warrant

Microsoft is fighting a government search warrant seeking customer emails stored abroad in a case that could have far-reaching legal implications.  More

Hacking Keurigs for cheaper coffee

Keurigs can be hacked to brew coffee from any K-cup, according to  More

Walmart cuts iPhone price by $50

The iPhone 6 Plus is now on sale for $229 and the iPhone 6 sells for $129.  More

DIY computer kit gives gift of coding

The London-based startup raised $1.5 million on Kickstarter for its do-it-yourself computer kit. And it's available to purchase in time for the holidays.  More

Bringing down Sony was frighteningly easy

Hackers can break into any company, and the potential damage is real. Americans don't realize how vulnerable they are.  More

Microsoft begins accepting Bitcoin

Microsoft is the latest tech company to accept digital currency.  More

China's version of Tinder is worth $3 billion

Momo, a dating app that's compared to Tinder, enjoyed a 10% bump in its stock market debut.  More

Peer-to-peer lending stock soars in IPO

Who needs banks? Investors are betting that peer-to-peer lending will usher in a loan revolution.  More

San Fran DA: Why I'm suing Uber

San Francisco District Attorney George Gascón says that Uber is misleading the public and failing to follow state regulations. Laurie Segall reports.  Play

Next Bond movie is WAY over budget

The next James Bond movie -- "Spectre" -- is massively over budget and on track to be one of the most expensive films ever made, costing more than $300 million.  More

United flight attendants all get an iPhone 6!

But they're not for taking selfies. The phones will come loaded with safety information, replacing printed manuals.  More

California prosecutors sue Uber for misleading customers

California prosecutors allege that Uber charges misleading fees and makes false claims about the quality of its background checks.  More

'Google tax' targets Big Tech

The U.K. and Australia are moving to introduce new legislation to force tax-dodging multinationals to pay their fair share.  More

36 coolest gadgets of 2014

Innovation was alive and well in 2014, as dozens of new gadgets gave us something to smile and think about.  More

Microsoft: Cheap PCs are here to stay

Cheap PCs are going to be the new norm as Microsoft adjusts its Windows strategy.  More

Top Twitter moments of 2014: Celebrities, social activism, sports

Twitter has released its list of the events and personalities that attracted the most attention this year on the social network.  More

Toddler vs. Apple iPad Air 2: Stress Test

We gave two preschoolers a brand new iPad Air 2 and let them loose in our studios to see how much damage they could do.  More
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