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Money Magazine sent about 40 prints and negatives to six popular services. Here's which did best at getting them onto your computer.

Money field test winner

Cost structure:
Prints: 27 cents each at 600 dpi.
Negatives: 19 cents each at 3,000 dpi.
Minimum order? None.

Turnaround time:
Promises scans in four to six weeks; ScanCafe delivered ours in four weeks.
Note: ScanCafe sends photos to India.

Scan quality:
Crisp detail, decent contrast and realistic color.
Bonus: You get to preview scans online and pay for only those you want.

Bottom line:
Best quality and cheapest. You may have a long wait and you have to be okay with sending photos abroad, but it's well worth it.

Grade: A-
Last updated December 31 2007: 9:58 AM ET



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