Freaky Franken-cars go under the hammer

Does $8,000 for a Rolls-Royce sound like a bargain? How about one that's been turned into sewage vacuum?

2005 Dodge Magnum Locomotive
2005 Dodge Magnum Locomotive
Sold for: $13,500

For those who take a train to work, here's the ultimate "station car." If you miss the train, you could - theoretically, at least - just drive this car right onto the tracks and keep going.

West Coast Choppers retrofitted this Hemi-powered Dodge Magum with a full set of retractable custom-built train wheels that allow it to be driven on rails.

The wagon's rear storage area was removed to fit the hydraulic system required to raise and lower the train wheels.

Last updated January 22 2008: 12:09 PM ET

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