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4. Saratoga, CA
Saratoga, CA
Population: 30,045
Median family income: $196,420
Median home price: $1,500,000

Deep in California's Santa Clara Valley, Saratoga was once best known as the home of the Paul Masson Winery, which - if you recall - would sell no wine before its time. Well, times have changed. The winery is still there, but so are the best and brightest of Silicon Valley, whose fortunes have spilled over into this upscale bedroom community.

You can get a decent bottle of wine and a baguette to go with it at many of the area's upscale restaurants and European-themed bakeries. Or travel to one of the town's surrounding vineyards and sample the local vintages.

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Last updated July 16 2008: 1:22 PM ET
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