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KEF Muon speakers
KEF Muon speakers
Price: $140,000

Welded from blocks of chrome-plated aluminum, standing over six-feet tall and packed with technology, KEF's Muon speakers are an impressive infusion of engineering and craftsmanship best enjoyed in spacious settings. Designed by Ross Lovegrove, who influenced such technological icons as the Walkman and the iMac, the Muons have a captivating shape inspired by the movement of sound through space.

A heavily damped aluminum shell minimizes sound-distorting vibrations, while two additional base drivers mounted in the back produce a clean and open sound by eliminating room effects. An active carbon coating inside the cabinet absorbs air bubbles enabling the speakers to deliver a much bigger sound from a small enclosure. The result is an unparalleled loudspeaker with an exquisite sound quality that will blow music lovers away.

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