Apple Pay is double charging some customers

Apple Pay is double charging some Bank of America customers, and getting the charges taken off is a headache.  More

Yahoo profit soars following the Alibaba IPO

Yahoo was in the spotlight Tuesday as it released its third-quarter results, its first earnings release since the Alibaba IPO.  More

China is hacking its own citizens' iCloud accounts - report

Chinese iCloud users are facing a new wave of attacks -- not from cybercriminals, but from their own government.  More

Microsoft CEO: Women paid equally here

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella says women are paid equally at Microsoft, while taking home an $84 million pay package.  More

Why Chicago is mandating coding education

In three years, all Chicago high school students will have to take a coding course in order to graduate.  More

Get ready for robot farmers

Startups focusing on "ag tech," or agricultural technology, are gaining the attention of farmers and investors  More

Apple Pay's double trouble

Some users, including CNN's Samuel Burke, have been getting charged twice for transactions made through Apple Pay.  Play

Apple profit soars on huge iPhone, Mac sales

Better-than-expected iPhone sales and record Mac sales lifted Apple in its fiscal fourth quarter.  More

Snapchat, valued at $10 billion, has started showing ads

Snapchat has begun showing ads for the first time.  More

Facebook tells DEA: Stop impersonating users

Facebook wants the DEA to stop hijacking identities and creating fake accounts for its investigations.  More

Apple Pay launches today

Apple Pay will be up and running Monday afternoon.  More

AmazonFresh groceries arrive in Brooklyn

The company is bringing its AmazonFresh service to New York for the first time.  More

How Apple Pay works

Apple Pay uses a tiny internal antenna along with touch ID to charge your credit card. It's available on iPhone 6, iPhone 6 plus, new iPads and Apple Watch.  Play

IBM shares down after it dumps chip unit, posts disappointing earnings

IBM shares down sharply in after it announces a $4.7 billion charge to dump its chip unit and says it is disappointed with results.  More

Citi exec: Smartphones will transform banking

If you haven't been using your smartphone to bank already, Citi's Jane Fraser points out how the new technology will change consumer banking: by making it 'less boring.'  Play

Apple unveils new iPads, releases OS X Yosemite

Apple unveiled new editions of the iPad and iPad Mini at an event in California on Thursday.  More

Apple calls Colbert, pokes fun at secrecy

After details of Apple's new iPads surfaced a day early in the iTunes store, the famously private company mocked itself.  Play

Google mobile ads get more clicks, less money

Google shares fell Thursday after the company reported continued challenges in its mobile ad business.  More

Apple Pay is launching on Monday

Apple CEO Tim Cook says Apple Pay "is going to change the way we pay for things."  More

Google: We'll make you smarter ... if you share your data

Google Chairman Eric Schmidt says Google will eventually create an artificial personal assistant. You just have to share enough data to make it work.  More

See Apple's new iPads in :60

Apple is releasing two new iPads: the iPad Air 2 and the iPad Mini 3.  Play

See Apple's new iMac in :60

Apple unveiled a 27-inch iMac desktop computer today with 14.7 million pixel retina display.  Play

She's America's youngest female billionaire - and a dropout

Elizabeth Holmes, America's youngest self-made female billionaire, has built a medical services country that's revolutionizing the blood test.  More

Netflix shares tank 20% on weaker subscriber growth

Netflix may be paying the price for increasing its subscription cost.  More

The future of tech: Your local library

Libraries have long been a key resource to immigrants and low-income residents. Chicago's public library not only offers Internet access, but 3D printers, laser cutters and robots.  More

Google unveils Android Lollipop and latest Nexus devices

Google announced Wednesday that its new Android Lollipop software will be available on select mobile devices within the next few weeks.  More

The door that unlocks when you're near

The August Smart Lock will unlock your door when you approach it, and allow you to send anyone a virtual key to your home. Laurie Segall reports.  Play

Poodles are attacking the Internet

Meet the "Poodle" attack, the latest way hackers can undermine our private online communication.  More

Galaxy Note 4 is not the iPhone 6 Plus

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is a different kind of 'phablet' than the iPhone 6 Plus. But does it deliver?  More

This is not a Nigerian email scam

Mall for Africa acts as the middle man for African e-commerce -- and it's gaining traction.  More

