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Help! My unemployment benefits just expired

1.3 million long-term unemployed Americans will lose their unemployment benefits Saturday, after Congress failed to extend federal benefits.

I'm praying for a job

bill and kathy houck
  • Name: William Houck, 60
  • Place: Slatington, Pa.

I'm a Republican but I'm not happy with either party. They left Washington in a hurry to get home for the holidays. Even the President, who said he wouldn't compromise, had to do that to get a budget.

I retired from the police and took disability in 1993. It's fixed at $17,800 a year -- no cost of living increases. The past 20 years I worked as a personnel and logistics manager for trucking companies. I left a job in 2012 when they closed the terminal. They offered to relocate me but we had just bought a house in 2006 and didn't want to move.

Instead, I got hired as an operations manager but was let go after a year. On unemployment, I made $573 a week, less than half what I had been netting. That was good for 26 weeks in Pennsylvania and expired in October. Then I went on the extended Federal benefits. It was 10.7% lower because of the sequestration cuts.

Congress decided not to extend it and it runs out on Saturday. I don't know what to do. I'm diabetic and take insulin and other medication. With my pension and unemployment, I was over the limit for the state's prescription assistance program. I got into a program where Eli Lilly sent me a four month supply of medication.

I've sent out 84 resumes this month, but nothing looks like it might pan out. I've had three interviews. It seems no company wants to hire someone who is 60 years old. They figure you'll retire in a few years -- but I need to work until I'm 70. I will probably lose the house, and my wife and I will have to go on welfare.

My wife and I are both Christians. We know God is in control and works all things for our good in any circumstance we find ourselves in. I'm praying for a job.

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