Wal-Mart Goes Green
The retailing behemoth has embarked on a far-reaching sustainability initiative to reduce energy use, curb waste and sell more products that are good for the environment. It's not only revamping its own practices, but pushing its suppliers to be better stewards of the earth.

Do you believe that Wal-Mart is serious? Will the green campaign help the company repair its image? Does this make you more likely to shop there? -- By Marc Gunther

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Posted by Chris Morris 11:13 AM 345 Comments comment | Add a Comment

Walmart will do or say anything to make a buck, their sincerity is that deep for this cause.
Posted By ld edison,nj : 10:22 AM  

No I do not believe Walmart is serious about the environment. Walmart is all about "Always Low Prices" and will do anything and everything to keep prices lower than the competitor at any cost. This is why (1) Walmart pays low wages and hires part time (2) negotiates low wages and working conditions at Chinese manufacturing plants (3) builds and abandons lots of Walmart box stores just to build a "Super-store" a mile down the road. I'd rather shop elsewhere and pay a token amount more. Walmart is all about low prices and nothing else.
Posted By Tom Buffer, Alpharetta, Georgia : 10:27 AM  

for them to have AL GORE present his film and go forward with all the true information.. yes it will make a difference...now everyone else has to get behind the biggest movement yet to save our planet...thank you WAL-MART.......
Posted By drew memphis tenneessee : 10:27 AM  

I'm glad the green corporate initiative is coming, and Wal-Mart is really the only place it can come from, considering their size and their impact on the world of retail. I just hope they realize and acknowledge, as they make these (understandable) green demands on their vendors and fellow businesses, that it was largely because of Wal-Mart practices and regulations that their vendors were not able to make these green changes to their own processes previously.
Posted By Jean, Boston, MA. : 10:28 AM  

I would find it more believable if they would do something with all the abandoned stores sitting empty, with the parking lots turning into dumping grounds and parking for all sorts of vehicles.
Posted By Linda, Savannah, GA : 10:30 AM  

Wal-mart's initiative is just a lot of hot air. All you need to do to see it is to go to a Wal-mart store. It thrives on cheap, exploited labor to make cheap plastic products. I haven't shopped at a Wal-mart in a few years and the "revamping" of its practices won't get me in the door! Hey Wal-mart - you can start by supplying your employees with viable and affordable healthcare!!!
Posted By Betty Harmon, Raleigh, NC : 10:36 AM  

I would guess that the underlying motivation is to cut costs in order to beef up the bottom line.
Posted By Anonymous : 10:41 AM  

Wal Mart has received so much negative press lately, that they have no choice but to attempt something postive. "The environment" just happens to be the PR campaign that they chose to run with. In reality, I doubt very much that they care and cannot possibly take them seriously.
Posted By PC Baltimore, MD : 10:42 AM  

I dont care what the motivation is. If a company is committed to curbing energy use, eliminating chemical contamination of the environment, and increasing energy efficiency, then they have my blessing. Since our government is unwilling to take the lead in these areas, the private sector must. If that decision is based on a desire to improve one's corporate image in the world, I embrace it.
Posted By JLB, Los Angeles, CA : 10:47 AM  

I think they are serious about these issues. They see energy savings as an investment that will impact the bottom line. If every company/ institution looked at it like this (LCC - Life Cycle Costs), their bottom line would be better and they could devote their time to better things ohter than slamming Wal-Mart.
Posted By Anonumous : 10:55 AM  

Yes it will work to change their image but it will take time. Yes, I believe that they are serious. And I hope the idea spreads.....and it will. When others see how it works to bolster their PR the others will have no choice but to be a copycat.
Posted By Ron Jamis, Florida : 10:57 AM  

Sounds great...

Talk the talk, now walk the walk.
Posted By Brian, Hoboken, NJ : 11:00 AM  

A political move. Now that Walmart is a retail super giant it's looking for more market to corner. A cheap ploy to pick up more customers.
Posted By Donald Caton, Long Beach CA : 11:01 AM  

It doesn't matter what Wal-mart does, it will never be good enough for those who have been brow-beaten into believing they're out to destroy the universe. They should just save their money and quit trying to appease people who will never open their eyes anyway.
Posted By Zach, Chicago : 11:02 AM  

My father is a truck driver for Wal-Mart so I can tell you that they have already begun testing alternative tractors that are more environmental friendly, with some success I might add. I have worked at Wal-Mart for a year and I really get a kick out of reading the comments from people who don't really know anything about the company. I guess, like the presidential campaigns, its easier to tear others down then to encourage and build them up. America is so judgemental and negative. It's really sad.
Posted By Dustin, Salt Lake City, Utah : 11:02 AM  

Posted By hENRY, shIRLEY, NY : 11:03 AM  

Amazing how a business will make such a positive difference...and people actually still complain about the busines instead of recognize the good??? I guess some people need to complain. I am thankful and hope that I can make a positive difference as well some day!
Posted By D. Mazzola, Utica, Michigan : 11:06 AM  

Hogwash and a lame attempt to woo the public.
Posted By Andy Farew, Buffalo, NY : 11:08 AM  

This is nothing more than Wal-Mart�s latest public relations stunt. This company seems like it will do anything in order to change peoples perception, but they never actually change. I will take my business elsewhere regardless of the latest press releases they put out.
Posted By Thomas, Columbus Ohio : 11:09 AM  

Yes this is what I was waiting for to happen from big corporations and I am so happy that there is someone out there who can think right.
Posted By Anonymous : 11:11 AM  

This is just another attempt at capitalizing on a current hot button issue in order to make people feel like they are making a larger difference by shopping at Walmart. Oil prices skyrocket and all of a sudden saving the environment is a big deal. Given the damage to Walmart's reputation delt by companies like Target, who at face value have a far more moral and customer friendly business model, i would assume they are in a desperate position to win back thier share of the market, and are willing to say anyting to do it. Saving the environment is the one of the top two priorities in the world right now, but it will take a company with integrety and resolve, ie: not Walmart, to do it.
Posted By Andrew, Ramsey, NJ : 11:18 AM  

The biggest impact WalMart will have in this debate will be to show it can be profitable to reduce energy consumption, excess packaging and pollution as a whole. That is what Kyoto and other environmentalists always miss; the fact that in a profit motivated society new ideas have to make sense financially
Posted By Eric, St George, UT : 11:18 AM  

#Wal-mart saves me money. Period. Are their competitors jealous? Are their employees being forced to work? Education and initiative will get them better jobs, and more money. No one has to work for Wal-mart. I love Walmart for their clean stores, variety of merchandise, and friendly employees. Tell the unions to go to hell. Look at what they did to Detroit.
Posted By Bob Morrissette, Blackstone, MA : 11:22 AM  

What Walmart is doing is called: "Green washing". The model on which the company is run is unsustainable.
Posted By YS,Boulder, CO : 11:22 AM  

Yes, I believe Walmart is serious. They are in the spotlight, have started acting, and have the money to do it. I will continue to shop at Walmart because they are good for me, my community, and soon...the earth. I hope other (companies) will follow.
Posted By Porter, Loveland Colorado : 11:22 AM  

I believe WalMart serves a needed function. We have many poor people in America who can't afford to be choosey. Any "greening" WalMart does will be an improvement, so how much isn't important. I would like to see WalMart add electric cars or plug-in hybrids to both its fleet and to carry as saleble items.
Posted By Sarah, Shrewsbury, VT : 11:33 AM  

I won't say the company name to provide them with FREE publicity good or bad; however, until they "buy" AMERICA and begin the process of being a respectful retailer I refuse to cross their threshhold
Posted By Susan, New Bern, NC : 11:37 AM  

how about buying products from countries that pay attention to the enviroment, ie china, not to metion human rights in production plants. sounds like a lot of fuzzy green pr to me.
Posted By mark westport ct : 11:41 AM  

This is such a "BS" statement from a corporation that does not practice any green ideas when they build a new site. I have seen atleast 4 sites that were bulldozed to remove all trees (mostly mature Oaks). Walmart construction is absolutely devasting to natural resources without regard. Both in Austin and Rockport, TX - they have come in and dozed over property at night in an effort to meet the least resistance from local citizens. I would suggest they should start a "Green Slogan" within thier own backyard and give up a few parking spots for some green.
Posted By j parker, rockport, tx : 11:41 AM  

Walmart is all about making as much money as possible at everyone else's expense. I visited a new "Super store" last month. The place was filthy as they cut back on the number of their employees. I went there to buy a bag of chocolate pieces to make chocolate chip cookies and the bag was melted into one solid hunk due to their cutting back on air conditioning. I complained on line and they did not respond. Walmart is a monster!
Posted By Bonnie St. Petersburg, Florida : 11:43 AM  

Walmart like any other "corporation" is legally obligated to its shareholders and to the bottom line. Please read "THE CORPORATION" or watch the movie to see how detremental such a behemtoth is and can be. No amount of "green" marketing will change that!!!
Posted By Joe Flounders, Seattle, Washington : 11:46 AM  

I believe this like I believed their claim several years ago to only sell american made products. HOGWASH!
Posted By Scott Dewey Weedsport, New York : 11:50 AM  

walmart execs are a bunch of hypocritical opportunists. If they care about the world, then why don't they start with their employees and health benefits for all?
Posted By Polly Dow, Newton, MA : 11:51 AM  

I am glad that Wal-Mart is finally trying to save God's planet. This is very important to me, as a stockholder and shopper.
Posted By Gary, Denver, CO : 11:56 AM  

I am sick to death of postings that tout Wal-Mart's commitment to anything good.

Wal-Mart is well-established, with any right and rational-thinking person, as an amoral and evil organization. Their GENUINE commitment is to greed, corruption and oppression.

Their track record of employee, vendor and community abuse is irrefutable. Wal-Mart is interested in Wal-Mart, and nothing else. Very Simple, No?
Posted By Mylon L. Stark, Oskaloosa, Iowa : 11:58 AM  

I think Wal-Mart will follow through. It not only benefits them in terms of PR and image, it also obviously cuts some of their costs, as the article pointed out. In cutting these costs, the company will be able to spend those curtailed costs in better places (i.e. employee wages, healthcare, etc.). In addition, while cutting their own costs, the better PR will probably bring in some previously anti-WalMart business. I think they may be finally returning to the original Walton dream, after years of simply practicing, arguably the most aggressive business strategy in the retail industry.
If people show them some support in the effort, and back it up by purchasing "green" products at WalMart, I belive they will keep it up. Hopefully, they'll set an example for other companies.
Posted By Sean, Carlsbad, NM : 11:59 AM  

They claim a million workers have health insurance-how many do they employ? Do 1 out of 5 have it maybe 1 out of 10 or 20,what do the rest have? They tie up the local police and court system over a pack of gum thefts,how many people got mugged in a walmart parking lot this year alone?They get subsidies and benefits and tax credits from the government and local towns, what do they put back in the towns and cities?Do they build walmart elderly centers-they should-thats most of who they hire,walmart stadium-doubt it-what about a wing at the local hospital doubt it again-Its all about TAKE.
Posted By TOM Nuygen,auburn,ma : 12:00 PM  

It will be up to each municipality/community to hold them to this commitment. With rules, regs., ordinances. An Al Gore campaign certainly does NOT add any substance or credibility to the talk. They will continue to get by with whatever they can. Each town must take control and demand that they comply. The idea is good. The real question is, is this their move or are they just taking credit for the idea?
Posted By KH, Boone, NC : 12:01 PM  

If this kite flies, it will be a GOOD thing. It is at least an effort in the right direction. The comments about smog, chemicals, etc. are right on target. While some of those things are virtually inevitable, their indiscriminate use/release is evidence of rampant greed.
J. Reviere, Ph.D.
Posted By Lake Livingston, TEXAS : 12:02 PM  

I admit that i make an effort NOT to shop at Walmart. I also admit that they DO provide a service to people who can't otherwise afford everyday products. Their attempt at going green just proves to me that public sentiment feels a little like i do. We are tired Walmart emptying buildings that have been built on generations of farm lands in our small towns, only to go build a "SUPER CENTER' in place of it. We are tired of people used as cheap labor to make cheaply made products from China and the like.
I am not a "union junky" either. But i do think it's very sad what these big chains such as Walmart are doing to small business and small towns. Will i shop there because they are going green? I don't know--i can't say i'd NEVER shop at Walmart. All i will say is that for the last few years i have disliked what Walmart represents to me-the beginning of a new era where there are no small businesses or farmland-if they make a serious effort to make changes(?) I'll be watching and listening--and watching what Walmart does with all those empty buildings.
RC, Lebanon, Ohio
Posted By Anonymous : 12:04 PM  

Since China is producing many of WalMart products and they seem to have a nasty tendency to pollute everything they touch, I would guess WalMart's "green crusade" is nothing more than corporate smoke & mirrors
Posted By Pete Lindeman, Troy, OH : 12:05 PM  

Most of my friends shop organic, and they're average people. If Wal-Mart could offer competitive prices on organic and eco-friendly products, I'd definitely shop there. It would truly be a one stop shop for me. This is a move in the right direction, and it's about time.
Posted By MFS Boulder, CO : 12:07 PM  

If Walmart would put solar panels on their acres of rooftops across the USA they could: 1) power their stores with clean energy, 2) set an example, and 3)gain a new customer. I have never stepped foot in Walmart but if they go solar, I promise I will.
Posted By Anonymous : 12:11 PM  

Wal Mart cares only about money, not community, not people, not environment nothing but money and the bottem line.
What make Wal Mart look good in the press.

Tarpon Springs, Fl a small historical environmental sensitive community, famous for their sponge diving/docks and Greek Food. A great laid back ocean front tourist community

Tarpon Springs told Wal Mart thanks
but no thanks to a new Wal Mart Super store. They already had a Wal Mart store within miles of their community and had not need to for another.

Wal Mart took the communcity of Tarpon Spring to court until Tarpon Spring could fight not more (cost).

Wal Mart took land in a historical environment sensitive tourist community that did not want or need
a Wal Mart store. I think Wal Mart
actions speak louder then words.
Posted By Nancy, Tampa, Florida : 12:12 PM  

Walmart is going to be one the first corps to go green. It's hip to be green and it will drive customers to their stores. Way to go Walmart! Im looking forward to your stock price going even higher!
Posted By Ed, Seattle WA : 12:12 PM  

They may say they are going green, but the reality is that their giant suburban store model is still killing small retail in walkable towns and forcing millions to drive many miles to shop at the nearest store, which uses a lot of gas in the process. So the green advances they make are completely overshadowed by all the driving their customers are doing to get to their stores. To really go green, they need to do smaller stores located in walkable communities so their customers can arrive walking, or on bikes. Until they do that, their efforts will do very little in the big picture.
Posted By A. Kunz. Alexandria, VA : 12:12 PM  

The big box model exemplified by Walmart is an environmental diseaster. The big box and big parking lot severely disrupt local drainage. Untreated Walmart retention ponds are prime mosquito habitat. They are among the worst light polluters on the planet. The packaging used by Walmart and SuperTarget for meats and produce are the most resource wasteful on the planet.
Thank god we've so far been sucessful in keeping them out of our town.
Posted By Mike Mindel, Zionsville, Indiana : 12:13 PM  

Walmart saves people money by sending money to China's military arm and creating a threat to the US national security. Their ecological and environmental policies will never be anything more than lip service. A company can't get big without being evil, and walmart proves that rule time and again. They are not welcome in my town.
Posted By keith saline MI : 12:13 PM  

Since when is a family of four supposed to be able to live on a single wage? With two people working for WalMart's average wage, they would easily be above poverty level. Walmart's average wage is about 1.5 times the federal minimum wage. I'm not a fan, but let's look at facts.
Posted By Scott Miller, Auburndale, FL : 12:14 PM  

I am glad to see that Wal-Mart is making a difference in its own use of natural resources however, the company's policy on low cost goods contributes to much more environmental damage from their suppliers trying to cheap out everything just to make a profit and still do business with Wal-mart.
Posted By Jon - Taylor, MI : 12:15 PM  

Wow! What a great investment: $500 million, from the $342 Billion company. While 2.5% of operating profit will be appreciated, imagine what 10% would do....
Posted By Chris, Wellesley MA : 12:18 PM  

I applaud Wal-Mart. Their investment demonstrates that firms can balance profit and environmental initiatives. Unfortunately, such actions will always be inadequate for some of the egalitarian eco-elite.
Posted By Tim Munyon, Wilmington, NC : 12:24 PM  

Walmart is using a current hot topic to make themselves look like the "good guys". They will drop this as soon as their other problems go away, or as soon as they come across a way to make a quick buck by compromising their promises.

