If you're over 50 - top 20 jobs for a change

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Public School Teacher
A top 5 pick
Public School Teacher
5 job tips if you're over age 50
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There's a huge demand for teachers, particularly in science and math. Alternative certification programs aimed at older workers can pay for and speed up the process of becoming a teacher. Most public school teachers still get two months off each summer, but workdays are longer than you think.
Median Pay: $47,500
  Salary Total compensation
(includes bonus)
Most people make:
90% in this job make more than:
$36,100 $36,100
Top earners:
10% in this job make more than:
$64,100 $64,100
10-year Job Growth: 14% 
Growth in Jobs 147,879
Total openings 436,111
Career Description
Prepares lesson plans and instructs students. Evaluates and monitors students' performance.
Bachelor's degree, teacher education program and state licensing
Non-profit Executive Patient Rep Celebrant Financial Adviser Teacher Appraiser College Professor Day Care Teacher IRA Specialist Labor Relations Manager Leasing Consultant Lobbyist Medical Records Technician Pension Administrator Religious Educator Retail Manager Retail Sales Staff Staff Nurse (RN) Tax Accountant Tutor
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