12 Best toys of 2007

Toy Wishes magazine picks Barbie Girls MP3 player, Fisher-Price's Smart Cycle and Rubik's Revolution among toys of the year.

Barbie Girls
Barbie Girls
Barbie Girls is a two-part concept. It's a Website that comes to life on BarbieGirls.com, where girls can create virtual characters, design rooms, shop at the mall using virtual money called "BBucks" or just hang out and chat with their other virtual friends.

The second component is the "Barbie Girl" device - a doll-shaped MP3 player that comes with its own accessories. The MP3 player can hold up to 120 MP3 songs with expandable memory.

Suggested retail price: $59.99 for the MP3 player; $9.99 for the fashion accessories pack; $9.99 for the decoration pack/Ages 6 and up
Maker: Mattel

American Idol

Aqua Dots

Barbie Girls


Guitar Hero III

Hannah Montana

Nerf N-Strike

Rubik's Revolution

Smart Cycle