MySpace blocks YouTube -- again
Conventional wisdom holds that MySpace beat Friendster at social networking by allowing users far more freedom in modifying their profile pages -- which is why its first attempt at blocking YouTube drew howls of protest. That time, MySpace not only prevented users from embedding YouTube videos on their profile pages, it censored any mention of the word "YouTube." The effort was so ham-handed that MySpace quickly backed down.

Now, it seems that Rupert Murdoch's embattled social network is trying a more subtle approach. MySpace has upgraded its own video-sharing technology -- and has found a clever technological way to bounce YouTube off its friends list. Boing Boing reports that MySpace is effectively blocking YouTube and other video-sharing rivals by upgrading to the newest version of Adobe's Flash technology. While the official announcement cites security concerns, tech blogger Alice Marwick is having none of it: "MySpace can say all they want about wanting to protect users, but really this is about them protecting their advertising dollars."

MySpace has a point about security -- hackers have been using vulnerabilities in Flash to lure MySpace users into clicking onto potentially dangerous websites. But it's definitely in MySpace's business interest as well to keep users firmly planted on its website.

Is MySpace protecting users -- or just trying to prevent them from leaving its website? Leave a comment below to tell us what you think.
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Tom is not my friend.
Posted By Jack - Los Angeles, Ca : 4:09 PM  

It's all about advertising and dollar signs, espescially with all the hype the website's been getting. Next year it'll be another teen website...who knows ''. Just remember, on the end of the day its just a business.
Posted By Tara, Sparta NJ : 4:24 PM  

Not suprised. YouTube has been riding MySpace's coattails for some time now, using them to very effectively launch their own brand. Clearly this is being driven from MySpace business owners realizing that there's potential money on the table to be had.

Although YouTube is now a strong enough brand to exist outside of MySpace, whether there's money to be made from user-generated content is the bigger question.
Posted By Chris, Boston, MA : 4:42 PM  

well i put all my videos on youtube because they upload quicker...I go on myspace to show my videos to all my friends...scince myspace blocked embedded codes i still show all my friends the videos...I just give them the site address in a bulliten...go youtube and ablanabla productions!
Posted By mattpyrch Trumbull, Connecticut : 4:51 PM  

Get's all about the money.
Posted By Bill, Fountain Valley, CA : 4:55 PM  

MySpace users can still embed HTML, just not outside videos. Considering they're not blocking those links, it doesn't appear to be an effort to limit navigation.
Posted By Chris V, Everett, WA : 3:12 AM  

I love MySpace, I probably spend 10 hours a week on the site (Although a year ago, I probably spent 15-20 hours a week on the site). I enjoy the ability to post what I want on my page. I have several video clips that I have uploaded to YouTube, then placed in my page. This makes easy for my friends to see my videos. MySpace blocking them is only for their benefit.

YouTube is the only reliable easy to use video service on the web. Until MySpace comes up with something compatible, they should leave YouTube alone. Making the site more restrictive will ruin the fun and chase users away. Besides, the MySpace ride has peeked. The novelty is wearing off (for me at least).

I think most people my age (mid 20's) are using MySpace only for a way to send a quick message to friends. It is basically a quicker alternative to emailing. I know I have said this before....Does anyone click on the ads? I don't. And I am willing to bet most people in my demographic do not either.
Posted By Bob G. Omaha, Nebraska : 12:53 PM  

Lets not believe for one minute that MySpace is trying to protect the end user by blocking the most prolific video site on the internet. God forbid that the millions of people using YouTube are at risk and the only people willing to save them is MySpace. In the end user will migrate to the most open and free flowing sites available and it will be up to MySpace to recognize that it was this feature that made them so popular. Maybe they will take a look at AOL and learn from their migration towards open access.
Posted By Russell Hirshon, Potomac MD : 1:33 PM  

I think myspace isn't so bad. They have a great concept and people will either think the idea as great or hate it because of all the bad stuff that "could" happen. If I were Newscorp, I too would want to protect my business and keep business coming in but I think the also part is protecting users from such hackers and porn related material from easily being posted through links or embedded video files.
Posted By Sami - Sioux Falls, SD : 8:35 PM  

My Space can do whatever they want to make money. Sorry if it isn't fair or what people want.

