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Stuck in a part-time job

Americans are working fewer hours, partly due to the rise in part-time jobs. These people want full-time work, but can only find part-time gigs.

Cut down to part-time hours

  • Name: James Toney

I have been scraping together a living from multiple part-time jobs for about a year and a half.

I was cut back to half time in my job as a research scientist at a small company in May 2012, and have made up some of the deficit with part-time teaching work. But even that has not been steady, due to declining enrollments at colleges and technical schools.

Being 50 years old, I know that my chances of finding another full-time job are very slim, especially since I'm getting married next month and am constrained to staying in Ohio. Instead I'm focusing on trying to get back to full time in my current job by bringing in additional funding through proposals. But the government contracting game has become much more competitive in recent years, so that may be a long shot.

  @hargreavesCNN - Last updated September 03 2013 03:55 PM ET

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