Unlimited Partnership

Why are more and more couples risking romance to launch a business together? How do the successful ones make it work? Five couples - and one ex-couple - share their stories and strategies.

Kerrie Paige and Jaret Hauge
Divide and conquer
Kerrie Paige and Jaret Hauge
Bellingham, Wash.

Kerrie Paige, a Ph.D. in mathematical analysis, and her business partner Jaret Hauge launched their company while each was in the midst of separation. Perfect business partners, they soon clicked as a romantic match as well. But sharing a home office proved too much: the couple says a new office with soundproof walls has been a godsend. "We're much more productive this way," says Paige.

The company has inspired Paige's 16-year-old son, Alex Paige, who has lived with NovaSim since elementary school. "I think it would be fun to start my own business, choose what I'm interested in, and have my own hours," he says. "And if I got married, I definitely wouldn't mind starting something with a spouse - we'd spend more time together that way. And that would be pretty cool."

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Divide and conquer

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