Online ads are attacking you

Hackers are leveraging the fast-paced, targeted nature of online ads to deliver malware.  More

India looks for love on Tinder

A popular new dating app is attracting legions of young, urban Indians who are happy to use their smartphones in search of love, even if it means casting aside long-held traditional values.  More

Google takes on Amazon Prime

Google has unveiled a new subscription shopping service offering same-day delivery, going head to head with Amazon.  More

Russian hackers exploit Windows to spy on West

Russian hackers took advantage of a bug in Microsoft Windows to spy on the Ukrainian government, a European government agency, two European companies, and a scholar living in the United States.  More

The guy Newsweek called the 'inventor' of Bitcoin plans to sue

Dorian Nakamoto, whom Newsweek identified as the 'inventor' of Bitcoin, is planning to sue.  More

Dropbox: We weren't hacked!

Dropbox says that the 7 million leaked username and password combinations weren't for its file storage service.  More

Zuckerberg donates $25 million to fight Ebola

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg gives $25 million to CDC Foundation to combat outbreak of deadly Ebola virus.  More

Ireland closes tax loophole for tech giants

For years, some of the world's biggest companies have set up shop in Ireland to dodge taxes. Now, Ireland is taking a key tax break away.  More

The GoPro bubble has burst

GoPro makes an awesome camera. But Wall Street got way too excited about the stock. Shares have plunged lately ... and with good reason.  More

Facebook, Apple pay to freeze employees' eggs

Facebook and Apple appear to be the first major employers to cover the cost of egg freezing for women who want to postpone pregnancy without sacrificing fertility.  More

FBI director: iPhones protect pedophiles

Apple and Google are putting privacy in users' hands. The FBI doesn't want that. But we're safer that way.  More

Apple Pay is coming this week - report

Apple Pay is set to launch on Saturday, according to a handful of reports.  More

Bill Gates: Piketty's book has "flaws"

The world's richest man criticized Thomas Piketty's book on income inequality in a blog post Monday.  More

AT&T: Make your own Internet fast lane

AT&T has proposed a new plan that it thinks could settle the contentious debate over Internet 'fast lanes' and net neutrality.  More

Can this app cure loneliness?

Serial entrepreneur Sam Feuer wants to tackle one of the biggest health issues in society with his latest app, Smacktive.  More

New earbuds take aim at Apple's Beats

Steven Lamar, an early staffer of Beats Electronics, has announced a new headphone brand to compete with his former employer.  Play

Can't do math? Dance it out

Kirin Sinha wanted to get more young girls interested in math. So she started SHINE, a tutoring program that uses dance to teach mathematical ideas.  More

Inside the head of Apple's top designer

Jony Ive has been shaping Apple products for years but keeps a low profile. In an interview in Vogue, he offers his thoughts about the late Steve Jobs, the creative process and the Apple watch.  More

Google rejects 58% of 'right to be forgotten' requests

Google released data Friday on the link-removal requests it's received in Europe following a ruling on the so-called "right to be forgotten."  More

Microsoft CEO to women: Not asking for a raise is 'good karma'

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has disavowed controversial comments he made at a women's tech conference.  More

Karma? Microsoft CEO skewered on Twitter

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said it's good karma when women don't ask for a raise. The social blow back has been fast and fierce.  More

Up to 35% of your cell phone bill may be taxes and fees

Washington, Nebraska and New York levy some of the highest taxes and fees on cell phone customers. And the charges can be even higher in some cities like Chicago. For a cut-rate deal, you'd be better off in Oregon, Nevada and Idaho.  More

Dairy Queen customers get hacked

DQ says nearly 400 restaurants compromised by malware.  More

Customer: I was fired for Comcast complaint

Customer says when he complained about Comcast service and billing problems, he was fired from accounting firm that works for cable company.  More

You're an idiot if you like this phone

Smartphone owners are extremely protective of their gadgets because they're incredibly personal devices.  More

I make six figures to play video games

In the growing industry of e-sports, gamers have sponsors and huge fan bases.  More

NYC turns footsteps into data

New York City is using existing surveillance cameras to count pedestrians. The data helps the city with more efficient trash collection and public safety efforts. But soon it could be helping you guess the wait at your corner restaurant.  Play

Can this small town compete with Silicon Valley?

