Startup Radar

Aug 14: Starbucks will accept payments through Square's mobile app, letting customers hold up their phone and have their cards automatically charged. More
Jun 22: F.ounders, one of the hottest events on the tech conference circuits, extends from Dublin to New York. More
Jun 11: Nine months after Mark Zuckerberg launched "frictionless sharing," it's time to rethink how much people are willing to share. More
Jun 4: Hardware entrepreneurs are using Kickstarter to get around the traditional barriers associated with securing venture capitalist funding. More
May 11: Viddy, SocialCam and Color are slugging it out in the startup world's hottest new battlefield. More
May 2: After venture capitalists turned it down, an entrepreneur's "smart watch" has become a breakout Kickstarter hit. More
Apr 10: Silicon Valley execs debate whether Facebook's $1 billion price tag for photo sharing app Instagram makes sense. More
Apr 6: Tech companies are always on the look out for engineers, but there's a new coveted hire in Silicon Valley: designers. More
Mar 29: FoundersCard offers up tech-focused perks to the startup field's entrepreneurs and investors. More
Mar 27: After serving in the U.S. Army Special Forces, entrepreneur Tom Katis created Voxer -- an app he wishes he'd had in Afghanistan. More
Mar 8: GPS-enabled apps let people to discover and learn more about others in their vicinity. More
Mar 6: How Shazam grew from startup to full-fledged company and the company's plans for the big screen. More
Jan 25: Companies like SideTour and Vayable are repurposing the daily deals model to sell unique moments instead of things. More
Jan 13: Timehop is an interesting startup that hopes people will be interested in looking back at their social media history. More
Nov 30: Sensing hard times ahead, a growing number of tech ventures are looking to be acquired. More
Oct 26: Investors flock to tech's latest apps trend: sharing your skills, your possessions, and almost everything else. More
Oct 21: In the growing intersection between the tech industry and show biz, entrepreneurs are becoming cult celebrities. More
Oct 11: When tech entrepreneur Amit Gupta found out he needs a bone marrow transplant, his social networks sprang into action. More
Sep 16: Investor Andy Weissman stays behind the scenes, but has quietly guided some of the tech industry's most influential startups. More
Sep 7: New facial-recognition tools offer up lots of intriguing capabilities, but using them means walking through the privacy minefield. More
Aug 17: Last week, as the stock market plunged and swung, the same tremors spread through the tech industry's startup community. The question popped up in blogs, tweets, and happy-hour chatter: Is 2011 about to turn into 2008? More
Aug 9: Silicon Valley may be the traditional tech pillar, but Berlin is quickly becoming Europe's hottest startup hub. More
Aug 1: It's one of the most buzzworthy startups. Its recent round of funding values it at more than $1 billion. But is Airbnb worth using? Here's a first person account. More