No mention of their intent to treat their workers better though. I am not surprised
Posted By Brian, Chicago, IL : 12:25 PM  

Walmart will continue to face a hard time from mob run unions, our "free left wing press", and the Democrats who support these special interests groups. It's the American people that have made Walmart the number # 1 retailer in America. By having rock bottom prices poor and middle income Americans can purchase more with their money than they otherwise could have.
Posted By Allen Ridge, Annapolis, MD : 12:27 PM  

Better than nothing, but obviously they are just trying to clean up their name. I'm afraid this is too little, too late, my friends.
Posted By Simon, NYC, NY : 12:27 PM  

As believable as the adult film industry backing indecency laws.
Posted By Joseph, Chicago IL : 12:28 PM  

While I applaud the green initiative and the wastes that can be avoided with it, I still avoid shopping at Wal-Mart if at all possible. The biggest waste from Wal-Mart is all the American jobs wasted by their low-cost goods. Too many American companies have been forced to close American plants and move to "low-cost countries", eliminating American jobs, by Wal-Marts buying strategies.
Posted By Randall Smith, Cookeville, TN : 12:33 PM  

Walmart is not directly doing bad things to the worlds environment, but the way they do business is. The third world companies that produce product for them now, do not manufacture to the same environmental standards that the U.S. companies had to abide buy, while they were producing product for them.
Posted By Deano Cugini : 12:37 PM  

I am excited (???). I can just see Walmart telling all of their Chinese suppliers that polluting the environment is no longer acceptable .....
Posted By James C Dallas TX : 12:43 PM  

I am very cautious about Wal-mart's new green initiative. I have shopped at one of their new "green" stores and it really hasn't changed too much on the surface. What concerns me is that they are trying to reposition themselves to the public as an environmental responsible corporate company on the surface, but neglect their workers and keep from really excelling just to save a few more cents. Is this really a benefit to society? However, I am glad that at least �tree hugger� optimism has finally made it mainstream. Whether or not it is sincere is another story, but it is better than going unnoticed like it has for the past 30- 40 years. There is no reason why �green� and �profit� can�t be mentioned in the same sentence. It will take a fundamental change in how we view consumerism. It is not just about lowest price and biggest value. It is also about getting smarter, more efficient and creating products that not only are wanted by consumers, but good for the environment. These companies that don�t or can�t see the larger picture are literally killing their profits. Yeah, the 5 or 10 year projections may show strong numbers, but what they don�t tell you is the number of people affected by environmentally irresponsible practices hurt them in the future. If people are dieing from manufacturing chemicals or wars or starvation or you name it � they can�t buy products. And don�t forget about all the contamination to ground water, farming soil, rivers, lakes, wildlife. Not even the rich and wealthy can get away from their very own mistakes, because environmentally irresponsible practices are far reaching and last many, many years. I can feel the consumer revolution tide getting bigger, but we have a long way to go.
Posted By Matt McKinney, TX : 12:46 PM  

Environmentalists have been saying for decades that saving resources up front is far cheaper than trying provide more of a resource. Buckminster Fuller, argueably the smartest person ever, said many years ago that "pollution is simply wasted opportunity." The Business world has always relegated these claims to the fluff pile, but once a business actually takes a close look at it and implements resource-saving strategies, they see the light and never go back. it's a no brainer (which says something about how much brains most busineses really have. Walmart has now seen the light and due to their huge size maybe they can influence other businesses to see the light as well. Maybe even Republicans will finally pull their heads out of the sand and get on board!
Posted By Tim, Pleasanton, California : 12:47 PM  

going green can and does save money,, i hate all that wal-mart is about with the way they treat labor, both foreign and domestic. But, you still have to applaud their efforts. if their efforts just happen to save a few bucks as well as a few treas and oil, THEN HOW CAN THAT NOT BE A GOOD THING! hopefully it will start a mainstream effort with all retailers.
Posted By bcc florida : 12:47 PM  

I think it is important that when a corporation reaches a level of which it has a significant impact on society that it also takes up the responsibilities of that position. WalMart is constantly the talk of numerous experts and constantly in the media, with $312billion dollars in sales per year i'm sure WalMart is more then capable of not only becoming a corporation that upholds environmental responsibilities but also can set an example for the smaller corporations in going green aswell.
Posted By Jon, Union TownShip, NJ : 12:49 PM  

Wal*Mart is interested in regaining its equity with the Danish government: go green, make a lot of spin, and gain back the loss.

I do not believe that Wal*Mart is serious about changing the basic structure of its corporate identity. Wal*Mart is a profitable company, a good business investment for everyone without a sense of moral obligation to anyone or thing. Kudos to Denmark. Bah-Humbug to Wal*Mart, your spin is just not believable.
Posted By Cherri Brown, Fayetteville, GA : 12:54 PM  

Will this look-good,feel good, hop on the band wagon campaign help change my mind? FAT CHANCE
A SUPER WALMART is being built one mile from my house. Our town had a Wal-Mart 7 miles from my house and a Super Wal Mart 11 miles from my house. NEED another Wal Mart? I don't think so it is their campaign to have one every 3 miles!
There is a K-Mart one mile west of my house where I have our family prescriptions and the store adequately meets our price point needs for household goods and groceries.
I just raise a fist every time I have to travel by the new building site. I'm most upset with the city leaders who approved this plan on a Monday meeting in December of 2005 when folks in the town are too busy with holidays to pay attention to their lack of respect for us. They think they've brought progress and jobs. I disagree
Posted By Debbie Cox, Conover, N.C. : 12:57 PM  

Funny Walmart is attmepting to clean up the environment. Their own environment: Packaging costs, energy consumption etc. Eliminating excess energy use in their US stores only means that their poorly compensated workers now have to stock shelves in complete darkness, without benefits of course. As for Lee Scott's worries on cleaning up Third World rivers he should initially understand that the reason these rivers are dirty in the first place is that inhabitants of that country are bathing chemicals off their skin from working arduous hours at a Wal-mart affiliate.
Posted By Rob Genovese New York, NY : 1:07 PM  

Talk is cheap. Walmart's actions tell us a lot more about the company than some marketing jibber-jabber by the CEO. How is Walmart going to back up these claims without hurting the employees? Answer: it's not.
Posted By jeff, rochester, mn : 1:18 PM  

If they are truly "going green", then I applaud Wal-Mart and CEO Lee Scott for their actions to combat our serious enviromental issues. However, I am more than skeptical due to the company's history of two-faced behavior.
Posted By Nick, South Elgin, IL : 1:27 PM  

The great thing about this isn't just that WalMart is making a push to be "green", but the fact that once other box retailers like Target see that WalMart can turn a profit and lower their bottom line by doing this everyone will jump on board. Because of WalMart's market pressuring ability, the trickle-down effect from this could be incredible. I'm a believer.
Posted By Roger, Lee's Summit MO : 1:29 PM  

i believe in what wal-mart is attempting to do and that they will make the effort to do it, i also hope other large corporations will follow their lead as their impact on the world is enormous. we need more like-minded people such as lee scott to break with the same old way of doing business.
Posted By mini bunny, new york : 1:29 PM  

It is hard to comment until the plan actually is rolled out and becomes policy.It is ambitious and very broad.

Good Luck I say and it's about time.

Will I shop there? Not until wages are increased for it's staff.
Posted By Christopher Meisner,Vancouver,BC. : 1:30 PM  

Tell a lie enough times and maybe even Walmart themselves will begin to believe it.

They also have large posters in their stores praising "BUY AMERICAN", but 99% of what they sell are manufactured in China or India.

I dare anyone to turn around any piece at Walmart and see where it is produced. I bet you not much merchandise says "Made in the USA".

But it does not matter because the Walmart advertising machine will make people believe they create jobs for USA and is natures best friend. Who cares about the truth when you have marketing dollars.
Posted By Anonymous : 1:37 PM  

The local WalMart put recycling boxes in their entry to allow customers to return their recyclable plastic shopping bags. The boxes were removed a few weeks later. When I asked why, I was told that it was too much trouble to sort what the customers were putting in the boxes. If they want to be "green", they are going to have to be willing to go through some trouble to prove that their position is not just talk.
Posted By jg, Brewton, AL : 1:41 PM  

The rage people feel against wal-mart has nothing to do with their bussiness success over "mom and pop" stores, but their inappropriate and insensitive business practices. From their imminent domain campaigns to take land away, to fighting towns that don't want them, to their god awful rights packages (even starbucks employees get healthcare) WalMart is the epitomy of poor business practice. History will judge them poorly, and no song and dance about wanting to go green will remedy this.
Posted By sam holland, Las Vegas, NV : 1:48 PM  

I'm a liberal Democrat and I commend Walmart's effort to help protect the environment. Not only is it a good example to other companies, but it will have a huge impact due to their influence over their suppliers. I not only will shop more at Walmart but I plan to purchase their stock.
Posted By Kathleen Rogers, Omaha, NE : 1:50 PM  

All I know for sure is (1) they're in the process of paving another huge piece of paradise down the road from me to put up yet another behemoth, destroying green space, interrupting the food chain, bringing more and more traffic in (and how is that good for the environment?) and (2) I manage fine without ever shopping at Wal-Mart & fully intend to keep on not shopping there. They'll manage without my pennies and I'll manage without any of their merchandise.
Posted By Mary Knoxville TN : 2:01 PM  

Well, finally, WalMart figured out what Democrats have been preaching for years now. It is economically prudent to be "green". Anything that costs a little more up front, saves in the long run. Walmart is doing this for economic reasons, not for the environment. Whatever the reason, thank goodness. However, I will still not shop at WalMart, never have and never will. I will always pay a little more and support businesses that treat employees better, provide health insurance and don't try to put everyone else out of business.
Posted By Kaye W. Mathews, Richmond, Virginia : 2:01 PM  

LMFAO! Wal-Mart may take steps to "save the planet" but creating 240,000 jobs paying below the poverty level is hardly going to save the working class or end the company's string of human rights violations. When they recognize the right of their employees to form unions and bargain collectively I'll call off my boycott. Even so, COSTCO is a much better place to shop!
Posted By Jeremy Evanchesky, Lakeland, FL : 2:12 PM  

If Walmart is serious about saving the environment they would buy goods from US Manufacturers, where environmental laws exist. Instead they might as well change the name from "Wal Mart" to "Goods manufactured by Chinese Children" I think Walmart is more interested in the Marketing appeal of energy conscious sustainable commerece versus actually doing it. The sad part is, this dumbs down the seriousness of the climate crisis we (Human Beings) are facing. But I'm sure it will make WalMart a couple of extra bucks, and they will buy off more politicians to avoid the issue for another 30 years or until the polar ice caps melt, whatever comes first.
Posted By Dave, Medford NJ : 2:24 PM  

I'm just curious to see just how organic the "organic" remains. It's one thing to say they're going to become environmentally conscious but when they start walking the walk I might believe them, but until they straighten out their human rights, employee problems, wiping out small family business, and building then abandoning buildings all over the place for no reason, I personally will not shop at Wal-Mart nor will I ever purchase their stock. Maybe if a few more countries like Norway decided that Wal-Mart's policics are just bad business overall they might actually decide they should do exactly what they say they are going to do. But at least they are thinking about it which is more than I can say for the Bush Administration at this time.
Posted By Katherine Cowan, San Antonio, Texas : 2:34 PM  

I bought tires from WalMart, their best, and I've yet to get a smooth ride. I've had them balanced 4 times and once by a Meineke repair place. They are junk.
My wife worked at WalMart because we needed money. She quit. She was overworked and underpaid.
I worked for FLS for a month and saw how little the management does, while they make the best salaries. It's as disgusting as CEO salaries.
Sam Wal had a good idea. His children don't. Sam wanted to help Americans. His children want to help themselves to American dollars. Sam Wal is gone. His children aren't.
Wake up America. Your dollars speak louder than any politician. Let your voices be heard.
Posted By Peter, Colorado Springs,CO : 2:38 PM  

When I see my local Walmart start to show some concern for anything other than maximizing their profit with absolutely no concern for the customers or employees who fatten up their coffers, then I might start to believe them. As far as I'm concerned Walmart is not concerned about anything but Walmart.
Posted By Don D. Oklahoma City, OK : 2:39 PM  

I am curious to know if it was Wal Marts lobbyists that helped push through the law recently that lowered the standards for Organic and Natural products in the U.S.A.
Posted By Kay Mathews, Maui, Hawaii : 2:47 PM  

If you know anything about Wal-Mart you will know that they usually say very little publicly, and what they do say they stand behind. Wal-Mart's culture has always been about doing not talking.

So one should take pause and listen carefully to the words which Lee Scott is using to describe Wal-Mart's position, programs and progress. Mr Scott makes it clear that this is not a PR event of short duration and limited magnitude. He has publicly stated that it is one of, if not the, most important Wal-Mart strategy of the century. Mr Scott and Wal-Mart know that comments like this bring about grave responsibility to deliver and be held accountable and they are prepared to "walk the talk".

To that end they have spent the last 9 months bringing together associates, suppliers, GO and NGO's (including the likes of traditionally anti Wal-Mart folks like Greenpeace) to challenge, collaborate and innovate their way towards perpetuating sustainability and driving results.

This is no small effort on Wal-Marts behalf. It should be noted and it is of greatest importance that it is not being accomplished through a giant new division created by wal-mart and staffed by hundreds of Wal-Mart people. Instead it is being accomplished through a grass roots collective approach where the responsibility for change and the ouput of their collective engergies and ideas is driven not by some internal beareaucratic arm of Wal-Mart but by those who impact and are impacted by purchasing, manufacturing and useage decisions every day, namely suppliers, retailers, non government organizations and government organizations.

Wal-Mart recognizes that a "sea change" will not come about because of legislated and directed activities, but because of a ground swell of grass roots involvement which is supported at every level of our economy and society from local governments, businesses, churches and community groups to National and Global institutions, retailers and so on. Wal-Mart's leadership and commitment can be a catalyst but they cannot carry the burden of change alone, that responsibility is on each one of our shoulders.

Take a step back from the rhetoric and give it some time, and by the way, get involved in your local community's town councils, organizations and events and help to drive the perpetuation of sustainable activities by changing yourself, your family, your friends and your communities.
Posted By Charles, Bentonville, AR : 3:09 PM  

Wal-Mart's low cost policies have been the driver for suppliers doing whatever they need to do-- moving production overseas and continuing to trim and trim those pennies from each item. I feel Mr. Scott's statement is the "politically correct" response, but I doubt Wal-Mart is going to be changing their buying policies anytime soon.
Posted By Gabriele Edgell, Randolph, NJ : 3:09 PM  

Not that it's a bad thing to do but I do see them just doing it to up their image and their wallets. If it really turns out to help the world, then great! I just don't see their motives being true of heart.
Posted By Don, Minneapolis MN : 3:10 PM  

I agree with both sides. Yes, Wal-Mart is attempting to reduce their energy costs and impact the environment. After all, they are trashing it considerably for cheap merchandise. However, they are motivated by the fact that a positive ploy will increase sales and make them look good. Their efforts may be somewhat sincere, but won't last the test of time.
Posted By Stephany Robinson, Safford, AZ : 3:13 PM  

I believe Walmart has grabbed at the Green buzz word to take the pressure off its poor management practices. When we see them change the way they do business with their employees and how they force stores into areas which do not want them, then we might begin to believe they have turned a corner.

This new approach smells to high heaven for me. I would drive out of my way not to purchase from Walmart.
Posted By Karen A. Bowen, Milwaukee, WI : 3:15 PM  

It is important to let Wal-Mart have a chance to do the right thing. My company is in the software business. We are now shipping our CDs in sleeves (paper), not jewel cases, or the ridiculous boxes that take up some much space. We do well by doing good--and the consumer being smart enough to see the packaging makes no sense other than sleeves.

