Tim Cook to donate his fortune to charity

Apple CEO Tim Cook is going to give away his entire multi-million dollar fortune to charitable causes.  More

6 'Matrix' inspired illusions from Oculus' chief scientist

Oculus chief scientist Michael Abrash uses 'The Matrix' to pitch virtual reality at F8, Facebook developer conference.  More

70s and 80s tech making comeback

From the boombox to the Polaroid, Laurie Segall takes a look at how classic tech is inspiring today's innovation.  Play

Credit card of the future could stop fraud

This credit card has a battery, chip and screen to display a dynamic CVV code. The point? Stopping fraudsters.  More

Meerkat announces $14 million in funding

Live streaming startup Meerkat announced via livestream that it raised $14 million in funding from investors including Greylock Partners, Universal Music Group, Jared Leto, and more.  More

Meerkat who? Introducing Periscope

Periscope, acquired by Twitter in January, lets users live broadcast from their mobile devices.  More

An iPhone for people who hate Apple

The Samsung Galaxy S6 looks just like an iPhone, but it is decidedly not an Apple smartphone.  More

Microsoft tells its contractors: You must give workers paid time off

Microsoft appears to be the first big U.S. company to require the businesses it works with to offer employees paid time off.  More

Finally! eBay puts more women on its board

After being pressured by investors, eBay now has three women on its board of 17 directors.  More

Tennessee sues FCC over Internet law, hurting one of its own cities: Chattanooga

Tennessee wants the FCC to butt out of state affairs, so it can get back to limiting the expansion of Chattanooga's city-built, super-fast Internet.  More

This startup could help thwart school bombings

Startup PredictifyMe's groundbreaking technology could help protect against school bombings  More

The great tech debate: Are we in a bubble or not?

Here's a roundup of where some powerful Silicon Valley investors stand.  More

Facebook wants you to take the red pill

We are all Neo, Oculus chief scientist Michael Abrash is Morpheus, and he wants us to go to wonderland...aka the world of virtual reality.

Silicon Valley sex bias trial goes to jury

After four weeks of testimony, Ellen Pao's case against Kleiner Perkins is finally coming to a close.  More

Google could soon let you pay bills in Gmail

Someday, you'll be able to pay your bills via Gmail.  More

Think there's a startup bubble? Bet $100K on it.

Y Combinator president Sam Altman says there's no bubble -- that companies like Uber, Dropbox and Pinterest will be worth double in five years.  More

Facebook gets into nostalgia business

Facebook announces a new feature that resurfaces things users posted one or more years ago on a given day.  More

New Ford car automatically obeys speed limits

If you won't stop speeding, the S-Max will do it for you.  More

You're about to get a (dud) new credit card

New credit cards are coming, and they won't even be that great. It looks like 2015 will be a bumpy road for everybody -- banks, stores and shoppers.  More

9 reasons to be hopeful about women in tech

These startups are working to leverage technology to level the playing field for minorities and women in tech.  More

The last days of Steve Jobs

A new biography on the Apple CEO sheds new light on how his colleagues and close friends processed his death.  More

Twitter is latest tech firm sued for sex discrimination

Kleiner Perkins, Facebook and now Twitter. The battle for gender equality in Silicon Valley may just be getting started.  More

The next city to get Google Fiber is...

Salt Lake City is the latest city to be selected to get high speed Internet via Google Fiber.  More

Lesbian dating app secures $1 million in funding

Her, a lesbian dating app formerly known as Dattch, is expanding in the U.S. and features an interface that its founder says is more female-friendly than its competitors.  More

NFL to give live-streaming a try out this fall

The NFL will be streaming a game exclusively online this season. Could Thursday Night Football be streamed exclusively online one day?  More

Verizon and AT&T sue government over net neutrality

The net neutrality legal fight begins. The nation's telecoms have sued the FCC to block the new rules.  More

Yik Yak: The anonymous app sweeping college campuses

Anonymous sharing app Yik Yak has become a forum for everything campus gossip to bullying.  Play

Send your texts 25 years into the future

An app released this month lets you send messages, pictures, videos and voicemails to friends and family at an exact minute in the future -- up to 25 years.  More

Instagram adds app just for collages

A new app called Layout lets you shove multiple photos into one Instagram-shaped image.  More

Wall Street's most powerful woman jumps to Google

Ruth Porat is leaving Morgan Stanley to return to her Silicon Valley roots as Google's chief financial officer.  More

San Francisco's luxury bus puts your commute to shame

Instead of public transit, San Francisco commuters can pay $6 for high-end buses with food, drinks and wifi.  More

360-degree videos debut on YouTube

Watch 360-degree videos on YouTube without a headset.  More

Facebook gets sued for gender discrimination

Chia Hong is suing her former employer, Facebook, for sex and race discrimination.  More

