5 top e-schools

The best online programs blend quality with flexibility.

Grand Canyon University
Grand Canyon University
Phoenix, AZ
Tuition: N.A.

Why we chose it: This up-and-coming online program kicked off its first semester in January, offering The Entrepreneurial Economy, an entry-level entrepreneurship course that tackles the basics of starting your own business. To major in entrepreneurship, students will take a total of 10 courses that address topics such as business plan writing, government compliance, marketing, and social responsibility. The program was designed by chair of the College of Entrepreneurship Michael Gerber, an entrepreneur and best selling author on the subject of small business. "Gerber shares his philosophy of 'awaking the entrepreneur within,' educating the faculty about what it takes to be successful," says Kathy Player, provost and chief academic officer. The school also stresses the importance of technology and online communities in its lessons. Grand Canyon student Dannny Kessler, who owns Angels With Attitude (angelswithattitude.tv), a company that teaches self-defense tactics to women, enjoyed learning about the possible applications of blogging to his business. "Francine Hardaway, our Public Relations and Networking Skills teacher, introduced us to blogging," says Kessler, 26. "Since then, I've started a blog about personal safety and women's self-defense that has helped me reach out to my clients, and boost my credibility."

Boston University

Grand Canyon University

University of Houston at Victoria

University of Wyoming

Western Carolina University
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