Walmart hasn't done this yet; but if they do, they can ship 4.5 x more product (450%!) at the same cost/using the same fuel/and taking up less space. If Walmart makes this change, so will Target and others.

Our Dollar Store accounts already have, but they are more savvy and not as much of a gray lady as Walmart and Target.

This is just one example of what Walmart can do--and the impact would be enormous.

Give 'em a chance. Stop with the harpoons. Why should they bother when they are being criticized before they start. Let's all be optimistic and supportive--if Walmart moves, the whole retail industry will--and that will be big.

Go Walmart!
Posted By Lincoln, MA : 3:16 PM  

Thank you Wal-Mart. Show us how to lead the nation in energy savings. The auto industry is is already well on the way. Now if we could only convince our Congress and President.
Posted By Jerry, Topsfield, Massachusetts : 3:19 PM  

WalMart will do only what will make money for them...no more, no less...period. Their employees are the most important part of the environment...should they not give them better wages and benefits?
Posted By Carlos, El Paso, TX : 3:20 PM  

I am very pleased to so see the enviromental initiatives that Wal-Mart is proposing, I believed they are serious. They discarded millions of metric tons of plastic and paper products every year that can be recycled to make wal-mart's products.
Posted By Los Angeles, CA : 3:22 PM  

Walmart doesn't care about the green movement. It cares about the movement of greenbacks into its already deep pockets!
Posted By Paula Berry, California : 3:24 PM  

Although I think it is important to go green and to protect the future of our global environment, Wal-mart has a lot to accomplish before they can take on a task this big. First, Wal-mart should focus on treating its employees better by providing higher wages, competitive benefits and incentive packages. Poverty and crime are directly linked and the pay that Wal-mart workers receive continues to keep them below poverty line. As insinuated by Jeremiah, Wal-mart should start on a local level ("And seek the well-being of the city in which you dwell� for in its peace you shall find peace.").
Posted By Matt, Los Angeles, CA : 3:25 PM  

Seems forced, contrived, and most probably based on economic gain. While I will never shop at Wal Mart and do have a gut instinct that this is all based on monetary gain, If the paradigm is shifting then it can only help. But the problem is holistic and offering organic food is only one spoke of a greater wheel. Americas love of consumption and convenience must be confronted if we are to be truly "green". These steps will take generations to accomplish, if ever, and it seems as if the proverbial torch is being passed as it relates to our "human first" lifestyles. I hope the best but remain skeptical.
Posted By T. Williams Fairfax, Virginia : 3:28 PM  

Remember the big hip in buying American made good/products. Wal Mart got on that band wagon too. Wal Mart even went as far as TV Ads implying Wal Marts had single handedly save a small town in their efforts to buy American.

Been in Wal Mart lately see anything
American made? The American made campaign lasted as long as that ad agreement did.
Posted By Linda, Plant city, FL : 3:33 PM  

I just never understand why these physically large places, never consider using solar engery. How many panels can go on these massive buildings?

I'm also annoyed that with so much new home construction that solar isn't thought of more often.
Posted By Jen, West Chester, PA : 3:34 PM  

I haven't been inside a Walmart since they bulldozed over a stream to create a huge parking lot for a new store in my hometown. That was over 4 years ago. Going green? Bravo. But I'll have to see it---for quite a while---before I believe it and change my opinion of this behemoth. They have a long way to go on so many fronts other than fuel savings for their enormous fleet of vehicles (i.e., health care for part-time employees, and not pushing their way via the courts into neighborhoods where they are unwanted)before I am convinced.
Posted By Gina, Athens, GA : 3:35 PM  

As a owner of Walmart stock this pleases me greatly, it takes more than words to make a change, it takes deeds
I would like to believe they will do the right thing.
The time has come to get America back on the right path, we need less politics of progress for profit and more attention to ethics
lets all encourage them
Posted By Mitch, Tuxedo, New York : 3:35 PM  

If Walmart wants to be green, they could start by changing their big-box, sprawl-inducing, pollution-promoting building strategies. In particular, I'd like to see them cease their bid to build a supercenter on the wetlands area near me (!), not 1/4 mile from an existing huge (97,000 square feet) Walmart store. The proposed store would be more than twice as big!
Posted By Donna, Northampton, MA : 3:35 PM  

While I am not a big fan of Walmart because of their poor human resources policies and the negative effects the have on small, creative businesses, if the largest retailer in the USA wants to go green, what do we or the Earth have to lose.
Posted By Greg, San Francisco, CA. : 3:36 PM  

Wal-Mart is a cancer on the downtowns of America. It sets up shop, sucks the profits from the small local retail stores, then moves on...leaving an empty shell for all to see where the damage was done. Environmentally, Wal-Mart has the same track record. Build for the buck...then leave! Do I believe the words of the CEO. NO! I believe the actions of his company!
Posted By Ian, Austin, Texas : 3:38 PM  

I don't think so. I was in wallmart last night for a monthly visit, and was once again struck by the prevalence of plastic (read: petroleum-based) packaging. How will wallmart help reduce solid waste? Here in our rural community, we recycle glass, aluminum and some plastic beverage containers, and compost paper and cardboard along with the vegetable matter. This leaves the bulk of the solid waste we take to the transfer station as, you guessed it, plastic containers; wrappers, styrofoam peanuts, etc. And...we even buy more plastic bags to put the waste plastic into!
In third world countries, milk and juices are available in cardboard boxes that don't even require refrigeration. Just try to find cardboard packaged milk at wallmart.
Posted By Tom Favara, Waiohinu, HI : 3:41 PM  

Wal-Mart is just doing this to clean up their image. It sucks right now and they are doing what every they can to give it a big shot in the arms of the public. That is the only reason they are doing this. It can't be for lower cost because a lot of the so called natural stuff cost more. Who are they trying to kid.
Posted By Clayton, Wichita Ks : 3:44 PM  

Hey, here's an idea. How about Walmart leading the way in trying to curb America's consumption addiction rather than fuel it. The quality and quantity of our consumption must be addressed. While I commend them on their effort to "go green" the steps they have taken are not nearly enough. It is a good start, but until such enormous companies make a true environmental commitment their "green" campaign smells like a marketing angle to sell more.
Posted By Mike Richter ny,ny : 3:45 PM  

Walmart pulls milk and different foods off of the shelves 3 days before it expires...they do not donate the food to local shelters or people in need they pour the milk out and throw the food away...the store said it is against their policy to donate the food or milk..Harris Teeter donates its food all the time.
Posted By Sue T York, SC : 3:46 PM  

Wal-mart's new initiative to include organic produce may seem exciting to those of us who can't afford organics. Unfortunately this will cause a high level of competition between America's small organic farmers and large corporate farms. Sometimes you have to look past cheap goods and take into consideration social issues.
Posted By Brooke, Raleigh, NC : 3:50 PM  

Yes, Walmart will do anything to save a buck, and they have plenty of negativity, but it's always like that at the top. The company, regardless of whether it is a favorite of everyone, has the ability to make the most significant impact on global retail manufacturing, shipping, merchanidising and selling, which is where our country, at least, needs to focus to really change our lives. The company needs to focus on buying products without the excessive packaging so there is less to landfill later. This would have a HUGE impact on waste, transportation, and costs, further lowering the damage done by the business. They could actually become THE CATALYST that would ecologically transform many other levels of business. The bottom line is this: Walmart should spend significantly more on this kind of change, period. If they are interested in lowering their operational costs in-store by $1/sf/year, I can help. Otherwise, they should continue their efforts being guided by U.S.Green Building Council guidance, as they have for 2 locations, on how to build buildings, and should renovate the others also according to L.E.E.D. (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) qualifications.
Posted By JeffA jeff.spammail@gmail.com, Houston, Tx : 3:51 PM  

what a hooot... Cotton is agrobased product.. so what is big deal trying to make it organic when wallmart uses thousands of tons of plastics?
Posted By Des Cornwall ON : 3:52 PM  

Of course the environmental stuff is just PR info. Why cannot one of the richest companies in America pay their employees a decent wage? Greed! My wife was interested in working there and the first thing they mention in the orientation is there is no need for unions, as if Wal-Mart,s wages are fair, ha! She did not take their job. I will shop somewhere else. Wal-Mart has already put two grocery stores in my small town out of business. Plus many of their smaller stores are all over abandoned as they have gone to the Superstore format.
Posted By James A, Friel Huntsville Alabama : 3:54 PM  

just do it!!!
Posted By Anonymous : 3:54 PM  

WAL-MART is building a new supercenter -- the first on Long Island -- on Route 110 in Farmingdale as we speak. If this behemoth multi-acre roof is not plastered with solar panels, Wal-Mart should withdraw any PR statements to the effect it is going green. This new building is a litmus test of Wal-MArt's sincerity. There is no excuse to not include solar in a building of that magnitude.

It's competitor down the street, BJ's Wharehouse has solar panels on its roof.
Posted By Bob Massapequa, NY : 3:55 PM  

No one is pretending big-box value stores are as easy on the earth as on the pocketbook, but look at how well McDonald's succeeded with their green-packaging campaign back a decade or so ago. Wal-Mart would do well to follow their lead, especially the example they set when they started buying American beef . . .
Posted By e. brinkley, granite falls, wa : 3:59 PM  

For a company of their size, they shouldn't be only mentioning "green" now, they should be the example by which all other companies set their standards.
Posted By Nadine, Sartell, MN : 4:00 PM  

I think this is PR trying to deal with the bad reputation Wal-Mart has before the world--a sort of muddying-the-waters type of deal. It will be wonderful if they actually put a scheme in place but I won't bet the farm on it. For a start (instead) why don't they clean up their act with their own employees and give them a fair shake? Or would paying fair wages and health care be much more expensive than doing some small "green" effort? Not that I would shop there regardless. I was in one of their stores 5 mos. ago, a fairly new one and it felt shoddy from the moment I walked in. Bad displays, poorly designed use of space and not enough selection on types of items. It did not feel like a happy place.
Posted By Karen Euler Deer Park NY : 4:05 PM  

Wal Mart:

Remember when everything was buy American, Wal Mart was on board
with ads from the heartland,etc... See
American made in Wal Mart these day?

Remember when Wal Mart was being taken to court around the country by disgruntle employee, illegal aliens,
and female employees being paid way below male employees.

Then came the big Wal Mart employees love working at Wal Mart ad campign. Been check out by a happy emplyee at Wal Mart Lately? me neither!

Wal Mart is on the environment deal because it's today topic, it bs.

Wal Mart can't be trusted on any level.
Posted By Anonymous : 4:11 PM  

Anything Walmart can do it help the environment will help, but look at the items they are focusing on. Issues which have the result of saving them money and the environmental benefits are lucky bi-product. Given their market share, financial assets, and political clout Walmart should be a leader and not an after thought follower. Sure they have two eco-friendly stores, but how much of is going into the hundreds of new stores that pave over thousands of acres every year. In the environmentally conscious state of Oregon I see no water reclamation, solar panels, green roofs, recycling programs and energy efficiencies on the part of Walmart, but I do in their competitors like Fred Meyers. Therefore I still see this as a $500 million cost cutting and public relations stunt rather than any real commitment to the environment. So I still won't set foot in a Walmart. LEARN TO LEAD AND NOT FOLLOW! When I hear them save EVERY Store will be built green and every existing store made green when undergoing a remodel or upgrade, then I'll sit up, applaud, and shop.
Posted By Arron Heriford, Portland, Oregon : 4:18 PM  

Who cares how serious they are. If they do half of what they are saying we will all be that much better off. I hope their initiative will cause many other companies to take notice and implement similar initiatives. Only then will we have any chance of seeing an improvement in our energy consumption and environmental policies. We'll all be dead by the time our government does anything significant about it.
Posted By ST, Port St. Lucie, FL : 4:19 PM  

Like most others, I believe Wal-Mart will make changes that appear green and they are because they improve their profit.
Posted By Lewis, Shreveport,LA : 4:20 PM  

Whether or not Wal-Mart is doing this to make a buck or not, makes no difference. When the world's largest retailer decides to go public and enact such an initiative, it can only be a positive setting path for others to follow. And the more the green supliers of Wal-Mart make, the more green supliers there will be. If a business decision benefits there earth, we shouldn't question their motivation, rather welcome it. Being the largest retailer, it will take them a while to get rid of the non-green and non-sustainable practices they have, but we welcome their initiative.
Posted By Brendan, Boulder, CO : 4:23 PM  

When Walmart can get China to think and act 'green' instead of just empty talk, then I'll believe it can be done. It would take a company as large as Walmart to do it.
Posted By Betty, Cedar Rapids, Iowa : 4:25 PM  

This is simply another Wally World PR move. Another way to make a buck and polish their image at the same time.
Posted By LMP Spring Hill, KS : 4:26 PM  

I do NOT believe Wal-Mart is serious about the environment. They are only looking out for the top officers in the company. Where will all the money go that they are saving "going green"? It certainly won't be going to help their employees pay for health benefits. But I'm sure the CEO will be able to buy a few more homes or cars or trips...
Posted By Caryn, Farmington, MN : 4:34 PM  

Yes, they can. I work for a (Manufaturing company here in California that started the program( Zero waste to landfill). We recyle everything. From recycling toner cartridges, Paper, cans, btls, plastics etc. If a huge company like ours can Walmart can also.
Posted By Cynthia, Santa Ana, California : 4:35 PM  

Hopefully they will start selling a big selection of affordable organic produce and organic foods in general, too. That would really add to save the environment and prevent a lot of severe diseases we get from chemicals in our food, like cancer.
Posted By Kathy Robinson, Augusta, GA : 4:37 PM  

The thief came in and the dog didn't bark. "That's the clue."
Manuplating the situation and singing along with the crowd in order make them believe what they have on their sides are truely genuine, has been major tool being played in politics, business and any relationship. Wal-Mart going green, McDonald promoting health, makes me laugh so hard. In my mind there not even 0% chance that wal-mart will go green, not in million years. THAT'S MY OPENION. THANKS

Who cares, I won't go there for any reason! It's too big!!! I don't care the manager lives across the street!
Posted By DJ, Hancock, MI : 4:41 PM  

Kuddos to Wal-Mart. You just won back a former customer. It's about time people start to understand that without the earth we DON'T survive.
Posted By Gavin Florida : 4:41 PM  

The longest jouney starts with a single step. I am thrilled that Walmart is starting to look at the impact it has on our environment. It's something I'd like to see more of from other stores and businesses. It will make me shop at Walmart more often as a result. Thank you.
Posted By Leslie Mauer, Libertyville, Illinois : 4:42 PM  

The problem is Wal-Mart's size. They are so big that they cannot change the way the entire company does business overnight. This will leave enough room for critics to say Wal-Mart is not sincere about it. That's why no matter what they do it may end up just the costly distraction that business critics say it is. I'm sure that some at Wal-Mart are sincere about being more responsible and the effort should be recognized as well-intentioned if not copmletely effective. The groups attacking this effort should temper their criticism because if this doesn't help Wal-Mart's image or sales, what company would be crazy enough to be the next in line to jump into a back-firing green PR campaign?
Posted By Jim Schmidt, Milwaukee, WI : 4:46 PM  

I'm very concerned about what this will do to organic standards. Since big business has entered the organic arena, they have done everything they can to dilute the standards so they can label almost anything 'organic'. With the kind of price pressure Walmart typically exerts, their entry into this arena can only mean a degradation of the existing organic products.
Posted By Susan, Fairfield, Iowa : 4:49 PM  

Intersesting, right as Wal-mart was talking green they were removing some recycle dumpsters from thier Eureka MO Super Wal-MART store. They were the only reason I ever went to the store.
Posted By Tim Varner, Wildwood, Missouri : 4:52 PM  

Hmm - It's funny that they abandoned a proposed store in Madison,WI in the last few years because they required a "green" store be built at that location. Cost was the overriding factor, because of the costs associated with recycled materials, etc. C'mon - how dumb do you think we are? Few of us are that naive to think that Walmart's ultimate goals in reducing energy use are to help save the environment. They just want to save a buck, just like any other day.
Posted By DM Janesville, WI : 4:56 PM  

