You podcastin' to me?
Someone at New York City's MTA finally took note of the thousands of white earbuds filling their subway trains. And their conclusion? Instead of listening to Gnarls Barkley and the Ditty Bops on their iPods, what the MTA's patrons really wanted was to listen to safety advisories and descriptions of new transit projects. Yes, the New York subway has joined the podcasting revolution, with such thrilling episodes as "See Something, Say Something" and "Slips, Trips and Falls." On his Micro Persuasion blog, Steve Rubel recommends downloading some episodes, if only to "give the thief that steals your iPod something special to listen to."

We've got a better idea: Some creative musician needs to mash these tracks up and deliver us some killer remixes of "Stay Off the Tracks" and "Panic Bars." And if you've been looking for a name for your new band, may we recommend "Myrtle-Wyckoff Transit Hub"?
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