Table of contents: VOL. 150, NO. 7 - October 4, 2004
Part communist, part capitalist--and full speed ahead. (more)

I.M. PEI (more)
A handful of labs are making the great leap forward. But Nobel Prizes and major innovations like gene-splicing and the Internet are likely to take a decade or more. (more)

Five Chinese women: Some are smart, rich, and running the show; others just want a piece of the booming economy. (more)
Hard landing? Soft landing? Here's the right strategy to invest in this tricky market for the long run. (more)
As the country plunges headlong into the 21st century, a distinguished historian makes the case for preserving--and restructuring--its rich cultural heritage. (more)
Does one of these young entrepreneurs have what it takes to create China's first world-dominating company? (more)
China's only children--more than 100 million of them--make up the largest Me Generation ever. And their appetites are big. (more)
DR. DAVID HO (more)
China makes a high-stakes bet on developing its heartland. (more)
But there's not enough to go around. (more)
The American chip giant's hunger for a huge new marketplace has driven it deep into China. Intel's biggest fear? That China will one day produce a chip that rivals its own. (more)
With GM and VW as partners, China's biggest automaker has grown up fast. Now it is hatching its own brand. (more)
With 1.3 billion people--an ever-growing percentage of the world's commodities and products, from aluminum to washing machines. Numbers show what percentage of the world's consumption is accounted for by China. (more)
Andy Serwer
Bing!: While You Were Out


With a retirement date set, Disney CEO Michael Eisner tells FORTUNE why he craves drama, still micromanages--and won't stay on as chairman. (more)
Microsoft enters the music biz with MSN Music and a tuned-up version of Windows Media Player software. Should Apple be worried? Not yet. (more)

Pet-toy makers have to get inside the minds of animals and their owners. Do you need a microwaveable puppy cuddle pad? (more)
Joe Cahn (above center), Commissioner of Tailgating, U.S.A. (more)
These three new plants do more than assemble vehicles. They also jazz up public image. (more)
Teen retailer's results also hurt by falling sales, gross margins. |more|