By taking steps to protect the environment, a large company like Wal-Mart can have a positive impact not just by reducing harm to air, water, forests, etc., but also can set a standard of "best practices" for industry as a whole. For example, McDonald's has set a standard and changed industry practices with respect to humane treatment of farm animals. Regardless of how one feels about Walmart's practices in other areas, the company deserves to be applauded for striving to do the right thing environmentally. We are all better off as a result of this effort.
Posted By Nancy, Charlottesville, Virginia : 5:00 PM  

I hope that Walmart's intentions are sincere. Think of the example that they could set for other retailers. Our earth needs more initiatives like this one to be put in place by all corporations so that it can perhaps begin to heal.
I, for one, would shop at Walmart MORE often if I knew that it was carrying more environmentally sustainable products.
Posted By AP Farr, Kelowna, BC : 5:00 PM  

Given WalMart's hand in decimating American manufacturing by actively lobbying U.S. companies to relocate to China, where there are NO environmental controls, this "green" stance is just a way to save money while hollowly posturing as a good guy - how disgusting!
Posted By Christopher Toughill Los Angeles, CA : 5:02 PM  

I actually live in NW Arkansas doing design for 7 different companies that sell to Wal-Mart and the environment is atop the list of priorities when my companies want signage, new packaging, and demo events. If it's created with recycle material or with other environment friendly options, they reject. It's made design a nightmare trying to meet their standards
Posted By Zac, Fayetteville, AR : 5:04 PM  

Wal-Mart may be going more green in terms of products, but they're still building non-descript big-boxes all across the country - eating up precious environmental landscape. It appears as though they're starting to embrace new urbanism in the rebuilding of their stores in Mississippi. We'll see if it really happens.
Posted By Eric F, Sacramento, CA : 5:06 PM  

Ultimately, this will compromise the integrity of organics if they are being rushed to production in such mass quantity. While I think Wal Mart is out to ride the currently popular "green" wave, it will allow people of all income levels to invest in protecting our planet.
Posted By Erin, Chicago, IL : 5:13 PM  

WalMart rides the tide of any type of popularity in order to profit. If the terrorists start to win the global war, they will sell muslem clothing and prayer mats.
Posted By Chico, CA : 5:15 PM  

This is all fine and well to read on paper, but I'll believe it when I see it. I live in Columbia, SC and frequent the WM on Augusta Road in West Cola. I am an avid recycler and one day took a pack of WM plastic bags in and put it in their bin marked "Recycle Bags Here." I stopped to look at a display and while I was looking, a man with a HUGE trash "wagon" pulled up to the recycle bin and dumped all the "recycle" bags into the trash. Later, I called the manager to complain about it, and he said, "sorry, but there's nothing I can do about that." So I'll believe it when I see it.
Posted By Kathy McGrath - Columbia, SC : 5:19 PM  

Whether its for the almighty dollar or not which I'm sure it is, I will admire Mr Scott's bold marketing strategy. He has set a precedence to his employees as well as his vendors. Perhaps with this type of "interest" in environmental causes we can rally more support. We are after all stewards of the Earth. If we don't take care of it who else will? Its not like we can go live on some other Earth when we've wasted tis one.
Posted By Jose Denver,Co : 5:25 PM  

Congratulations to WalMart on going green. Now, if they can only treat their employees, suppliers and the communities they do business in more fairly. When I hear from my state that the biggest source of employed poor needing state paid medical insurance is no longer Walmart and they do something about the abandon stores, I might actually shop there.
Let's face it, if it were to cost them any large amount of money to go green, they wouldn't. I don't believe they really care about the environment. Good PR does not make a responsible business.
Posted By Catherine, Kenosha WI : 5:28 PM  

I am a Wal-Mart employee of 13 years and I am 49 years old, born and raised in the deep south. I moved to Denver to be near my daughter. I have always beleived that "tree-huggers" were a dangerous lot. But living here I have come to realize that you aren't a fanatic because you care about the world that you will leave to the generations to come after you. Everytime there is a grassroots movement to start social change there are people who do not believe that they can make the difference that will change the world and they are partially correct. It is when you get the large numbers of people behind you that great things are accomplished on a global scale but the first step on the path to doing the right thing is taken by just one person or group of people. I can not change much of the ecological problems of the earth by not using my usual styrofoam cup for coffee every morning. Imagine that even half of the associates of all the Wal-Mart and Sam's Clubs world wide did just that one small thing what a difference could be made, but it has to start with one person's personal commitment. The fact that a world wide corporation like Wal-Mart is willing to not only support that but even iniate such change......WOW!!!!!!
I have always been proud to be a Wal-Mart associate and now I am just flat out "bustin at the seams with pride". For all you negative people out there just you wait we will win you over with our success. Wal-Mart associates are a unique bunch of people and when we get motivated we can do anything, even change the world.
Posted By Jan, Denver, CO. : 5:29 PM  

Are you kidding? The only thing Wal-mart is serious about is making money and trying to get more consumers hooked on their low-price and low-value (share-cropper)lifestyle. The writer correctly identified this as a corporate "green washing" campaign.

It is encouraging to see that grassroots campaigns can have an impact on even the largest of corporate giants. Kudos to those working on steering this behemoth towards sustainability. As for the artile writer, you better add to your list of "left-wing elitists" 1) informed consumers who may not choose to outsouce US jobs when presented with a choice, 2) people who work for a living or whose jobs/businesses were destroyed by this uncaring retail giant & 3)Don't forget that fringe group called "women", who have been repeatedly discriminated against by this employer.

It's not exactly environmental leadership recognizing that letting fleet vehicles idle for 10 hours a day is wasting gas. Gimme a break!
Posted By Justin, Minneapolis, MN : 5:29 PM  

I hope they hold their promise, but as far as me shopping there is concerned, it's too little, too late. Not to mention, they're still treating their employees and customers like theives.
Posted By Shannon, Tulsa OK : 5:31 PM  

I view just about everything they do with grave suspicion and refuse to shop there. If they want to benefit the world, they could start in their own backyard (and mine) by providing decent and appropriate health care options for all of their employees instead of allowing the states to provide them with Medicaid. Until they can do that, I am very dubious of their sincerity. For the few pennies we save by shopping there, we're penalized by having our tax dollars go to support their employees instead of towards other state programs. And boy, would I love to read their honest response to this. Yeah. I live in Maryland.
Posted By Anne Madison, Baltimore MD : 5:43 PM  

The biggest positive impact Wal-Mart can have on the planet is by going out of business! They will SAY ANYTHING to make themselves look warm and fuzzy to people not smart enough to know better.
Posted By Paul, Austin TX : 5:44 PM  

Finally, some one is listening to us! This is exactly what the American consumer wants. Go Wal Mart. You can count on me to purchase any Green product you offer. Now, when will we see Ethanol on the product list?
Posted By Melissa, Orlando, FL : 5:51 PM  

500 million? Okay, so that's about $500 dollars to us, the average consumer. Not impressed. I just wonder if they can quit exploiting cheap labor around the world to start with. I would rather pay more and shop LOCAL to put my money in that place. I have a conscious, let's see Wal-Mart show us thiers. However, if they can lead they way, more power to them. I'll applaud then.
Posted By Amy, Bellingham WA : 5:51 PM  

I would like to hear about all of Wa-Marts sustainability projects in Mexico.

What impact will Wal-Mart have on the Small Farmers of Central America?
Posted By Bolt, Austin, Texas : 5:53 PM  

Thanks Wal Mart! I hope we get a green supercenter near us. I am glad to see organic items in your store. It saves me a trip elsewhere. If people knew more of the dangers of eating pesticides and red 40, etc, they'd be buying more of organic items as well. Thanks so much!
Posted By Rebecca Canton, OH : 5:55 PM  

Only WalMart sells Fair Trade coffee for $4.71 a pound? Costco also sells fair trade coffee for around that price.

I also bristle at the term "liberal elites" used in this article. Most liberal activists I know live on far less than the CEO of Wal Mart, many on not much more than the average Wal Mart store employee makes, in fact. The right-wing has spent a lot of money and effort to make people think of liberals as latte-swilling elites, when the reality of it is the right-wing is full of corporate-jet elites.
Posted By Patrick Elliot, Chicago IL : 5:58 PM  

Our world now more than ever needs actions from big companies to seriously tackle environment issues and concerns thruogh their concrete investments and objectives. Too many fruitless speeches and promises for a greener earth are a waste of everyone time. Let's see the dollars investments.
Posted By Danny Nguyen, Houston TX : 6:04 PM  

I want to jump to a conclusion and say this is big bucks PR designed to help rectify Wal-Mart's negative image. Only time will tell Wal-Mart's true motive and intention.
If one factors in Wal-Mart's track record of very low employee wages, expensive employee benefits, long waiting periods for employee health insurance, abusive big box development behavior around the US, cheap and abusive Communist labor in China, and cheap and abusive labor in other third world countries to manufacture Wal-Mart products.......one can say that this new 'green approach' by Wal-Mart is just a crock of cow manure. Look at the documentary, "Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Prices" and then reread the article. It will make you think twice. http://www.walmartmovie.com/

I'm a business major in a major university and I know this is just a PR ploy to bolster Wal-Mart's super negative image. Wal-Mart is only concerned about one thing - corporate greed at any cost. Watch the movie. I shop at Wal-Mart very rarely. I cringe when I have to buy something there because I detest their policies that abuse their employees, suppliers, vendors and the environment. Wal-Mart is a textbook example of what's wrong with mega-corporations in the USA and around the world.
Posted By Ken Vee in Houston Texas : 6:06 PM  

I think it's a terrific commitment, our foolish government should try it!
Posted By Bernie, Sebastian, FL : 6:07 PM  

Wow, there is a lot of negativity here. Times change, people change, and with them, business models are bound to change as well. If Walmart is really serious about this, more power to them.
Posted By Dan, San Jose CA : 6:07 PM  

Amazing how everyone on the top finally get a conscience
Posted By Seymor Lyes, Anytown USA : 6:08 PM  

So far, Walmart has consistently illustrated the epitome of environmental irresponsibility to maximize profits with its disregard for sound environmental and labor practices. The corporation is disturbing to the greatest extent, and as far as new green practices, I will believe it when I see it.
Posted By Veronica, Richmond, VA : 6:14 PM  

Walmart devastated local networks of goods and produce on the backs of unfair tactics and cheap gas....now, the only "green" solution (and solution to the currently growing gas problems) is to get ride of walmart so local, less oil-dependent networks can re-establish themselves once again and thrive
Posted By Shawn, Pittsburgh, PA : 6:15 PM  

Of course they're serious, serious about making money and desperately trying to repair their image. The truth is that this company has faced scores of lawsuits due to their ridiculously irresponsible policies reguarding the environment. Wal-Mart represents everything wrong with corporate America and I have vowed to never buy their products, many of which are made in SWEATSHOPS around the world, and hopefully persuade others to do the same.
Posted By David, Austin Tx. : 6:28 PM  

Walmart, in addition to being un-American, is also just pretending to go green, seeing that 40 percent of the US economy (the Western states) are full of consumers who want to buy green.

But you can't be green when you export US jobs to Red China.
Posted By Will Affleck-Asch, Seattle, WA : 6:32 PM  

I think that wal-mart will do or say anything to take the heat off the fact that they underpay their employees. This is just a ploy to divert attention from their real strategies.
Posted By d. oconnor, denver, colorado : 6:32 PM  

I find Walmart products cheap and I won't buy them. Every time I went to Walmart for Health & beauty aids, they did not have what I wanted. I prefer shopping at K-mart even though I don't care
for Martha Stewart's products either.
Posted By Paula Baginski, Erie PA : 6:34 PM  

Walmart is going in the right direction, and it would be a good idea for other companies to jump on the same bandwagon. I no longer buy cleaning products that are not "green" and I buy a heck of a lot more organic foods than I ever used to. I am not a "tree hugger" or a "left winger." I am just a person who has become much more interested in the past few years in using good common sense about the products I use and the things I eat. Even though I rarely shop at Walmart anymore, I think they are smart to take notice of the "green trend" that is happening right now becuase soon it will not be a trend-it will just be a part of our everyday lives.
Posted By Chino, CA : 6:42 PM  

Anyone who sticks up for walmart needs to do their research. One enviromentaly friendly does not right the degrading conditions they force workers making their toys and clothes to be in nor the lack of insurance their workers here in the US have to live with. Its not about bad mouthing and being negative - its about sticking up for people who's voice isn't heard.
Posted By Kathleen, NY, NY : 7:05 PM  

Well, WallMart might be going green, but they sure sell a large quantity of merchandise that is made in China which is building major weapons to use on us. IF you don't think so, read Popular Mechanics, August 06. Don't buy any thing made in China!
Posted By Rod Cozad, San Diego, Ca. : 7:18 PM  

Yes, I believe Wal-Mart can go green. They know the leverage they have to change operations and if they apply their clout to change the world around them for the better then good for Wal-mart. We should be thanking them for trying.
Posted By Michael Koptie, Brantford, ON : 7:28 PM  

All of a sudden WalMart is environmentally concerned when for years it has followed bulldoze, slash and burn bulding construction in violation of development agreements and consent orders. All the dead oak tree and filled wetland sirits should be happier with this new leaf. I'll believe WalMart is serious when it breaks from the concrete and asphalt the world mentality and practices. But then I don't need to worry because China will not let its biggest trading and business partner change. More smoke and mirrors without substance.
Posted By Wilbur Hugli, Fort Walton Beach, FL : 7:29 PM  

I have to think that it is lip service.

Why won't they confess to the damage they have already done...to our nation's economy as well as the environment.

They will spend a ton of money re-marketing themselves to try and compete with Target...but they won't provide their workers with decent healthcare.

I will never set foot in a WalMart or a Sams Club again in my life, if I can help it.

There wouldn't be a WalMart if there wasn't a demand. Americans need to understand that we are addicted to the crap that they sell. Take a weekend drive around the average cookie cutter neighborhood. How many garages have a car parked in them? How many garages are overflowing with all the extraneous STUFF that won't fit in the house?

It is ridiculous and disgusting. Stuff won't fix your life or the world.
Posted By T. Atlanta, GA : 7:32 PM  

This campaign appears to be as sincere as their "Made in America" claims and commercials that taut that workers have excellent health benefits. This information is only for positive PR benefits. These initiatives are only created to cover up the fact that they continually mistreat employees (here and overseas) and that they only care about the bottom line. Also, if they actually cared about the environment they would demand that the companies they buy from are "environmentally friendly". This of course would mean that they care about people and not their bottom line. I have boycotted Wal Mart and certainly don't plan to go back. I encourage others to join my fight against "the evil empire."
Posted By Michele, Bethlehem, PA : 7:35 PM  

From my experience in the bio-based packaging industry & numerous conversations with Wal-Mart suppliers, I can attest that Wal-Mart is serious with their sustainability movement. They are eagerly exploring all options to replace fossil fuel packaging materials with bio-based \ biodegradable materials wherever appropriate. They are also promoting a �Cradle to Cradle� mentality of encouraging suppliers to incorporate recycled materials as much as possible. In addition, due to their size & open embrace of these Green Initiatives, it encourages all of their suppliers and possible other retailers to explore sustainable packaging alternatives. My hat is off to them for this effort!
Posted By VWB Cloudland, GA : 7:36 PM  

If Walmart can start selling electric cars and provide parts etc to maintain them then I'd believe that they are serious about making the world green.
Posted By mme salt lake city, utah : 7:53 PM  

I have for a long time been a Wal-Mart boycott-er. I thought the few dollars I would save shopping there would never out wiegh the feeling of shame for contributing to their bottom line. However, over the last few months I have been hearing very promising things about the way they are changing the way they do business. They will always be "big business" but if they can help to make going green an everyday event for the average American, WOW what a great thing. I give my congratulations to the CEO for having the forthought and being bold enough to take the risk. Now, if only the car companies and oil companies would follow suit...
Posted By Brandie, Tucson, AZ : 8:07 PM  

This is wonderful! Since our government is not interested in hearing from anyone but big business, then perhaps they'll get a CLUE and listen now!

Well, one can hope, yes?

ANY steps, for whatever reason, which move toward using sustainable resources and conservation is a good thing. Reason doesn't matter. If it helps a company meet the bottom line, that doesn't matter either. As long as it's done.
Posted By Judy, Lubbock, Texas : 8:19 PM  

Well, here we go again. Wal-Mart is back in a reactive vs. proactive mode. I can first-hand attest to this since I worked for the company's logistics group in a mgmt role for almost five years. Wal-Mart gets hammered in the media for one reason or another (unions, child labor, benefits, etc) only to react the week or so after with a "new" and exciting inititive. They are trying so hard to convince the American public that they are doing good things that it is almost embarrasing.