Ithaca, N.Y., home to Cornell University, is courting entrepreneurs to keep talent from fleeing to New York and San Francisco.  More

Billionaire Carl Icahn: Apple is worth a lot more

Carl Icahn thinks Apple is worth twice its current price, and that means the company should buy back more shares.  More

AT&T fined $105 million for overbilling

AT&T has agreed to pay $105 million for "cramming" unauthorized charges on the monthly bills of its wireless customers, federal and state regulators announced Wednesday.  More

Elon Musk's $2 billion Tesla tweet

Tesla CEO Elon Musk teased on Twitter that it will unveil 'the D and something else' at an event Thursday. Investors are intrigued and excited.  More

London's red phone boxes go green

London's iconic red phone boxes turn green, becoming solar-powered phone chargers.  Play

The Internet of fails

Connected devices are becoming the norm. But the new batch of products are coming from tiny startups with little money for security. Privacy and even physical safety is at risk, and computer researchers are sounding alarm bells.  More

Intel's top woman on Hillary

Intel President Renee James says women have a different style of leadership and discusses her own passions for a potential second career in public service.  Play

Hands-free phone calls are distracting too

AAA study finds that using hands-free technology to make calls or change the radio station while driving could cause "potentially unsafe" distractions.  More

75% of mobile ads promote other apps

Analysts say a significant majority of ads in mobile apps simply promote other apps. What does that mean for the industry?  More

Google's Chairman defines "twerking"

Who needs Google when you have Eric Schmidt? We asked the chairman to define some of the most Googled words of 2013.  Play

Amazon's taxes draw Europe's scrutiny

Europe's top regulator said it believes Amazon has essentially been receiving state aid from Luxembourg for over a decade by taking advantage of a preferential tax deal.  More

iPhone 6 vs. Galaxy Alpha: Cost to make

CNNMoney takes a look at what it costs to build Apple and Samsung's new phones piece by piece.  Play

Why cities matter

The heart of urban innovation is a desire to improve the quality of life and economic opportunities for the people living in cities. CNNMoney's Most Innovative Cities list provides a snapshot of the people and programs that are doing just that.  More

The Most Innovative Cities

From technology and infrastructure, to job creation and sustainability, these 10 cities are leading the pack when it comes to creatively solving urban issues.  More

Samsung hammered by weak smartphone sales

Samsung is on track to report its weakest financial results in recent memory as the company loses ground in the intense battle for smartphone customers.  More

iPhone 6 vs. Galaxy Alpha: Cost to make

CNNMoney takes a look at what it costs to build Apple and Samsung's new phones piece by piece.  Play

Not everything Apple touches is gold

GT Advanced Technologies declared bankruptcy and the stock plunged 90%. The company had a deal with Apple, but investors got burned.  More

HP: Death of a Silicon Valley titan

HP's decision to split into two companies marks the end of an era for one of Silicon Valley's iconic companies.  More

Could this be Amazon's 'House of Cards?'

Amazon Prime's original streaming series 'Transparent' is getting huge social media buzz and critical acclaim. Looks like Amazon may be giving 'House of Cards' a run for its money.  Play

Yahoo eyeing Snapchat after Alibaba windfall

Fresh off its big win from the Alibaba IPO, Yahoo is reportedly eyeing an investment in Snapchat.  More

Breaking up is the latest Wall Street craze

HP's plan to split into two companies comes just after eBay announced it was spinning off PayPal. Breakups are a growing trend among big businesses.  More

Female NASCAR engineer makes science cool

Alba Colon is one of NASCAR'S lead engineers. As a Hispanic woman, she feels it's her responsibility to bring a new generation into STEM fields.  More

HP to split into two companies

Meg Whitman is dividing the PC operations from software and services.  More

5 stunning stats about Uber

Did you know that Uber tested deliveries of ice cream, cupcakes ... even kittens? Here are 5 things you probably never knew about the startup ridesharing service, Uber.  Play

HP to split into two companies, report says

The next step for computing giant Hewlett-Packard's restructuring is a split into two companies, according to the Wall Street Journal.  More
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