Table of contents: VOL. 153, NO. 11 - June 12, 2006
Harmony. Cooperation. Synchronized effort. It's difficult, but it can be learned. What's the best way to do so? Watch the great teams very closely - and then join one of your own. (more)

It took 40 years and more than $4 billion to build a railway across Tibet's plateau. The train to the top of the world will change this magical place forever. (more)
business life
June is for weddings, graduations, Father's Day, and (not least) our gadget expert's guide to the best new gear. (more)
Malcolm Bricklin, who brought you the Yugo and the Subaru, is betting that cars from China will rock the U.S.A. (more)
Two years ago Lego was broken. Then it got a new CEO and a new approach to making toys - and money. (more)
The stock market merger binge. (more)
Revealing statistics. (more)
Bringing CEOs into the loop on security. (more)
Analysis by Eurasia Group (more)
Up to 40% of home building is done by undocumented aliens. But no one's talking about what a crackdown could do to new home costs. (more)
Cold Stone Creamery has hit a hot spot with singing and dancing staff and flavors like Blushing Mango Cloud. (more)
The indictment of Milberg Weiss may be a death sentence for the firm, penalizing innocent employees. (more)
In the end, Ken Lay and Jeff Skilling couldn't escape their own lies. And that's good for corporate America. (more)

global economy
Doing business with a number of unstable countries has made Beijing a target of attacks. (more)
inside cover
Will the Fed's interest-rate hikes pop the commodities bubble? (more)
Legg Mason's ace strategist Michael J. Mauboussin believes you can make money by spotting situations where investors' expectations don't reflect the underlying value. (more)
investing: your money at work
Even with oil prices near record highs, there are some companies with lots of room to run. (more)
secrets of greatness
While working in consulting and private equity, Jim Vesterman thought he was a good team player. Then he joined the Marine Corps. (more)
Cut deals with the enemy, maximize liquidity, punish the welshers, and other free-market lessions of long-distance bike racing. (more)
It may be tempting to recruit all-stars and let 'em rip. Don't do it. Dream teams often become nightmares of dysfunction. (more)
How a team of engineers and designers defied Motorola's own rules to create the cellphone that revived their company. (more)
Sony slept through the dawn of digital media. Now Sir Howard Stringer and his polyglot crew are trying to wake the company up. (more)

VIPs, beware: The title's impressive, but do you know what's going on? (more)
Author looks back on the way Abe won over rivals and built a consensus. (more)
Discovery commander showed leadership mettle during climb at Wind River Peak that NASA emulates today. (more)
Researchers find too many players can spoil the team. The elusive 4.6 proves to be the right number. (more)
Teams are where you find them - and just about everywhere you look. What makes them tick? It all depends. (more)
This open-source software maker has figured out how to manage a worldwide workforce that rarely meets. Is MySQL the model 21st-century company? (more)

street life
EOG, spun off by the parent company from hell in 1999, has soaring earnings and a rocketing stock price. (more)
the index
value driven
How one intrepid academic exposed the latest stock option scandal. (more)
while you were out

Teen retailer's results also hurt by falling sales, gross margins. |more|