Starbucks pulls CD-burning kiosks from some stores
Is Starbucks' decade-long dalliance with the music business fading? Lately, it's had more interest in promoting movies like Akeelah and the Bee, and it has
pulled CD-burning kiosks from most of its coffeeshops in Austin and Seattle, Cox News Service reports. While a Starbucks spokeswoman denies that the company is pulling back on its music strategy, it's clear that the CD-burning kiosks were a bomb. With CD burners in most PCs and people carrying around iPods rather than portable CD players, what's the point of paying to burn CDs at Starbucks? One of the kiosks' few fans gave Cox News an explanation of why the kiosks were a bad match for the Starbucks clientele: "If you can't afford a computer at home, why would you come into Starbucks for a $5 cup of coffee?" asked Mirsa Douglas.
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