Moorestown, NJ No. 1: Moorestown, NJ
MONEY magazine and CNN/Money spent months looking for Great American Towns -- where you would want to raise your children and celebrate life's milestones. Starting with more than 1,300 cities, we settled on 10 winners. (more)
2. Bainbridge Isl., WA 5. Louisville, CO   8. Peachtree City, GA
3. Naperville, IL 6. Barrington, RI   9. Chatham, NJ
4. Vienna, VA 7. Middleton, WI 10. Mill Valley, CA

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Top 10s
Biggest earners - Highest median income
Hottest - Average high temperature in July
Coldest - Average low temperature in January
Safest - Fewest incidences of robbery, assault and other crimes
Most educated - Percentage of residents with a graduate degree
Priciest homes - Median home sale price in 2004
Fastest jobs growth - Increase in employed persons since 1990
Most golf courses - Number of public golf courses
Least polluted - Lowest levels of carbon monoxide, other pollutants
Lowest commute time - Average minutes getting to work
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