Nor is Tom my Friend
Posted By Matt, Valdez, AK : 8:37 PM  

Considering all the media attention surrounding MySpace and security concerns, both in a physical and digital sense, it would seem obvious that this move was in the making months ago. The public wanted MySpace to increase security, but when it did, people cried foul and tried to make it seem like MySpace was undercutting the competition. That is simply not true.
Posted By James Spokane Washington : 10:53 PM  

MySpace is a great place to chill, but niche sites for people is coming. For example, this should be for all the people unhappy with MySpace.
Posted By San Jose, CA : 10:28 AM  

It's about the money. MySpace's "security" took over a year to implement... now the decision to block YouTube over security concerns?! Do they really expect use to agree with this. MySpace == Murdoch's Money..
Posted By AC, Chicago, IL : 3:37 PM  

MySpace is so stupid. Sure its a way to keep in touch with everyone but i see no point in such a dumb website. Its a waste of everyones time. I know people who would spend mindless hours on that website. If myspace didnt exist im pretty sure people would be doing more constructive things with there time. Well i say SCREW THEM ALL!! myspace, xanga, hi5 ect....
Posted By NiK0LE DiMATTE0 : 10:52 PM  

Of course, they are protecting their revenues. Even security issues are to protect their revenues. If the site can cause you grief, people won't go there.

But blocking youtube is a tacky thing to do. Personally, I have blocked myspace.
Posted By James Smith Jo�o Pessoa, Paraiba Brazil : 5:32 PM  

Two Words: Rupert Murdoch
Its about maximizing his take of your $$, pure and simple.
Posted By Anonymous : 5:35 PM  

MySpace has been engaged in censorship activities ever since last summer when good 'ole Rupert bought up MySpace to make some more money. Bands have been censored. Accounts have been deleted. MySpace is really a danger to become too attached to because of how it censors users. Unlike sites like blogger, Myspace actively deletes accounts whenever someone is flagged as complaining about the system or mentioning any competing sites.

The MySpace phenomenon is over blown. Many profiles are fake, simply advertising schemes by those who seek to pursuade users to porn sites or clothes lines.
Posted By John, Los Angeles, CA : 7:03 PM  

Businesses exist for one purpose, to generate profit.
Posted By Paul, Orange County, CA : 7:20 PM  

I believe such community efforts such as MySpace will die out and be replaced by far more satisfying communities. It is not about who can link more junk, amusing or not, to other sources of junk, it is about adding value to the human experience, learning new things that are useful, sharing lessons learned that make humanity stronger and able to handle mediocrity as well as images of war.
I had a blog, determine therapy to be more effective. Blog persona now in stasis mode.
Posted By Anonymous : 8:33 PM  

Why would anyone want to make an online profile of themselves, so that potentialy dangerous people can read up and find out loads of information on them.
It beats me. Whatever happened to plain old email?
Posted By Tom, Frederick MD : 2:10 AM  

if myspace was out to better the experience of using myspace, including improved security, they would focus on larger problems than upgrading flash and simultaneously blocking youtube. there are certainly more pressing issues, including the lack of redundant data centers and poor code (i've seen errors too many times to count on it)
Posted By David Cox, Tucson AZ : 2:48 AM  

"MySpace has a point about security -- hackers have been using vulnerabilities in Flash to lure MySpace users into clicking onto potentially dangerous websites. " That is potentially misleading information there, CNN! The links that are leading Myspace users to viruses are those that are alleged "Myspace viewer trackers" that link to OTHER Flash enabled sites. Not to mention the pornography "bots" that users get in the Friends Request In-Box. The crux of this matter is how this article takes sides with Myspace by suggesting "Myspace is right." No, it's NOT right. True, hackers are using Flash to lure users to potentially harmful computer virii, BUT you should also clarify whether it's caused by YouTube. Not clarifying that point you leave a lot of oom for speculation, not clear and concise information.
Posted By Roberto, Suisun City, CA : 10:39 AM  

It is new technology. Eventually everyone else will catch up and then they will be back on myspace...and can you really blame myspace from keeping their competition off the page?
Posted By Lynn new haven, CT : 10:41 AM  

MySpace & YouTube both do a good job on what they do. Street Credit has a presence on both services though I think myspace is much easier to use and is a better tool to promote. However, YouTube has a much better service when it comes to videos. They should merge and get all the loot.
Posted By Tony, Louisville, KY : 1:09 AM  

My Space and YouTube should be working together!!! they should DEFINATELY merge!! then all this hate would stop and they'd make LOADS of money!!!

<33 mia
Posted By Mia, Chicago, IL : 7:05 PM  

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