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5. Westport, CT
Westport, CT
Population: 26,218
Median family income: $193,540
Median home price: $1,200,000

Culture vultures have been making Westport home for more than a century, but they've traded their paintbrushes for season tickets. Once an artist's colony, Westport is now better known as an affluent bedroom community on Long Island Sound that's held on to its cultural roots.

You can check out an exhibit at the Westport Arts Center, catch an outdoor concert at the Levitt Pavillion, attend an A-list show at the Westport Country Playhouse, or watch the locals strut their stuff at the Westport Community Theater.

Martha Stewart launched her empire more than 25 years ago from one of the town's ubiquitous colonial farmhouses, but don't expect to run into the domestic doyenne down on Main St. She's moved on, and now calls Katonah, N.Y. home.

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