Do you have the right investments?

The answer has nothing to do with finding the single perfect stock or mutual fund. The key is changing your idea of what the 'right' investment really is.

Money 70: Long-term winners
Fund 10-Year Return
Royce Opportunity 18.18%
Pennsylvania Mutual 14.76%
FPA Perennial 14.76%
Meridian Growth 12.88%
Muhlenkamp 12.18%
Source: Morningstar
Do you ignore hot investing trends?
Many people think that there's one "right" investment out there that will solve all their problems. You know: If only I'd bought the ING Russia Fund that returned 68% last year, I'd be well on my way to living large in retirement.

But that's exactly the wrong approach. At best, searching for the perfect fund is a big waste of time. Unless you're clairvoyant, you can't know which fund will come out on top - returns are too unpredictable.

And at worst, engaging in a vain quest for a winner can lead to the classic and costly mistake of getting in at the peak. Funds that have been riding the tops of the performance charts are often ready to tank. Buying them is dangerous.
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