Did the NBA call foul on YouTube?
Rumors swirl that the NBA has demanded YouTube remove video of its most recent brawl-ball exhibition featuring the Knicks and Nuggets. But if you search on YouTube, you'll find some video. Some of it's user-generated (looks like cell phone cams) but one is clearly an ESPN rebroadcast. Yet, given the ubiquity of other viral videos (like this one, a personal fave) that have tons and tons of posted videos on YouTube, the NBA brawl seems to have very few. Plus, links to videos that had been up earlier have been deactivated.

It is possible for YouTube to remove videos that violate copyright laws (like in this case), although it's nearly impossible for an individual or organization simply to bury something they just don't like, according to the Browser's Jia Lynn Yang. It would be nice for YouTube to explain what exactly is going on here, and what the rules are about removed or copyrighted video, and for the NBA to be a bit more transparent so as not to inspire conspiracy-mongering. The Browser has left a message for an NBA spokesperson; we'll update if they get back with an explanation.
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If the NBA is doing, it's dumb. It's free PR - maybe it's not great PR but clearly fans already know about it so why bother with a coverup? The game was BROADCAST over the airwaves - what does it hurt if a snippet stays on 'web-cast' format?
Posted By jbelkin, danville ca : 12:40 AM  

The Nba needs to realize that in todays world everything is caught on camera. And with todays information age, once it gets on the net its too late. Like whats are they gonna do next, put a 10 minute recording delay on live Broadcast television. We've all seen fights before. The NBA and its crew needs to GROW UP.
Posted By Rodwell, Calgary, Ab : 6:42 PM  

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