The iPhone deluge

If the iPod is any indication, accessories for the new Apple cell phone are about to become a huge business. Here's a sneak peek at some of the gear (all compatible) ready to adorn your new handset.

Belkin acrylic case
Belkin acrylic case

How easily the new iPhone breaks is one of the big concerns surrounding the new device. This case is made from hard acrylic for maximum protection, while it still gives you access to keys, ports, and the navigation screen.

The best part? Flip your iPhone on its side and the belt clip works as a kickstand so you can stand your iPhone upright and watch videos in landscape mode. Which means you can catch hours of movies without getting arm cramps.

No need to worry about the fit either. Belkin's case was among the select few that Apple pre-approved so it's iPhone compatible (as are all of the products on our list), according to Jeremy Horwitz, editor-in-chief of iLounge, an independent Apple product information site.

Belkin acrylic case

Jawbone Bluetooth headset

VIBE Duo headphones

Sportsuit Sleeve

PowerJolt car charger

"iGot iPhone" T-shirt
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