4 ways Asian dating apps are anti-Tinder

A growing suite of dating apps in Asia is wooing users with features tailored to the region.  More

What bubble? Many social media stocks are losers

It's fair to worry about froth with the Nasdaq above 5,000. But don't point the finger at social media. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are thriving but many other social media stocks are in the dumps.  More

Wanted: Female entrepreneurs

Startup hub American Underground is aggressively courting women- and minority-led startups.  More

Magic Leap releases stunning holographic video

Florida startup Magic Leap is exciting, well-funded, futurist, and tough to nail down.  More

New index tracks hot Israeli tech companies

Investors hoping to cash in on Israel's success in the tech world could find it easier soon.  More

Biased job ads: This startup has a fix

Behind cybersecurity, lack of diversity is the next issue threatening companies. Laura Mather, founder of startup Unitive, has pioneered a new bias-detection software to help companies come out ahead.  More

Google's new beautiful, $1,000 Web browser

Google has made a gorgeous new Chromebook Pixel device, but it costs $1,000.  More

Tag Heuer to make Google-powered smartwatch

Google and Intel will work with Swiss watchmaker Tag Heuer on a new luxury smartwatch to compete with Apple's high-end edition.  More

Smart clothes: The next big fitness craze?

The next wave of wearable gadgets is turning weekend athletes into pros.  More

Lonely? This app says you're not alone

Americans are more lonely than ever before, but with new technology there are ways to spot it, track it, indulge it or beat it.  More

Pornstar entrepreneurs find new homes on messaging apps

Messaging apps foster deeper -- and potentially more lucrative -- relationships between pornstars and their audience.  More

Sony's PlayStation 4 finally goes on sale in China

Here's the good news for Chinese gamers: Sony's PlayStation 4 is finally for sale in the country. The bad news? Only six games are currently available.  More

FAA allows Amazon to test drones in U.S.

The Federal Aviation Administration seems to be softening its stance on commercial drone operations, at least for one company -- Amazon.  More

Google abused its monopoly power, FTC experts found

The FTC ignored its own experts and didn't sue, according to a new Wall Street Journal report.  More

What's next for AT&T? Apple pushed it out of Dow

Ma Bell has lagged the market -- and top competitor Verizon -- for a while. Will things get worse now that Apple has taken its place in the Dow 30?  More

Is Apple crazy for dumping USB ports?

Apple's new MacBook only has one port and it's not USB.  Play

Brands swoop in to buy .porn and .sucks before the trolls do

Anyone can buy a .porn, and .sucks website starting June 1st. Brands are trying to buy them up to protect their image.  More

Sony launches $50 Vue cord-cutting service

Sony's PlayStation Vue streaming TV service is live, entering a crowded field of cord-cutting options.  More

GoDaddy IPO values company at nearly $3 billion

GoDaddy is moving forward with its IPO. GDDY stock will be priced at $17 to $19 a share.  More

Greece needs to behave like a startup

What does Greece have in common with a struggling startup? Not much cash, problems getting its message across and a loss of talent to rivals.  More

Target will pay hack victims $10 million

Target has agreed to pay $10 million as part of a settlement of a class-action lawsuit filed in the wake of a 2013 data breach that affected up to 110 million customers.  More

Amazon expands one-hour delivery to Miami and Baltimore

Amazon Prime Now adds two cities after starting in NYC four months ago.  More

Kid-friendly Uber alternative gets $9.6 million

Shuddle, a ride-sharing startup catering to parents with kids or elderly parents, announced a hefty new round of funding.  More

This drone throws flames, sprays graffiti

Tyrone the Drone can spray graffiti and produce fire from the sky. Laurie Segall reports.  Play

Can reality TV help tech's diversity problem?

Kathryn Finney, an African American entrepreneur, was contacted by a casting agency to be on a new reality show. But she argues this is a terrible idea.  More

T-Mobile will pay $650 for you to switch

The T-Mobile "uncarrier" strategy continues. This time, promo deals are here forever and small businesses get cheap plans too.  More

Microsoft will let you unlock Windows 10 with your face

With Windows Hello, Microsoft will let you unlock Windows 10 with facial recognition, a fingerprint scan or an iris scan.  More

Meerkat stole the show at SXSW. Sorry, Twitter.

SXSW has been a launchpad for startups like Twitter and Foursquare. This year, livestreaming startup Meerkat was the coolest cat in town despite a rough start.  More

Sorry, Kim Jong-un! Sony has made huge comeback

Sony's stock is on fire over the past few months. Sales outside its movie business are soaring. And the financial damage from the cyberattack inspired by "The Interview" was minimal.  More

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