Table of contents: VOL. 154, NO. 1 - July 10, 2006
The bulk of his fortune, now worth $44 billion, will become the biggest charitable gift ever. His chief beneficiary? The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. (more)

Microsoft's founder on his decision to step aside, Warren Buffett's gift, and why it all gets him a little choked up. (more)
Seven thought leaders sound off on how connectivity is changing the planet. (more)
The Internet is old news. But its 700 million users are changing business and society so fast that it's sometimes hard to keep up. And the revolution is only just beginning. (more)
FORTUNE's third annual compensation survey shows Europe's top corporate leaders got a 7% raise in 2005. (more)
The giants of tech, that's who. And they have a nasty name for the former Microsoft honcho: "patent troll." (more)
The problem is not that CEOs make a fortune. It's that they are being paid for the wrong things. Here's how to change that. (more)
Separating the flagrantly illegal from the merely slimy. (more)
Voters are outraged. Big investors are demanding change. Even some CEOs admit there's a crisis. But rewards that defy all economic logic don't simply spring from greed. Corporate America's executive-compensation system is broken. An inside look. (more)
business life

Motorola's new Q smartphone has tons of features and a great price, but we can't bond with it. (more)

Murray Scureman, 68 (more)

business life: your money at play
What does it take to push a finely tuned Maserati to its limits? Roger Parloff enrolls in the Italian automaker's new Master Maserati school in Atlanta - and gets a crash course in high-octane driving. (more)
At WisdomTree, a high-powered partnership enters the ETF market. (more)

The Proton, Malaysia's national car, is losing market share. Can the company be weaned from its government subsidies? (more)
Whatever the outcome of Mexico's elections, the oligarchs are likely to come out on top. (more)
Stress is good. Multitasking is bad. Manage energy, not time. Is this the way of the 21st-century corporate athlete? (more)
A compendium of revealing stats (more)

New web tools are changing how office work gets done. (more)
Pugnacious cable exec James Dolan has a cool new recording device - but you won't be able to use it anytime soon. (more)
Property prices are rising fast as the tech boom spreads across the country. (more)
Up in arms over his rate hikes and tough talk? Get over it. This is what a new Fed chairman does. (more)

Being seen as unsafe may be an even bigger risk than being uncool. (more)
JetBlue Airways CEO David Neeleman speaks on airfare concerns, changes for a profitable year and cleaning planes. (more)
Ron Shaich focuses on making Panera a friendly, all-day destination for the Kinko's generation and the cubicle crowd. (more)
Fears of further rate hikes have rattled global markets - and created some enticing opportunities. (more)
media bubble
Why do the Chandlers of L.A. want to break up the Tribune Co.? (more)
Teen retailer's results also hurt by falling sales, gross margins. |more|