25 top-earning towns

Wondering where the wealth is? Residents of these 25 places have the highest median family incomes in the country.

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1. New Canaan, CT
New Canaan, CT
Population: 19,690
Median family income: $231,138
Median home price: $1,465,000

New York City's elite once chose New Canaan as a vacation town, but they liked it so much, they decided to stay there year-round and turn it into one of the nation's wealthiest residential communities.

Architects like Philip Johnson also liked New Canaan and turned it into a showcase for some of the most stunning examples of modern architecture in the world. You may have caught a peek at some of the town's multimillion-dollar homes if you watched the 1997 film drama, "The Ice Storm."

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Last updated July 16 2008: 1:22 PM ET
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