Table of contents: VOL. 153, NO. 10 - May 29, 2006
John Lasseter and his merry band of animators have a way with blockbusters. The master storyteller explains to BRENT SCHLENDER how he does it--and how he plans to sprinkle some of that Pixar dust at Disney. (more)

The big investment banks are fighting for a piece of the action in the world's fastest-growing economy. Inside their multibillion-dollar battle. (more)
dispatches: business reports from around the u.s. and the world
India's retail sector is booming. But local politics have forced big foreign companies to watch from the sidelines. (more)

John Kenneth Galbraith, enemy of inequality, left a lasting legacy of economic thought and social commentary. (more)
Battling lawsuits and new rivals, MasterCard and Visa may face a lower-growth future. (more)

Michael Quaranto, 28, co-founder of 1570 Cinema Services, Houston (more)
investing: your money at work
media bubble
Is 'upfront' glitz enough to sell network ads in the Internet Age? (more)
the future of hollywood
Talk about close encounters: Hollywood is morphing into an alien life form--but it's still making billions. (more)
Rev up the Maybach and head out for a power breakfast at Toast, a late-night Baccaratini at the Blvd, or a celeb-studded soiree at Koi. In Style zeroes in on where Hollywood's top dogs eat, drink, and schmooze in Los Angeles. (more)
What thrills Hollywood types as much as record-breaking grosses? A phone that does it all, a car that (practically) drives itself, and a suit that performs so well it deserves its own Oscar. An In Style guide to the gear that has L.A. buzzing. (more)
Hollywood's business model may be crumbling. So why is a new wave of wealthy outsiders putting up millions to make movies? (more)
Peter Chernin knows that a digital revolution is underway--but he has faith that Hollywood will be Studio City forever. (more)
while you were out

Teen retailer's results also hurt by falling sales, gross margins. |more|