Table of contents: VOL. 154, NO. 8 - October 16, 2006
Is this the face of a new generation at Pepsi? Our new No. 1 takes over an iconic company. (more)

There's a reason organized labor is suddenly showing signs of life. His name is Andy Stern. He's like no union boss you've ever seen. (more)
A disastrous leak. A deadly explosion. CEO John Browne must turn his troubled oil giant around, but time is running out. (more)
In the biggest M&A blunder since AOL/Time Warner, Boston Scientific paid too high a price to snatch Guidant away from archrival Johnson & Johnson. Here's how it happened. (more)
50 most poweful women
There's a new breed of women in the land of caviar and oligarchs - rich, entrepreneurial, and in charge. Here are six supernovas. (more)
50 most powerful women
How three macho companies spotted - and promoted - a critical mass of female talent. (more)
Required reading (more)
To be its CEO, famously insular ADM picked not only a woman but a newcomer. What is Patricia Woertz's plan for the agribusiness giant? A big part of it will be ethanol. (more)
How Avon will put big money to work. (more)
How Xerox is preparing for tomorrow (more)
Female chief executives are taking charge at a slew of corporate giants. Call it the year of the Most Powerful Woman CEO. (more)
How an entrepreneurial bank in Mumbai built its business by hiring smart women managers and creating a female-friendly environment. (more)
With seven new entrants, and strong showings from Europe and Asia, our international list shows that business is opening up to women - fast. (more)
Kim Winser made sweaters sexy again at Pringle. Can she revitalize Aquascutum? (more)
Sumner Redstone is Viacom's main man, but the company's biggest brands are run by women. Fortune talks with four of them. (more)
Clobbered by Wall Street. Fierce competition from Google. Meg Whitman's had a rough couple years. Fortune's Adam Lashinsky finds out how she's trying to turn eBay from ultra-hot to built-to-last. (more)
business life

Insurance salesman Dean Burri is on the road 300 days a year, and relishes every liftoff and layover. Why? We tagged along to find out. (more)
Books about business personalities are all the rage this fall. These three are worth a look. (more)
Here's a look at how the newest offerings from six popular airlines stack up. (more)
It's a small world, and we've bagged the latest Lilliputian gear for travelers. (more)
Forget fast food and depressing duty-free. Here's how to actually enjoy a layover - at 15 top airports around the globe. (more)
With all the delays, hassles, and indignities, business travel has become more trying than ever. But our survival guide can help you rule the road. (more)

Mercedes, GM, even Honda, is betting on a new breed of green diesels. The goal? To leave hybrids in the dust. (more)
dispatches: reports from the front lines of business
President Hamid Karzai speaks out about Afghanistan's political instability and fledgling economy. (more)
Five years after the war, Kabul is showing signs of economic life. But making money in Afghanistan is still risky business. (more)
A compendium of revealing stats (more)

Forget housing starts or productivity stats. It's the national appetite for steak dinners that provides the best gut check on the economy. The sagging stocks in FORTUNE's Porterhouse Meal Index (PMI) are evidence of market concerns about high gas prices and shrinking expense accounts. (more)
Mark Hurd sits down with Fortune's Adam Lashinsky and speaks candidly about the scandal that has rocked HP and the entire business world. (more)
South Korea's Daewoo brings GM into the subcompact market, cementing a very successful partnership. (more)

An interview with Jim Donald, CEO and president, Starbucks (more)
Bangkok, Thailand (more)
Government price controls have pushed India's state-controlled oil refineries into the red. (more)

An interview with Nobel Peace Prize winner, Muhammad Yunus. (more)
Celebrity investment advisor-gone-swindler Dana Giacchetto is out of prison but entangled in another scam. (more)
In the wake of the Amaranth disaster, Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal seeks to reform the hedge fund industry. (more)
first: news - analysis - data - informed opinion
After years of courting foreign investors, Beijing may be losing its ardor for capital, reports Fortune's Clay Chandler. (more)
fortune small business
Meet three entrepreneurs who go the extra mile to attract and motivate first-rate employees. (more)

These financial steps will help you save more money, get better insurance coverage and pay less tax. (more)
investing: your money at work
These companies lagged as the market steamed ahead, but they are intriguing plays for patient investors. (more)
street life
Despite the meltdown of a major hedge fund, it's business as usual - and that could set the market up for a bigger blowup, says Fortune's Andy Serwer. (more)
value driven
Fortune's Geoffrey Colvin offers a to-do list to help Hurd evolve from operator to leader. (more)
while you were out

Teen retailer's results also hurt by falling sales, gross margins. |more|