I can honestly say that I have sat in meetings where the talk went "we're being sued by all these females and blacks for discrimination, what can we do?" The answer, we, the mgmt, were sent on a totally bogus "diversity hiring" trip where we hired two white males as a result.

In addition, the nepotism, favouristism, and other issues within the walls of this corp. are sickening to say the least. The senior manager where I worked would discriminate against people that were not of his religious conviction or same beliefs, and always got away with it. This was left untouched by the Arkansas gang because he did a "good enough" job. And, this is only one of a million things that I saw that were just wrong.

Further, the amount of $ spent on anti-union training per year by Wal-Mart could probably end starvation and hunger in the world. Again, if there is nothing to hide, what is the union issue all about?

I certainly agree with the other comments that this article is a joke. Wal-Mart will do ANYTHING to make things work to their advantage. ANYTHING. And, they are supposed to be based on "good Christian values and morals." No way. Trust me, Sam would be sick with anger if he saw what was going on today. This is NOT the company he once created. Speak your voice.
Posted By Cal, Las Vegas, NV : 8:30 PM  

It is amazing that Wal-Mart is trying to look good on being green. I work in a small store and am amazed at the amount of paper wasted for reports that do not have to be printed. All these listings are being printed and most are thrown out the same day. I've tried to get the store to recycle but it is too much trouble for management to be concerned with. And this is from a small (non-supercenter) store.

Now multiply that by thousands of stores around the world. It is truly amazing. Mr. Scott is only trying to buy cheap press.
Posted By M. Seattle, WA : 9:09 PM  

I really hope there intentions are true. It could change the corporate world. Lets make our best to make them keep their promise!
Posted By Federico LLamas, Mexico : 9:49 PM  


I think Walmart has always done what is in the interest of the shareholders and built on model of offering affordable goods to low and middle class Americans. They have accomplished and stayed in line with those goals. I love Walmart and if this is what the consumers want than it makes sense. I also believe they will follow there intiative, but I wonder if it is in the best interest of the company. Although some of the actions they are taking do make sense to save money.
Posted By George Denville, NJ : 8:31 AM  

Walmart, not directed by Sam Walton has one goal, also followed by Exxon,
Nike &d countless other firms: Profits
= #1. The environmental positions are
good. They increase Walmart's bottom
line. The abuse of workers is not a
trade-off. At times I need to buy at
Walmart to save. But many items can
be bought cheaper at employee-nice
firms: Publix, CVS & Dollar General.
Let's put this press release in
proper context: Glamorized words
which justify the profits made at
employees' expense.
Posted By Alan D. Kardoff, Palm Bay FL : 8:47 AM  

Any high flying entity that says the are going green is a plus for our dieing planet. I hope others take the lead, but with Dubbya in the WH, don't see anything happening on the national front.
Posted By Bob in Chesapeake : 12:04 PM  

It seems to me that very few people consider the fact that Wal-Mart's actions are a direct result of customer demand. If Wal-mart is willing to invest $500 million to influence customer demand in a positive direction, why aren't we ALL supporting their effort - even if we don't choose to shop there?
Posted By Amy, Bloomington, IN : 12:25 PM  

This is nothing more then PR - how about they fix the 3rd world countries sweat shops first...a long, well known problem.
Posted By Skip, Jersey City, NJ : 12:44 PM  

Like most others who have replied here, I do not believe that Wal-Mart�s campaign is necessarily a holistically genuine effort to save the environment. However, I do believe that they will make a HUGE impact because of their size and scope. If they continued to support businesses that did not care about the environment or produced products with more waste, it would continue to have a negative impact on our natural surroundings. However, they will change the course of more businesses than most of us environmentalists could just because of their broad impact in the consumer market.

Still, they will not fully have my support until they pay fare wages, provide healthcare and provide additional benefits to their employees.
Posted By Gabriela, New York, NY : 3:13 PM  

As a supplier to WM, I hear what their management says, but what I live is the reality of the buyer's decision. Cost still trumps the environment - both in products and packaging.
Posted By Lisa McLintock, Bentonville, Ar. : 3:30 PM  

It think it's about time to start going green at all levels of our society. It is great that Wal-Mart took time to talk with Al Gore and other environmental organizations and is now trying to move in this positive direction. I hope they are sincere. We saw what happened to Ford Motor Co. They talked about going green as they were builing their huge gas guslers. They fooled no one, and look where they are now.

I am glad Wal-Mart is planing to take these steps and if it does I will shop at their stores, but only if they do what they say they will do.

Thanks, Shari
Posted By Shari, Hobe Sound, FL : 10:22 AM  

Wal-Mart only gets on the bandwagon when it is good for business to do so.
I feel that this has been one of the worst corporate citizens for Canada and the United States. They have encouraged our manufacturing jobs to other countries because of lower costs (cheap labour, less enviromental laws etc.). This company fails to impress me.
Posted By Alex Toronto Ontario : 11:20 AM  

Wal Mart is about money - and absolutely nothing else. There was a time when it was different, but Sam Walton died and a new management philosophy came into vogue at Wal Mart. All they are interested in doing is attacting more customers to make more money. They will say anything to that end.
Posted By Art Kautz, Louisville, CO : 11:11 AM  

Walmart is all about Walmart. Some there may be sincere. Bottom line is they are all about the almighty dollar.
There are to many vacant stores they just moved out of that are setting idle going to waste.
Speaking for me they would have been more effective leaving Al Gore out of it.
Posted By Jerry Stephens Sebring Fl : 11:14 AM  

Wal-Mart only does what is good for Wal-Mart's pockets. Remember when they would try to buy products made in the USA. Difficult to find any products made in the USA in a store now.
Posted By Barbara Panama City FL : 11:17 AM  

No, of course, they aren't. Wal-Mart is bad for the USA! I don't shop there, and I encourage others to not shop there.
Posted By Marty, Plano, TX : 11:21 AM  

Walmart has legitimatee business reasons to save the environment, and you left wing whackos won't accept them???
No wonder this counrty, and the wnvironmental movement is so far gone!!!
Posted By D. Micah, Orange Park , FL : 11:26 AM  

Maybe this is the dawn of a new Walmart, but I doubt it. It was less than a decade ago that Walmart had its �Make in the USA� campaign. How long did that last? If it helps their bottom line, they will make the change. They are a business and have to answer to investors who are interested in profits. As American, we should not be so quick to judge as it is our over consumption and deplorable savings rate that has pushed retailers such as Walmart to meet our never ending desires.
Posted By Edge Coble, Melrose MA : 11:42 AM  

Wal-Mart management are not dumb. For any business to sustain itself, it needs to sustain it's input. If it's manyfacturing, it needs to ensure its raw materials are sustainable. In Wal-Mart's case, they have the influence to go beyond their providers to the source to ensure sustainability. Yes, it's ultimately for the bottom line, and it also helps the environment - and lets me eat wild salmon instead of the pinked-up farmed mush. I'll take it.
Posted By Karl Hayes, Greenwood, MO : 11:45 AM  

I would have to see it to beleive it.
They are only concerned about the bottom line
Posted By Barbara ellijay ga : 11:52 AM  

I highly commend Walmart for embarking on such an ambitious environmental initiative. It is corporations the size of Walmart that can be a significant force for good.

At the end of the day Walmart is a business accountable to its shareholders and I see no problem marrying a long term business strategy with environmental benefits. We live in a real world
Posted By Matthew Maharaj, Katy, Texas : 11:55 AM  

The environmental movement has long been hampered by businesses' in ability to see the clear economic return for being green, particularly considering its frequently quarter by quarter financial myopia. Additionally, the public at large has not overly cared about being green, we want cheap, plentiful products (big cars, cheap gas etc etc) and Wal-mart has provided this, but this seems to be changing a bit as people realize more and more that our current practices are not sustainable. Walmart, who is yes very focused on the bottom line, is now seeing the link between green and profits, or more clearly the ability to make profits in the future. I will admit I am not a fan of Wal-mark, nor do i shop there, but as we have seen in many industries, where Walmart goes others have to follow. for good of for bad, we live in a capitalist society, but when profit, long-term strategy, and a good cause converge, then great things can happen and I hope they do for all of us.
Posted By Stan, St Paul, MN : 11:56 AM  

What is more important than the intentions are the actions. As long as they help the environment, great. The more companies involved in the green movement, the better. We just cannot afford and wait anymore.
Posted By Daniel Musskopf, Boston, MA : 12:16 PM  

Walmart was and is a brilliant marketing concept. No, it cannot achieve all the impossibly high standards expected of it. Yes, I will continue to shop there because I appreciate paying lower prices for what I need.
Posted By R.Giles, San Antonio, TX : 12:18 PM  

Are you kidding me? It is all about profits.
Posted By DQ OC, CA : 12:20 PM  

What Wal-Mart does is entirely for their own benefit. Here in Michigan, we have a bottle return law where people return their beverage containers to the store to redeem their deposit money. Wal-Mart absolutely hates this and they train their employees at the bottle return section to intimidate people that attempt to return any bottles that may not directly go through the return machines.

I actually have to carry a copy of the Michigan Bottle Return Law to get them to take back any crushed or crinkled cans. They often respond by complaining admantly about having to take the cans back because they don't get anything out of it, when in fact they are reimpbursed from the state of Michigan, plus a 25% premium.

For them to complain about the Bottle Deposit Law on one hand and then claim to be concerned about the environment on the other, is suspicious indeed.
Posted By Nancy Smith, Ludington, MIchigan : 12:29 PM  

Sounds like a fantastic idea. Granted, Walmart sells thousands of items that are not environmentally friendly, trucks those items based on diesel engines that spew outrageous amounts of environmental contaminants, and sells those items in stores that consume lots of energy, but it is a step in the right direction for one of the biggest, most influential companies on earth. Imagine if all companies took a small step in the right direction? What a huge difference we would make then! Consumers have real power to promote change. I, for one, will now seek out the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) seal when I buy fish!
Posted By Anthony, La Jolla, CA : 12:42 PM  

Talk about "backpedaling" to try and make a dent in its horrible corporate image. Give me a break! Wal-Mart is the evil empire. It pays pennies for wages, hires part time, avoid health benefits, squeezes vendors, shuts down mom and pop retailers. The only "green initiative" Wal-Mart is interested in...is how to get more $$ out your pocketbook. Low prices are its mantra...at any cost. Why on earth do people shop there? I do not get it.
Posted By john los angeles, ca : 12:50 PM  

We can ascribe non-sincere motives to every 'best practices' effort intiated by any corporation. If sustainability and greening of the economy are to have any measurable success, the environmental initiatives being taken by Wal-Mart are critically important.

Size does matter.
Posted By John Lomac : 1:00 PM  

Leaving aside emotion, taste and politics, the question is, will these Wal-Mart changes mean anything, or is it just incremental improving a business model that may crumble in any event. Can any amount of reform or tweaking enable Wal-Mart's 12,000 mile supply line from Chinese factories to Ohio malls to survive when oil hits $100, then $200 a barrel? Or will it follow other behemoths sliding into oblivion or irrelevance? Not something I would bet on.
Posted By Mark Burger, Oak Park, IL : 2:01 PM  

you can't blame wal-mart for one store or one store being filthy.Honstly ask your selfhow much do i have in my home that is not american made? what about your vehicles,your china ware,for those whom have any.wal-mart is no different than the rest of us.cutting corners and pinching pennies just so you as a customer or a member can do the same thing.yet you fault them for doing the same thing.speaking of fruit and veggies, well most is organic.life isn.t perfect and as we all know there are changes in life and we all have to change with them.thats what makes life worth living! wal-mart is a job just like the next one but it does have many values.as well as care for the individual as well respect. wal-mart does a lot for the community but can work harder on improving the enviroment and helping the community more.stop judging till you judge your selves in the mirro and clean up your own acts.
Posted By ak Killeen TX : 3:07 PM  

If Wal-Mart really wants to change ocean fishing for the better they should start by promoting legislation to create marketable fishing rights. This would end the tragedy of the commons that keeps fishermen at odds with conservation and give them a chance to profit and provoke social change like other businesses.
Posted By Pete Emerson, London, England : 4:32 PM  

How many environmental professionals does Walmart employ? There's your answer
Posted By Vince, Owensboro, KY : 7:44 PM  

Going GREEN could make converts of people like me, who've avoided shopping at Wal-Mart thus far. I don't fully believe that they're that interested in the environment, but if they do start selling E85 on a large scale, it certainly will help the environment. Just having more people talking about what a mess we're in environmentally could only be a good thing. It's time people stop burying their heads in their SUV seats and start to realize that it's up to us to change things: NOW! It's time to stop letting corporate America feed us their hype - we WON'T have made it if we're driving a Hummer...we'll be living in it soon enough, 'cuz we'll have to sell our houses to pay for the GAS!
Posted By JimmyG, New York, New York : 8:31 AM  

Only time will tell if Wal-Mart is serious about their green campaign, however we should all be serious about the conservation of our resources.
Posted By Richard Suttle, Walton, NY : 8:46 AM  

I think this would be a genius move by Wal-Mart...good for business, good for the environment. It's coming, so might as well get on board. Big oil is going to get left behind...
Posted By Lee, Spring Branch, TX : 8:51 AM  

Good business decision. Buy your E85 and then shop at WalMart or Sam's Club. Say what you want but when you want a good product at a reasonable price you go to Sam's Club or WalMart. Unions want to get into WalMArt so then can bankrupt another good company
Posted By Ed Rochester NY : 10:31 AM  

The Big Oil Godzilla's finnally will be confronted by King Kong of the retail industry. If all is true regardless of real reasons like bottom line profits etc it can only mean lower prices for gas etc. The oil industry as it is today is one big collusion that needs to be disected and displayed for the world to see. We should of been at E85 throughout this country years ago, but the oil folks can't control the price like they can with the 100% oil as it is today. We need to take some lessons from Brazil etc and become self sufficient but again the oil baron's have quite a big lobby presence with our congress folks who do what is best for them and not for us the folks who put them there.

Time for everyone to WAKE UP and make these people we put in office accountable for their actions.

I say kick their rear's Walmart.
Posted By Tim, Cincinnati, OH. : 10:56 AM  

I own a 2002 Suburban that will run on E-85 (fuel that I can only buy from one place in the entire state of GA). Since before my vehicle was built 4 years ago, the oil companies have done next to nothing to get E-85 in mass distribution. I don't care what Wal-Mart's motives are. No one else is taking the lead to distribute E-85 while we are going poor trying to buy gas for our autos. Wal-Mart has the system in place to potentially distribute E-85 and that is what this country needs both environmentally and economically! The price of gas is affecting our disposble income and Wal-Mart is making a smart business decision. Go Wal-Mart - bring us E-85!!!!!
Posted By H. Ogletree, McDonough, GA : 10:56 AM  

I'm sure that Wal-Mart wants to be socially responsible; however you have to keep in mind that it is a business. The fact that Wal-Mart does their homework, before making such a bold move is a terrific sign! It indicates that this fuel is becoming cost efficient to sell and that the demand is there. I'm so excited to finally see a hope in us being liberated from the oil cartel that has us bound! I'm ecstatic!
Posted By Matt Berryhill, Monroe, Wa : 11:00 AM  

It's about time we got a giant on our side. Go capitalism, and thanks Wal-mart!
Posted By Nate, Hamilton OH : 11:00 AM  

Walmart is about low prices and strives to bring goods to consumers at a price that they can afford. If there is a way that they can bring a new product to consumers at a lower price than I think they will definately be sincere about it. Although people may debate the issue that Wal-mart invests in foriegn products which are far cheaper than domestic; what makes it such a bad thing> They are bringing lower prices to the middle and lower class which makes life easier on them. If it were not for Wal-Mart, consumers would be forced to pay a sky rocketed price for the same type of products at their local stores. The end result for the middle and lower class? Less money for food, clothes, school supplies ect.

