AIG says personal info on 930,000 stolen
Insurer says thieves nabbed laptop that contained personal data, plans to notify those individuals affected in coming weeks.

NEW YORK (CNN) - The American International Group is the latest to join the list of companies forced to tell people they are at risk of identity theft because a computer was stolen.

Thieves broke into an AIG office in March and took a computer containing personal information on 930,000 people, a spokesman for the insurance company said.

The spokesman said various equipment was stolen from a Midwest office, including a camera and the laptop computer. The server files on the computer contained sensitive information about employees of companies seeking health insurance. The files were password protected.

So far, AIG (up $0.08 to $59.35, Charts) is unaware of any information having been compromised.

AIG plans to notify the 930,000 affected people in coming weeks, according to the spokesman. They were not immediately notified because many addresses were not readily available, he said.

In the past month, reported that a computer was stolen from its auditors, Ernst & Young, and 243,000 customers had been put at risk of identity theft.

--from CNN's Maria Gavrilovic


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