10 Honeymoon hotspots

There is no better way to cap off a lifetime commitment then with a trip of a lifetime. Here's where to go for the most exceptional - and exotic - experiences.

Duane-Meyer swears by the Four Seasons tented camp in the Golden Triangle (pictured), where Thailand, Burma, and Laos meet. Couples arrive by river boat and stay in one of 15 tented suites for three or four all-inclusive nights. (Rates start at about $1000 a night.)

Although there is no beach, newlyweds can lounge by the pool, hit the spa, cruise on the Mekong River, go for a picnic or play with the elephants.

At night there are campfire dinners and drinks by the riverside in a bar on stilts. Sometimes the general manager, Jason Friedman, hosts cocktails at his house.

Of course, Thailand is also famous for its beaches, most notably on the Island of Phuket. There you can choose from one of the many luxury resorts that hug the coast, where there's not much to do besides relax.


Costa Rica & Belize

Turks and Caicos


St Lucia

Bora Bora


New Zealand



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