...and in theory, wiser. We asked the pop icons you grew up with what they've learned about money.
Bradley Whitford, 47
Television producer, former White House staffer
Bradley Whitford, 47
"My father used to tell me a riddle: Who is happier, the guy with $11 million or the guy with 11 kids? The guy with 11 kids.


"Because he doesn't want more."

William Shatner

Micky Dolenz

Cheryl Tiegs

Ron Howard

Barry Williams

Mark Spitz

David Cassidy

Bob Cowsill

Denzel Washington

Bruce Jenner

Chaka Kahn

Grace Slick

Bradley Whitford

James Taylor

Steve Jobs

Donny Osmond

Jerry Seinfeld

Alice Walker

Tim Matheson

Bobby Seale

Arnold Schwarzenegger
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