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A Bluetooth headset that's all signal and no noise, a powerful way to network your computers and the mysterious elixir that wards off jet lag.

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Between my commute, conferences, and airports, I conduct a lot of business on the phone from some very noisy places. This leaves me with three options: Find somewhere quiet and be late for my next meeting, use the mute button and don't participate in the conversation, or shout. I've tried noise-canceling headsets before, but the sound quality was never good enough.

The Jawbone, however, is amazing. The earpiece is feather-light and comes with five different types of ear pads to ensure a great fit. It essentially erases background noise and boosts incoming audio while identifying and enhancing your speech. I used the Jawbone to call one of my partners while I was walking the floor of the Web 2.0 Expo. The sound quality was so good that my partner had no idea I was surrounded by a massive, buzzing crowd of 5,000.

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