What people rarely take notice to, is that we live in a 1st world country. In a third world country they make less money, so the price on goods has to be less so that these products are available to them. Imagine making the wages they do in Africa or any other third world country and paying the same price that we pay for these goods. They couldn't afford a roll of toilet paper. The consequence of providing resonable prices for them is that prices are adusted here to comepensate for that loss. When I was in Iraq the price of a new Chevrolet Silverado was five thousand dollars, U.S. value to the Iraqi denar. If the price for such a good was the same as it is here, nobody would have a vehicle.

What Wal-Mart does is make it easier on the people that work for a living. Wages are adjusted to compensate for the cost of living in different sectors. But with any business, if sales are high, there will always be a profit. If businesses were not interested in making a profit, the would not exist.

The wages that businesses in this country pay people makes the prices for thier goods more expensive. I don't know anyone that will spend 100 dollars for something they can get for 80. It is not smart. In the end, if I have a choice between feeding my children or having them go with less or even nothing for even one day, I would choose my children first. Therefore I would invest in Wal-Mart because they are lower and middle class friendly and the lower prices that I pay there allow me to afford more food, clothes or anything else they may need.

I thank Wal-Mart for providing me with lower prices. It definately helps my hard earned dollar last longer.
Posted By Jim, Sidney, NE : 11:02 AM  

I seriously doubt Wal-Mart will do this. It is just a badly needed PR campain for them. If they walk the walk I will surely start buying stuff from them. I really care about the environment and global warming. In my recent visit to Canada I saw with my own eyes the effect of global warming. Some of the places are seeing the temperatures never seen there before. Good bless Wal-mart if it goes green.
Posted By VM, Cincinnati, OH : 11:04 AM  

I don't care about Wal*Mart's motivations -- they're a public company that has to show investors economic growth and there's nothing wrong with that. But if they get serious about distributing E85 at thousands of locations (for whatever motivations) the end result is that they become the catalyst that knocks over the first domino and starts a chain reaction. Wal*Mart could single-handledly cause E85 to finally become a reality! This is huge!
Posted By Eric, Woonsocket, RI : 11:04 AM  

Wal Mart would be an ideal choice to start selling e-85 since the Bush administration has no energy policy for $3-4 dollar a gallon gas except to import more from the Middle East.

For those Wal Mart haters, don't shop at their stores or buy their gas. That's what makes our country great.

No one is forcing people to work for low wages at Wal-Mart. Get an education and be a part of the 21st century economy!
Posted By Scott- Kansas City MO : 11:07 AM  

US wouldn't be eating if it were not for Walmart, since Bush wants to rule world with hijacked oil and uniform world wide poverty levels.

Go Walmart!
Posted By Martha Bush, Springfield, IL : 11:09 AM  

ABOUT TIME !!!, I am not a huge Walmart patron but if they indeed go through with this they will have me as a client for life. This country is so focused on fuel from Arab Nations it makes me wonder who is actually runing it? This would be a great move on Walmart and I only hope other stores will follow. LET'S PUT THE MIDDLE EAST OUT OF SERVICE. Go corn go!!!
Posted By Felix, Sebring Florida : 11:10 AM  

Yes I believe they are serious because it will mean tons of profit for the company. They will put the gas stations out of business and have a virtual monopoly on the auto fuel business.
It will definitely repair its image. People will view Walmart as the environmentally friendly company that is also patriotic because it reduces dependence on foreign oil.
It will make me more likely to shop there. I will end my boycott of Walmart immediately and I won't just by the E85. I'll also start buying other products there.
Do it Walmart. Do it now.
Posted By Tom Laureys, Netcong NJ : 11:12 AM  

Fossil fuels should go the way of the dinosaurs. Every time I fill up I feel like I'm paying for a terrorist rocket.
Posted By Berny Shomstein Miami, FL : 11:15 AM  

While I agree with most of the replies here I have to say if Wal-Mart does move to sell ethanol, I'll be buying it there. Why? Because no one else has taken the position to do it and I am tired of paying 3.09 or more per gallon of gas. This country needs to get off the Oil cash train. The closest "public" station that sells it is so far away, it would take a tank of gas just to get there. Funny thing is, state and federal employees run their vehicles on it. I'm tired of lining corporate oil execs pockets with cash only to here that the "Reserve supply is "Reasonably" okay. Reasonably? I'd rather buy ethanol from Wal-Mart then to keep giving my hard earned money to Exxon Mobil and the like. People love to complain but how many are willing to actaully do anything about it. The majority just throw up their arms and put up with it.
Posted By Diane, Rochester, NY : 11:16 AM  

It does not matter what Wal-Mart's motivation is, so long as they jump into the oil business and follow through with making ethanol easily available to the consumer at market prices or lower, then Hurrah for Wal-Mart! Because Wal-Mart will find a way to keep the price down or they won't get into the business.
Posted By David, Dayton, OH : 11:23 AM  

Sure, Wall Mart means business about natural capitalism. Means sustainable extra profit over time. They really could force other businesses to adopt the practices. Hopefully investors will favor these kinds of companies over those who adopt the traditional consumptive business model.
However, I won't shop with Wal Mart until they issue a mea culpa about all of the abandoned shopping centers and do something about them.
Posted By Charles Miller, Columbia SC : 11:25 AM  

We're at a crossroad: If Wal-Mart pulls this off, they will lead the way and you can bet others will follow. It would revolutionize the Oil industry, and you can also bet that oil prices would come down and actually compete with E85. Start selling your shares of Oil companies if Wal-Mart starts changing dispensers...and buy Cargill shares! You really should start now, because this change is not IF but WHEN.
If Wal-Mart is bluffing...they have inspired COSTCO or others to take the lead. As I said, it's a matter of time.
I like these changes...we will soon be flooded by SmatCars and little cars like in Europe, we need to start leapfrogging in technology or other countries (like China) will compete for the Oil we need to the point that you just cannot afford oil and our old ways...change is coming, fast.
Posted By Gerald Martinez, ABQ, NM : 11:27 AM  

Ethanol is made from food. Do we want to run cars on food when there are starving people in the world? I know even if we don�t it doesn�t mean the food will get to the starving, but they certainly won�t get the food if we convert it into ethanol.
Posted By Joe Perri, Bensalem, PA : 11:29 AM  

If Walmart can make E85 available they will earn my long term loyalty as a customer. What an incredible service to the environment and the consumer!
Posted By Jeff, Plano - TX : 11:30 AM  

Fantastic! I think Wal-Mart are the heroes of the future. It's sad that we have one of the most powerful governments in the world and they fail us time and time again, SHAME! on them.
If they think the American people are going to stand for a 51 cent tax on alternative fuels, just wait until election time, well show them. Wal-mart, my hats off to you for even thinking of way's to save the American economy, our government should take a page for your book. Binghamton, NY..
Posted By Vincent, Binghamton, NY. : 11:34 AM  

They'll probably end up buying Chinese corn..
Posted By Robert Boston Massachusetts : 11:37 AM  

Wal-Mart for all of is PR shortcomings real and imagined may be going through an epiphany. Among them is the possibility of selling E85 (ethanol) gasoline at its� stores. This is an excellent example of reducing dependency on foreign oil and encouraging Americans to buy and/or retool their cars to utilize E85 gasoline.
Posted By Barry Hauser Orlando FL : 11:43 AM  

Someone must take the lead on this issue. Our government is sleeping with the devil and has no interest in jumping out of bed. E85 will change the dynamics of the world and throw the Arab oil pirates back into the dark ages. Say good bye to being held hostage by foreign oil countries.
Posted By Ron, Ventura, Calif : 11:53 AM  

I am very careful not to get too excited about this latest news as Wal-Mart has let me down so many times before. If they come through on this the overall positive impact in the world will be so great that I will be able to forgive them for their constant disappointments. If they succeed once again to let me down I will forever be anti-Wal-Mart.
Posted By Patrick Brunelle, Thunder Bay, Ontario : 11:54 AM  

Walmart will do anything????? WHO CARES!! We need E85 in CA and everywhere. Big biz already stopped the electric car and is making us wait on hydrogen fuel cell. To Walmart, I say, "GO FOR IT AND GO FAR IT NOW!"
Posted By Wesley Cole, Palm Springs, CA : 11:55 AM  

Bravo Walmart!!!

I welcome ANYONE that seriously considers changing one of the core tenets for why we're at war in the middle east. Can you imagine what our foreign policy might look like if we didn't have to kiss OPEC's butt all the time? Our new middle east policy would probably resemble our Africa policy -- ignore them and let them sort it out.

I think that if Wal-Mart can show a business reason for doing this, which it appears that they can, I see no reason why they wouldn't follow through. Additionally, this would be a HUGE marketing coup for them. I'm almost SURE they'd do it even if they broke even!
Posted By Michael, San Diego, CA : 11:56 AM  

Wow, a lot of "astro-turfing" in these comments.
Wal-Mart is simply considering a new means of profit in an unfulfilled niche. Being good for the environment is simply a PR plus for them. If it turns out to be unprofitable, they'll quietly end the service. The principle of this move would be the same if running cars off of kittens was viable.
Posted By Lucas, Portland, Maine : 11:57 AM  

I can not believe the Hype from the Media and others on Ethanol. Why don't you bother to post the fact that Ethanol cars get 25% LESS MGP then with gas?

Here is the side by side comparision on cars running on gas verse ethanol.


So basically we need to add 25% to our total fuel consumption now if we switch over to Ethanol. Ethanol will also have to be priced 25% below gas to make it cost effective and prices have been increasing lately due to the demand.
Posted By Jeff, Sacramento CA : 11:57 AM  

I agree with JLB of Los Angeles. No one will ever confuse Wal-Mart with being the most concerned company in America, but if they help push forward the issue of Ethanol as a viable option, then more power to them. We know that neither the oil companies, nor our government, nor the auto makers will make the transition on their own accord, they've proven that over the last 3 decades! Who else can force change, but the biggest retailer in the country?
Posted By Tim Howe, Birmingham : 11:57 AM  

A corporation wants to make money? Is that a surprise? Has anyone looked at the profits the BIG OIL companies (EXXON $90 BILLION!) while consumers are being forced to pay increasingly more at the pumps ($3.39 avg for regular)? WalMart is no angel, granted, but WalMart's lead into helping create a way for people to burn cleaner fuel, lessen our demand on foreign oil and quite possibly create more jobs here shouldn't be dismissed so lightly. I may not agree with all of WalMart's practices, but I can differeniate the good from the bad. This is a subject that has to be addressed and with their nationwide presence and their corporate power, its just what we need to get the ball moving in the right direction.
Posted By Teresa, Long Beach, NY : 11:58 AM  

Call me an optimist, but I believe Walmart is sincere in there attempts to help curb global pollution. Big places start the ball rolling for everyone. Example, California in its attempt to sidestep the Government and support the Kyoto Protocol. The biggest state, population wise, will hopefully jumpstart the rest of this nation. The same can be said for Walmart, the retail giant. Growing up on a farm in the Midwest, I see first hand what the positive effects of this could do. It will only help stabilize this country, if nothing else.
Posted By Joshua: Waverly, SD : 11:59 AM  

Hell Yeah Wal-Mart can take on OPEC. I hope they do pull this off! They have my support. If they can lower prices for the entire economy as well as reduce our dependency on other countries that in itself would be a tremendous step towards a bright future for everyone.
Posted By Scott , Christiana, TN : 11:59 AM  

If I support green business and Wal-Mart puts its economic weight behind organic groceries and Ethanol, I would be a hypocrite if I did not at least consider purchasing those products.
Posted By Mark, Kansas City, MO : 12:09 PM  

Wal Mart is big enough to do it - if they do it it will expand. We need a company of this size to jump in. I am all for it - even though I heard its not cheaper than gasoline and uses large amounts of fossil fuels to distill. But lets give it a try considering how we are getting destroyed by OPEC.

A great plan - now execute!! Its our job as consumers to hold them accountable and encourage them to continue to move in this direction.
Posted By John, Atlanta Georgia : 12:17 PM  

I sure hope Wal-Mart goes through with this. We are too dependent on oil period and the oil companies are takings us to the cleaners on price. Very little is being done by the government to curb the prices or even demand reductions even when they declare "record profits." Time to take the bull by the horns. If the oil companies won't change, and the government won't help - it's time for us to help ourselves!
Posted By EMF/ Avon Lake, Ohio : 12:20 PM  

While I would be less skeptical of Walmart if they presented their proper motives for this move (i.e. to sustain a profitable business and not a greener one), such initiative is necessary for America's eventual move from gasoline to alternative fuels. The government has thus far shown a complete disinterest with passing any legislation which may offend the oil companies, and you can be certain that those companies, or their stations, are not going to push alternative fuels. You need a company with widespread retail distribution, no political ties to big oil, and sufficient capital. While I dislike Walmart as much as the next guy, they have the resources to do it. Even if they make substantial profits out of the deal, at least they aren't doing it by stealing customers from small-businesses across America. Yet.
Posted By Eric, Buffalo, NY : 12:26 PM  

Good for you Walmart, I don't shop there frequently, but if this happens, I will.
Posted By AJ, Hackettstown, NJ : 12:27 PM  

they realize a need to change to survive. low income people don't buy stuff. customer bases across the board are eroding away. walmart is not the only giant realizing a need to change. the auto industry realizes it too. they better jump on this wagon. they need to climb out of bed with big oil.
we need to see an increase in the smal lframs once again. we need trains.
Posted By bob anderson new albany indiana : 12:32 PM  

Actually in my opinion this way Wal Mart wants to improve its image saying they are the first one selling 'All American' product. This will probably the only Made in America product they will sell.
Posted By DJ, Cary, NC : 12:33 PM  

KUDOS to Walmart!! I have an avalanche that runs on E85 now and I LOVE it! Way to step up for the environment and to support workers in OUR country for once!
Posted By Danielle W. Davenport, IA : 12:33 PM  

Regardless of what their initiatives are with this...we just need to be thankful that they are considering this. They will start a trend that hopefully other gas stations will follow. The issue at hand is our enviornment and that something needs to be done and this will be a positive step in that direction.
Posted By TJ - Spring Hill, FL : 12:35 PM  

I can see it now. They will import corn and corn by-products from China and Mexico because they will be able to grow it cheaper.
Wal-Mart will then have destroyed another area of American society. They have already done a number on the small town retailer/business person.
They already keep most of their employees dependent on state paid medical services.
Can we not see past our noses here??
Posted By Noreen, South Saint Paul, MN : 12:37 PM  

I hope Wal Mart is sincere. It is great to see a huge retailer lead the charge in an environmentally friendly oil alternative. I already shop at Wal Mart and will continue to do so.
Posted By Chet, Las Vegas, Nevada : 12:37 PM  

If WalMart sells Ethanol nationally, it would be the single greatest contribution to mankind that retailer has ever made, heck... maybe the only great contribution to mankind if all other criticisms are right.

...but don't minimize the importance of this contribution by throwing in the retail issues of WalMart.

Having a national entity with the clout to make Ethanol nationally available RAPIDLY would be a Godsend. Our situation is DIRE, people, in case you haven't noticed. Time is indeed of the essence, and we'll all shrivel up and die long before big oil companies roll out the Ethanol at their stations... guaranteed.

