6 companies where customers come first

Surveys show that more consumers than ever are fed up with bad service. Meet six entrepreneurs who profit by bucking the trend.

HyperFit USA
HyperFit USA
Ann Arbor, MI

Type of firm: fitness center

Customer-service strategy: Using customized software, HyperFit (hyperfitusa.com), addresses customer needs on a personalized basis. When new members join HyperFit, they fill out forms that highlight their fitness goals and any health issues. The information is stored in a database so all experts on staff have access to his records. "A trainer might say, 'I know you're bothered by a bulging disk. Let's modify your routine from that of the rest of your classmates,'" says CEO Doug Chapman (center). The gym also helps clients stick to their regimes. If a customer doesn't show up for three weeks, he automatically gets an e-mail alert. Sometimes trainers phone with a pep talk. Recently, a man joined the gym planning to run a marathon, but stopped coming during a messy divorce. After three weeks an alert went out. Chapman followed up by e-mailing an article about marathon training. The man soon returned to the gym.
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