10 things that will cost less in 2011

As prices skyrocket on everything from coffee to chocolate, here are 10 things that are actually getting cheaper, according to dealnews.com.

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Full-Size Digital SLR Camera
Full-Size Digital SLR Camera
Price in 2009: $346
Price in 2010: $319
Price in 2011: $299

Not only is this camera cheap, it's one of the greatest values out there for a high-quality camera, said Beth Pinsker, editorial director of dealnews.com.

As point-and-shoots gain in popularity, these larger, slightly clunkier cameras are slipping in price.

"$299 for one of these great functioning machines is a great steal," she said. "Even my 2-year-old cousin can use them -- they're not difficult to use -- but I guess they scare some people away."

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Last updated February 07 2011: 5:57 AM ET
The data for this analysis is derived from "deals" that were previously listed on dealnews.com. By definition, all deals on dealnews are price-checked, verified offers -- "the lowest total price we've seen" -- so the data used for dealnews predictions is based on low prices, not average prices. Refurbished deals are excluded.
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