As far as the world's food supply is concerned, Americans not onlu consume too much oil, we eat too much as well. It's time we ate right AND fed our cars right, as well.
Posted By Ted, Bensalem PA : 12:45 PM  

I have a few bits of information to provide. Here is a link to the fueleconomy.gov website (http://www.fueleconomy.gov/feg/byfueltype.htm) that will give you expected mpg if you choose to use e85 compared to gas. It is not surprising to see that e85 is 20-30% less efficient when it comes to mpg. What does that tell you, we are paying more for a less efficient fuel. We need to see benefits from an alternative fuel, without a single compromise, as I have read and seen in bio-diesel. I would pay more for a fuel if it was better for the environment, and got me better mileage. I cannot comprehend moving our dependency from oil (Opec), to the farmers when, "For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil.".
Posted By Fayetteville, NC : 12:54 PM  

Though I do not have an E85 car (yet), I would personally commit to purchasing gas exclusively at any station that committed to selling E85. That kind of risk for the enviroonment and domestic economy must be supported by the public at-large, not just those who currently can make use of the technology.
Posted By Tim, New Windsor, NY : 12:55 PM  

Who cares what Wal-Mart's intentions are for carrying E85? If it diverts billions of oil dollars back to the U.S. and helps the environment, we all win- not just Wal-Mart. Corporations need to understand they can improve profits by being green, and Wal-Mart is the perfect American company to lead the way. Cheers to you, Wal-Mart. Make this happen! Show Exxon how to use corporate power the right way.
Posted By Brian F. Chandler, AZ : 12:59 PM  

If Wal-Mart starts selling 85% ethanol, I will buy it there. I currently buy gas from Exxon, BP or Shell, and don't consider any of them to be model corporate citizens. Given the choice, I'll choose the fuel that is better for the environment.
Posted By Mike, Washington DC : 1:07 PM  

Hey, if Walmart truly pulls this off in providing easy access to E85, reduce cost going into our tank, and push for adding cellulosic ethanol, then I truly will change forever my negative views about Walmart and return to shopping at Walmart. We will not get much help from the Oil Co on this topic and our Government is simply not doing enough. Go for it Walmart...
Posted By Bill O'Donnell Madison, Wisconsin : 1:07 PM  

Where are all the envrio wackos. Does anyone know how many gallons of water it takes to produce one gallon of ethanol. A lot! Just ask the residents of Marshall Minn. about their low ground water table due to the heavily subsidized ethanol plant there. The trade off isn't worth it. And now Illegal Immigrant-Mart is going to force even more usage? Great, we'll all have fuel but die from lack of water.
Posted By scott ,Phoenix, AZ : 1:08 PM  

Walmart pays its employees lower than a living wage; it forbids discussion of formation of a union, even in the room where people take breaks; and, after workers at a Canadian Walmart did manage to vote a union in, closed the store. It has a business model that creates profits for the few by means of mistreating the many--unethical to say the least. And they expect us to believe they are "good guys" just because of this green fuel gambit? Not a chance. I never have, and never will, buy a single thing at a Walmart.
Posted By Susan, Philadelphia, PA : 1:10 PM  

I will support anyone who has the will and the ways to put OPEC in their place.
Posted By jes, chicago, IL : 1:11 PM  

It's about time a company (US owned)has decided to stand up against Greedy Corporate Oil!! There is enough E85 is out there, and IOGEN in Canada has already started processing cellulosic ethanol that can be made from substances like left over paper pulp and sewage. The problems is big oil companies just don't want this to get popular and are doing whatever they can to keep what they got going! I usually do not support Walmart, especially with labor issues they seem to always have, but the world has been long awaiting a competitor to big oil, and Walmart is probably the only company out there that can do it!
Posted By zzlos, Boston, MA : 1:18 PM  

If Wal Mart is a company that can take the lead on this...then they will have stepped up where our government leadership has failed. I'll be shopping there as much as possible. E85 is something that should have happened a long time ago. The fact that there are only 4 stations in California is pathetic! I can go buy a GM Yukon right now and be saving my family over $250 a month by purchasing E85. I don't know about you, but I would rather see that money go into our pockets and not the Middle East!
Posted By Gary Doss, Big Bear Lake, CA : 1:19 PM  

even if wal-mart doesn't go through with E85 maybe this will get other gas providers to look into this solution more. i am very pro green, and if a business starts making their company more green then they have my support. to me people are thinking more of the bad of wal-mart rather than the good that they are trying to do something that i don't see BP, Shell, or Chevron doing. helping our planet is something no one should look down on these days.
Posted By Danielle A. Savannah, Georgia : 1:23 PM  

I will buy Walmart's cellulosic ethanol fuel, even if they only really care about their bottom line! The money will go back to farmers and keep us out of the Middle East (hopefully).
Good luck Walmart, please bring your ethanol to Wisconsin!
Posted By LJ, Madison, Wisconsin : 1:24 PM  

Is it a Bird?
Is it a Plane?
Our Hero !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted By Cynthia, Austin Texas : 1:26 PM  

Regardless of their motive, the fact that Walmart is going to distribute e85 is a move in the right direction to support America and the American economy.
Posted By Clay, Tallahassee FL : 1:26 PM  

I certainly hope Walmart is serious about this. Our planet needs this type of effort from everyone. I just wonder why legalizing and using hemp is never up for discussion. Hemp is a fantastic resource and the public needs to be educated to the facts, not the propaganda.
Posted By Sandra Cook, Fair Oaks, CA : 1:31 PM  

I admit that I find it a bit surprising that Wal Mart, a large conributor to Republican campaigns, will promote environmental causes. Be that as it may, I applaud their vision in these environmental matters. Wal Mart is the perfect conduit for change simply due to it's size and easy accessibility. Bravo Wal Mart. I may start shopping there again.
Posted By Louanne Ambrose Chesapeake Virginia : 1:39 PM  

in general i have never supported WAL MART or their way of doing business. i am extremely impressed that they may actually go through with this. only a company of that size and scope can impact our environmental crisis so quickly. i drive a prius and a SVO (straight veggie oil) converted car-- but most people in america don't have access or information on alternatives--so i think this would be amazing for the masses, country and environment.
Posted By klc, Los Angeles, CA : 1:43 PM  

My question is about the costs to the consumer in using E85 ethanol- presented as an alternative to automobile fuel. What are the costs in the development of the production facilities, the costs in the transportation of the raw materials to the production facilities and distribution facilities? What fosil fuel consumption would be required for the latter? What is the performance efficiency in automobiles using E85, what are the emission discharges for the average automoblie, and what would be the increased costs if any of repair and maintenance to automobiles using E85? How do we know that given all of the above, that the environment would be better off with E85 in our automobiles than currently used fuel?
Posted By Doug Hazen, Gurnee, IL : 1:44 PM  

Who cares what their motive is, the sooner we can get loose our dependance on foriegn oil the better off we all will be.
Posted By Mike Chicago IL : 1:46 PM  

They promote everything that is bad for this country and do nothing good for it. Selling CHEAP Chinese junk to the masses. They suckered us in with their Buy American, but that didn't last for long.
They also promote the second language used in this country instead of sticking to English.
DOWN with WM!!!!
Posted By Daisy Jones, Joliet,IL. : 1:55 PM  

The only initiative I'm supportive of Walmart's green is E85. Walmart is a big enough player in the consumer market to effect oil prices with this announcement. If the e85 is pushed in other countries where Walmart station stores the middle east better watch out.
Posted By Mike, Rolling Meadows, IL : 1:59 PM  

3 things corporate America needs to do to change their image.
1. Get rid of greed factor by offering basic health insurance to employees
2. Help the environment by supporting fuel alternatives people can afford.
3. Support American education by not limiting to minorities but all who need help who want to better their lives. They can then participate in the American dream.
Posted By Victoria, Portland, Oregon : 1:59 PM  

The assumption that the Management and employees of Wal Mart have no concern for the environment is somewhat irresponsible. I feel that, with great certainty, the management of Wal Mart is genuinely concerned about the environment, but hasn't been thoughtful enough in taking steps to promote the protection of our environment. I do not shop in Wal Mart - I prefer to pay slightly more and promote smaller business growth, however, the only way that our energy infrastructure will gain enough momentum to change to cleaner sources will be through the efforts/capitalization of the largest corporations in our country. The "Corner gas station" cannot take new technology and pump it into the economy at a competetive price. We all want independence from foreign oil, cleaner burning fuel, lower energy costs - this may be the catalyst that brings these wonderful advances to our doorstep. We can't have our cake and eat it too.
Posted By PPD Somers CT : 1:59 PM  

The need for a renewable enegry source has never been more visable then the past few years. The war in Iraq, the hurricane's in the south and other events has allowed big oil to take advantage of the American people. If you have any doubts look at the last few quarterly earnings reports from these companies. I think the need for an alternative to fossil fuels has never been more relevant. I beleive that Walmart has the retail presence to make E85 a country wide alternative , the lower emmisions and reduced harm to the environment is also a huge benefit.
Posted By Bob Hatboro,PA : 2:00 PM  

I have never been a Wal-Mart customer, however, this E85 strategy is just what it would take to convert me to a Wal-Mart customer. Cheers to them and to the partnership they are building to make this work.
None of the rationale that I have heard from the major oil companies justifies the price of oil at the pumps.This is way beyond gouging and verges on pure corruption by the companies and our government.
Posted By D. O'Connor, New York, NY : 2:04 PM  

Walmart is in business to make money. That is the essence of our system. While they have been rightfully skewered for some terrible excesses, they are no worse than most public companies or comparable size.
But increased ethanol is definitely in the best interest of the country; even if we are not able to grow all of our own, there are more diverse (and more friendly) sources of it than of oil.
I don;t like subsidies, but don't forget the vast subsidies of both treasure and blood we give to oil; the enormous debt we bear and those poor soldiers killed and mutilated in their primes.
Posted By Phillip Needham, Columbus, OH : 2:06 PM  

I have worked with ethanol-powered (E85) vehicles for 15 years, driving several. They work just as good as gas-only cars -- just have less energy per gallon compared to oil. Need more E85 to go the same number of miles. If the planet truly is running out of oil (perhaps 40 more years left), and the price for oil continues to increase, ethanol is the most logical substitute. Now we just need more of the E85 cars on the road -- tho 115 gallons of E85 later, my old gas-only Buick runs on E85 decently (I don't recommended doing what I'm doing -- It's an experiment).

Scott Benson
Chicago, IL
Posted By Scott Benson -- Chicago : 2:06 PM  

Has anyone seen the article in Car and Driver regarding E85? Not that it is 100% scientific fact, however, it does lend to further explanation. The price of E85 is as much as gasoline, yet when a car is running E85, Miles Per Gallon are significantly less than that of running on gasoline, and horsepower is reduced. Yes, this is because of "flex fuel" cars aren't designed specifically for Ethanol, and one day they could but it just doesn't seem cost effective unless the price was at least only 60% of what gasoline is. Another issue is that it takes a lot of energy to produce E85 and the CO2 emissions will be shifted from burning gasoline to producing E85. Of course I am not an expert by a long shot and would love to run E85 in a car, if it got the same amount of mileage and hp as the car would running gas. You know if Wal-mart will sell it, people will purchase it.
Posted By T, Huntsville, AL : 2:11 PM  

Dear Walmart - please do this !!! I cringe every time I fill my tank, because I know I am making a donation to middle eastern terrorists with my gasoline purchase. I would much rather spend my money on an American product such as E85.
Posted By Oscar Ander, Lindenhurst, IL : 2:16 PM  

Posted By Elio, Kissimmee FL : 2:19 PM  

How about if the government stops paying farmers to grow nothing and now encourage them to grow corn, etc for ethanol production. That should help with the supply side.
Posted By DRS, Simi Valley, CA : 2:19 PM  

Wal-Mart is a great company. It keeps inflation down by demanding lower prices and it jumps at opportunities, like selling ethanol. Would you rather buy ethanol from an American company or continue to pay terrorists who want to kill you? I applaud the company. That's what America is all about
Posted By charles williams, Mount Pleasant, South Carolina : 2:23 PM  

Yes, I believe Walmart is serious and I think it would help the energy crisis and may help their image. I think it is a very good idea.
Posted By Mack Senn, Destin, FL : 2:26 PM  

While I am not a big fan of Walmart; they are big enough and have the market penetration to get this done. I am running a hybrid with flex fuel abilities, but there is no where to get the fuel.

If Walmart takes that first expensive leap, they will lead a very good, strong trend. Boy I hate saying that, but it is true.
Posted By Chris, Durham, NC : 2:26 PM  

thats the best news i have heard today. life without foreign oil, their games, price fixing, politics, hate for the west, etc etc? i'll pay more for it. i may even shop at w-mart when i am filling up my tank..
Posted By john, west palm beach fl : 2:29 PM  

Look if they are serious about E85 then yes! With their size and power they could help reduce our depednence on the middle east and any help in that front is definatly welcomed! I wish they would just clean up their sotre alittle better like target i would shop there all the time.
Posted By Brian, Willoughby, OH : 2:29 PM  

Yes, Wal-Mart can make a difference and will if they do this campaign. This could be what it takes to take green mainstream. That's what we want ultimately isn't it? It's easy to despise them, but they could make more of a difference if they do this than all of us clean/good living lefties who have been out in front on this issue. Let's not retreat into a green "ghetto" of purity, but work to keep Wal-Mart accountable.
Posted By Deborah Davis, Valdosta, GA : 2:30 PM  

Wal-Mart is a business and regardless of true motive, is responding to what they perceive as a market need. Love or Hate W-Mart, they are first and foremost profit motivated (if you think other Corpoations are different, that's naive thinking). They can certainly influence the trend for other gasoline retailers to follow suite to remain competitive.
That in mind, I only worry that we are jumping into this quickly without understanding future implications and costs to other retailers to upgrade. Let's just be sure whatever they are sinking investment in today will be the same in 5,10++ years. If "cellulose ethanol" is a better long term solution so as to not throw the balance of food supply in termoil (possible corn shortages), this is a big consideration! I want to know how easily changes can be instituted. The $$ spent on fueling dispensers, equipment, software to manage and talk to the dispensers doesn't come cheap. Most of American C-Stores are small business owners and this cost can be a real bottle neck. Not to mention possible engineering redesigns from car manufacturers, refineries, etc...
I am all for W-Mart putting the first foot forward to start the critical mass needed, but once we get their I hope we don't create new problems and additional costs that will get passed on to Americans. High prices today certainly dictate change in fuel resources, but let's make good long term decisions and not emotional short sighted decisions in response to price issues of today.
Posted By MaryLou, Dallas TX : 2:31 PM  

Ok - All the people that think that ethanol as a motor fuel will save our planet better be prepared to pay the higher costs for it. Wal-Mart will not be giving this stuff away! It might just have a lower pump price, but do not be fooled - your mileage will degrade significantly to offset this!
Posted By BJ in Texas : 2:49 PM  

It's about time a company as big as Walmart started using their power to make things better istead of worse for the planet. If big oil would only do the same. Kudos to Walmart...
Posted By susan,tulsa, ok : 2:51 PM  

With the way the world is going its going to take a Walmart with its support and backing to tackle this issue with out all the red tape up on the hill...
Posted By Sau, Salt Lake City, Ut. : 3:07 PM  

I don't like the way Wal Mart does businness, I don't shop at Wal Mart, but if they do this, I will be a customer 100%
Posted By Jorge Huertas, South Pasadena, Ca : 3:13 PM  

It is only this kind of initiatives that will help promote social shifting from established social patterns to ecocentrism and real enviromental change. When the corporation embraces change at that level, it filters through and impacts the masses to an extent and with a speed that is unprecedented. Yes, Wal-Mart is not a good corporate citizen on many fronts. But unless we learn to work with every possible ally, and give our support on common issues of concern even to those whom we may otherwise disagree with, we are only contributing to what we blame them for. How can you embrace and implement change when you do not want to acccept into your change plans those that did not believe in it before? Isn't our goal to recruit and convert as many as possible into the dream of a better and healthier Earth? Isn't Wal-Mart doing just that? Not only did they shift into the camp, they are taking a lead. An amazing shift from their past practices. And as with any socio-economic shift, there needs to be a related economic benefit accross all layers of the society for the shift to take hold and sustain itself. So let us not criticize and castigate Wal-Mart for its incredible courage to take on its own established ways and create breakthrough changes for the world. On this one, Lee Scott and the entire Wal-Mart organization deserve all the support and recognition we can give them.
Posted By Lazaros Bountour, Huntignton Beah, CA : 3:14 PM  

Walmart Rocks!. Personally I hate them but if they change the future of the energy markets then great. Cheap Ethanol=Cheap gasoline so the consumer wins. When demand goes down so will Exxon's prices. For once I support Wal Mart breaking the rules because it just might help the little guy.
Posted By John, Rockville, Maryland : 3:17 PM  

Are cars meant to run on corn-liquor?? Couple years ago when I first became stuck in Nebraska here, seems like thats how Consumer Reports described ethanol in their article; I do know I sure don't get the gas mileage when I do use it...
Posted By mary fowler, omaha ne : 3:25 PM  

If our government was truly interested in doing what was necessary to separate our country and our need for fuel from the volatility of the Middle East, none of us would be debating this because there would already be E85 fuel pumps in every neighborhood in the country. Instead of standing around and knocking Walmart - regardless of whether or not their intentions are good - why isn't anybody pressuring the government to do what is necessary to provide for our needs. Has anyone posting on this page contacted their local congressman about the availability of E85 pumps? Why not?!

