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Comcast plays Cupid?
Report: Cable operator to help subscribers find love through its new Dating-on-Demand service.
February 10, 2005: 7:42 AM EST

NEW YORK (CNN/Money) - Comcast Corp. will be getting into the match-making spirit this Valentine's Day with a new service for singles looking for love, according to a report published Thursday.

Starting on Feb. 14, the cable operator will offer Dating-on-Demand, a video-on-demand service to help subscribers find their match, according to USA Today.

Singles age 18 and older can submit personal three-to-five minute videos to Comcast (Research) and the cable operator will post the video on its server, the paper said.

Videos will first be edited to meet the TV-14 standard, and no inappropriate or intensely suggestive language will be permitted, according to the paper. Other Comcast digital-cable subscribers can view the videos and reach someone if they wish by sending a message through an online subscription service,

"It's completely anonymous," Matt Strauss, the vice president for On Demand programming, told the paper. "There's no way for someone to get in touch with you unless you elect to have them get in touch."

Dating on Demand is part of Comcast's strategy to get subscribers to sign up for digital cable, which is an additional $10 a month, USA Today said.  Top of page


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