I love Walmart, and I shop there often. That being said, I hope that my local Walmart/Murphy gas station puts in an E85 pump so I can personally disassociate myself with the price for a barrel of crude oil. If you are angry at the fact that gasoline averages are above $3.00 per gallon, either look at the prices that citizens pay in every other industrialized nation in the world and stop moaning or applaud Walmart for making an effort to help us cut ties with middle eastern crude.

Let our farmers, the people on which this nation was built, continue to carry us into a new era of fuel conservancy. Then we can stop caring so much what happens in the Middle East.
Posted By Phil Brackett, Niles, Michigan : 3:33 PM  

This will not help the adverage walmart customer. It's main purpose is to atract new customers that can afford to buy/own an e85 vehicle.
Posted By tom iowa city ia : 3:36 PM  

I would buy E85 at any price just to keep the money here. GO WALMART...
Posted By Ed, Brooksville, FL : 3:45 PM  

How can a product (Ethanol) be a viable fuel source, when it takes MORE energy to produce than it yields? Only with hefty subsidies(52 cents per gallon) from you and me--the tax payors.
Posted By John Woodall, Shreveport Louisiana : 3:51 PM  

I have been an avowed anti-WalMart advocate for years, ever since an elderly friend of mine got tricked into "retiring" early, and who now has no coverage of any kind after years as a Wal-Mart eye care employee. I have never shopped at a Wal-Mart or a Sam's Club before, and never intended to. However, as an avowed tree-hugger and environmentalist, if the company is serious- and the world will be taking its inventory on this- about REALLY doing the things it says to build and maintain eco-sustainability, then I will be a happy convert. And the reality, is that no other international company have more influence than they do, and once they succeed, others will follow suit. The only caveat is corn ethanol, it would be more efficient to use prairie grass or other like substances as they are more renewable, but they also don't comprise a food source. The bottom line is that the world needs to do something SOON and something BIG, to help the planet, or we'll be the ones who suffer, poor or rich. And noone can do it bigger than Wal-Mart. I'll be watching, and waiting to go get one of those CF lightbulbs...
Posted By Brooke, Miami, FL : 3:52 PM  

Walmart please save us!! WE need ethanol stations across the country and you can do it. The "trickle down" effect of ethanol, suppliers, jobs, farmers, and on and on is enomorous. This is great.
Posted By Vernon E. Dyke,Hampton,VA : 3:58 PM  

I really don't care about their image. They sell Ethanol and I'll buy an Ethanol burning vehicle. It's that simple. Support anyone that steps in and changes the status quo.
Posted By MogartheGreat, Portland, Or and Lava Hot Springs, Idaho : 4:08 PM  

There have been no studies which prove ethanol is a net energy winner, especially at the macro scale in America. It takes energy in all aspects of creating the fuel. E85 prices are deceiving because they are offset by government subsidies. Making our crops (especially our staple crop) a fuel source will inevitably cause our food prices to rise.

There is no realistic future in ethanol.
Posted By Andrew Chang, Columbus, Ohio : 4:09 PM  

Wal-Mart is closer to the devil then the earth. They have been on a mission to destroy small businesses across the US at any cost. They are also the largest importer from china, and the largest employer in the US to not offer affordable health care. That means most of their employees are on federal subsidies. Which means tax payers are paying for what Wal-Mart should be? Screw Wal-Mart! 5 of the 10 richest people in the world according to Forbes.com are Walton�s. When they fail to donate more than 1% of their wealth to charity they don�t deserve to have it. Especially when by comparison Bill Gates and Warren Buffet donate nearly 50% of their fortunes to charity. Sam Walton would be ashamed of what Wal-Mart has become. People in this country are ignorant when it comes to the media thinking for them by pushing a completely corporate elite agenda. The best part is most people think media is �liberal,� when in fact media is owned and controlled by elite conservatives (kind of like our government). Media is just used to control the ignorant. Wal-Mart is putting on a front. Just remember my favorite quote "war is as necessary to capitalism as pregnancy is to motherhood"
Posted By Robert, Minneapolis, MN : 5:33 PM  

Wal mart is not in the best position as so many other oil companies are to make a difference and make us less dependent upon foreign oil. Lets hope people appriciate this effort and encourage other companies follow up with similar initiatives.
Posted By Anil, East Stroudsburg : 5:35 PM  

I am sure the recommendation through the UL will fall through since it gets quite a bit of funding through the oil and gas industry leaders. Does the phrase "ship without a destination come to mind?"
Posted By JW Busch Austin Texas : 5:42 PM  

WalMart is probably serious jusform the standpoint it would be easier to change public opinion about the company right now by taking on OPEC. By coming with a assualt on Opec and the big oil companies(especially at a time where we are finding out they maybe aren't really re-investing their profitslike they have been stating in public. you know, like in maintenance) WalMart takes on the one industry everybody is negative about, portrays itself as trying to give the country a cheaper alternative to said industry, and becomes a white knight without changing a thing.
And I will be in line with all the other WalMart haters so I can save a dime a gallon when I fill up. Because no matter what anyone says, that is what everyone will do
Posted By Jason, Atlanta,Indiana : 6:49 PM  

I don't believe WalMArt is interested in anything but profits,,, their reliance on state funded health care for employees show that, all businesses in the large catagory should do whatever thay can to lessentheir burden on the people as well as the environment. But not for the purpose of making a buck.
Posted By Dave,Seattle WA : 6:49 PM  

Wal-Marts only concern is making money, nothing else. Anything that they can make a buck off of they will try.
Posted By Tom Atkinson, Asheville, NC : 8:13 PM  

I do not see why people must bash Wal-Mart. It is simple, if you do not like the business model, ethics, etc. do not shop there. It is all about the marketing and the bottom line. Why would Wal-Mart not promote the environment while increasing the bottom line by selling E85?
Posted By Greg Davis, Zebulon, GA : 8:17 PM  

Congratulations to Walmart!!! They realize they are an environmental burden with thier size and old habits & I hope they are sincere and showing america that big corporations do care about our children's water & air & of course their future ecosystem. Too often we hear of all the Enron & Haliburton negligence & we need good stories like this to bolster hope in corporate america.
Posted By KJ, Pittsburgh PA : 9:26 PM  

All they care about is money. We learned this week No More pay raises once you top out 'I've been there 13 Years and make 13.00 If I stay there for life I will only make $13.00 real great how we are appreciated. Thanks WAL-MART.
Posted By Sue Meeks Madison,Ga : 9:40 PM  

If this really happens, I will shop at Walmart even MORE..The only way to get Big Oil's attention is by competition...Money talks and BS walks....
Posted By Rob, Houston, TX : 10:28 PM  

IF they really do this, it could change the world. IF they really do this, I will definitely shop there more often (including E85). I have not bought gas from Exxon since the Valdez fiasco (not once). I would definitely show my appreciation with my wallet the same way I have shown my disgust with Exxon. Of course it's hard to believe that any part of corporate America could do something right for a change, but wouldn't it be fantastic if they did?
Posted By Rick Jones, Alpharetta, GA : 10:47 PM  

Who better to take on Exxon Mobil. As bad as Walmart can be/is to small business, lets see them take a chunk out of the worlds largest company. Whatever their motive, I'm excited to help our environment and not make people who hate Americans richer.
Posted By josh, eliot, me : 11:02 PM  

Wal-mart is a business. People work for that business. Those people believe in themselves and care for their families. They are us.
Don't get me wrong, Wal-mart is all about saving money, theirs primarily but also yours and mine. If they can save 30% on their internal transportation, they will do that. It is in their best interest to spread that cost to their customers. If they begin a supply of 30% energy savings but helping E85 they will certainly do it.
In my opionion, Wal-mart does need to make humanitarian changes so they will continue to make money in the future. The recent increase in health insureance is a step in the right direction. A greener and lower cost transportation system would help even more now and into the future.
Posted By Charles, Largo, Florida : 2:07 AM  

Wal-Mart is very sincere about lowering their prices for their customers. In addition, knowing they have a major impact on the environment, this company can make a major impact on improving our environment. Wal-Mart's efficiency is what made it the large corporation that it is today. Wal-Mart will keep their promise. This will not only improve their bottom line, but will also make a major impact on the environment. Wal-Mart will once again be a role model for other corporations to follow.
Posted By Matt, Fayetteville, AR : 2:43 AM  

I am hopeful. The industrial revolution of 150 years ago initiated the climactic demise we are witnessing today. We didn't know then what we know now. Since the bottomline drives the world, it is up to businesses and corporations to lead us in a new revolution, the sustainable revolution. If Walmart takes the reins I think a new model can be created. Just don't greenwash, follow through. Treat the people low on your supply chain the way you'd want your daughters and grand children treated. Get rid of PVC entirely. Keep innovating. You are moving in the right direction.
Posted By Amy, San Francisco, CA : 2:58 AM  

Better Walmart than Opec!
Posted By G.B. Eninburg, Pa. : 7:31 AM  

Nearly everyone believes that Wal-Marts motives are governed by profit and not green business.

But that is the American way. Finally conditions are changing and evolving to a point where businesses (albeit big box businesses)are able to make a profit selling environmentally friendly fuel. Just because Wal-Mart might turn a profit on this does not mean it is bad for the rest of us.

Cudos to Wal-Mart.
Posted By Mynhier, Indiana : 8:33 AM  

I would purposely buy ethenal from WalMart. I believe this adinistration has seriously deserted it's concern and well-being for the poeple living in THIS Country!!!
Posted By Kimberly in Toledo, Ohio : 8:40 AM  

Additional E85 pumps would be great for those of us with Flex-Fuel Vehicles who would love to stick it to OPEC. However, they need to price it significanly less than regular gas since E85 gets less miles per gallon.
Posted By Chris, Dallas TX : 8:41 AM  

Posted By TERRY, DENVER, COLO : 9:08 AM  

No, I think WalMart only cares about making a buck. The fact that there is a new market for cleaner and cheaper alternative to gasoline for them to target and make even more money. They are using the "Green" marketing campaign to improve the bad images that they so deserved recently.
Posted By Steven, Toronto, Ontario : 9:44 AM  

Walmart will initially buy ethanol with products made from USA farmers and when it gets control of the market, will then insist on buying farm products made in China and other low cost nations, again putting thousands of Americans in jeopardy of financial ruin.

Say no to Walmart
Posted By John Pittsburtgh, PA : 10:36 AM  

The one thing on this blog that I am seeing is what this could mean for energy prices and the economic well-being of our nation. I too believe that Walmart is a monster but I have seen strong evidence that we are headed for a recession and I see the idea of Walmart selling ethanol, as a means of possibly significantly reducing or eliminating our dependence on petroleum. This would provide our nation with tools to we win the war on terror, win the war against big oil, and save our earth from further damage. The problem in the energy market is NOT the supply of crude but a deliberate lack of effort to provide the necessary supply as a means to artificially drive up prices to increase their profits. The industry typically runs on roughly a 10% profit margin which would tell you that the higher the prices the higher the profits since 10% of $10B is a lot different than 10% of a $1B. This could prove to be the turning point in our energy "crisis" by injecting some much needed competition into the energy market.
Posted By Sean Kilpatrick Woodbury, NJ : 10:48 AM  

Dear All of You, start to pressure the other corporations..write to them, ask for carbon emission reduction programs, pressure the oil companies to capture and store carbon dioxide. The technology is there and they can do it in far greater quantities than they are now. CNN...we would like you to deliver news on far more climate initiatives than you do now.
Posted By J Bernini, Montevarchi, Italy : 10:56 AM  

It would be great if we could could belive that walmart would be about caring for the environment, but i am quite sure that is not the case.
as many already knows, in germany, nobody liked the walmat social unjustices type of behave to the point that they had to sell their store chain there.
they managed to get rid of walmart because nobody believe they are really doing any good for society really.
Posted By saul judd, san francisco, california : 6:24 PM  

I think this is a great idea as long as two things happen. First, don't go �NUTZ� with the price of the new gasoline. I have seen the price of the E-85 vs. regular gasoline at stations by my house and, the price of the E85 has rocketed up, almost over night. Let�s not take a queue from the oil companies on this one. This could be the turning of a page in the book of humanity.
Second, we, as a nation can produce more corn than we could ever use. This country throws away ton of corn each year because there is no use for it, or it simply goes bad. We have even paid farmers in the past not to farm. Why not use any corn products as an alternative, renewable fuel?
Posted By Kevin Cannon, Chandler Arizona : 1:09 PM  

Wal-Mart is sincere. As suppliers of solid wood furniture, we are already working to transition into certified woods for future collections. It won't be easy, but it's the right thing to do. I suspect many other suppliers are not waiting for buyer direction in this respect, but being proactive about sustainability as well. Wal-Mart's leadership will bring many good things, whether critics like it or not.
Posted By Rodolfo Leiton, Bentonville, AR : 2:16 PM  

It has become VERY apparent to anyone who lives within 50 miles of Bentonville - and soon everyone else will see - that Wal-Mart's recent environmental initiatives will have a tremendous positive impact our world. What I don't understand is that even if these were "tactics" for better PR or even driven by $ why anyone would not want to support them. It's obvious that the politics within our own government make such positive environmental change virtually impossible so it's encouraging to see Wal-Mart provide the leadership necessary to do so.
Posted By Russ, Rogers, Arkansas : 4:45 PM  

Wal-Mart is building in my community and has cut down all the trees and ravaged the watershed. So much for green!
Posted By J. Grall, Woodland Park, CO : 12:38 PM  

It's amazing how uninformed the public is, when I read some of the comments. First of all, which family members are within the top 15 Billionares (hint they own Wal-Mart). Did they make personal donations, like Mircosoft owner ?. Please understand that ethonal is 25 to 30% less milage. Also the amount of corn used & who if could feed. Please rememeber the reason for the oil costs today, is because of the amount of oil used by China, which also has driven up the prices of iron ore, copper, nickle e.t.c.. in regards to their expanding economy (due to the U.S.A. citizens buying habits). As noted before, Wal-Mart is only out to make money !! nothing more....
Posted By tam, smalltown, michigan : 1:59 PM  

I think Walmart is serious about the environment. I hope they are can sell E85 at ALL of their stores. Just because gas is going down we must not forget the high prices of gas, and the burden it has placed on All Americans. If they sell E85 I will have all the vehicles in my company converted and buy from them instead of BP. I say put the farmers back to work and in doing so maybe we can rebuild the small towns of America. Also, we need to replace our light bulbs with the evergy saving ones. I did at my residence and the quality of light is much better. I wish Walmart the best of luck selling E85 Fuel and if they make money in the process, well good for them.
Posted By Bob Singleton, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina : 12:02 PM  

Walmart is doing the right thing. Of course they are out to make a profit, and that is precisely why they are going green. That defines capitalism.

It is not Walmart's job to clean up the environment. That is our job. We vote with our dollars, and that is far more powerful than Walmart or any other large corporation.

So, when people rail against Walmart, they need look no further than a mirror to look at the real problem.
Posted By Phil Brux Eau Claire, Wisconsin : 3:28 PM  

I'm taking Sustainable Agriculture at a nearby community college, and I know that Organic food is good for you, but Wal-Mart selling organic produce, could hurt the Organic farmer. I, for one, do not support Wal-Mart, now, or even before they started to sell organic food.
Posted By Thayer Jordan, Chapel Hill, N.C. : 4:49 PM  

While the motivations of corporate Wal Mart may be sincere, this just rings hollow for me. WalMart is a very visible symbol of what is wrong in America today. We have an abundance of cheap goods made on the cheap in foreign lands while good paying jobs with benefits have gone the way of the Dodo bird. The only green WalMart really cares about is what may be all we have left that is made in America- the dollar! Oh, is that being outsourced, too?
Posted By Debbie S, Cherry Hill, New Jersey : 11:54 AM  

I'm glad Walmart is thinking of going green, Ethanol needs a big player like Walmart to help this good thing take off!
I do not shop at the store now (not a fan of Walmarts ethics) but I will definately feel different if they make this happen.
Posted By Sergio, Tiverton, RI : 9:28 PM  

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