Table of contents: VOL. 155, NO. 2 - February 5, 2007
Nobel Peace Prize winner Muhammad Yunus, the father of microcredit, has a new idea. It's called social business enterprise, and the first step is a yogurt factory in Bangladesh. Fortune's Sheridan Prasso reports. (more)

The country's largest public companies. (more)
Turns out there's something to it. Here's the amazing,real story of the scientist and startup that have a shot at making it happen. (more)
Fortune's Abrahm Lustgarten reports how the world's second-largest oil company lost control of its $22 billion project on Russia's Sakhalin Island. (more)
Draft me! Draft me! Newt Gingrich has a big idea and thinks you'll like it so much he'll just have to run for president, says Fortune's Nina Easton. (more)
After five years in development, Microsoft's new operating system is finally about to hit the street. Is it a keeper? Fortune's Peter Lewis takes it for a test drive. (more)
business life
Wolfgang Hültner, 58, CEO - the Americas, Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group. (more)

business life: life after work
Stephanie Vandegrift, 54 Dallas (more)
business life: your money at play
With Quincy Jones riding shotgun, Fortune's Sue Callaway straps in - and takes the sinister, sexy, $8 million Maybach Exelero for a spin. (more)
Apotex's CEO is attacking drug patent settlements that he says benefit everyone except the consumer. (more)
The last people to strike it rich in the real estate boom may be residents of a Florida trailer park. Fortune's Stephen Gandel reports. (more)
dispatches: reports from the front lines of business
Emmitt Smith has covered a lot of real estate on the football field and the dance floor. Now he's developing it, says Fortune's Roy Johnson. (more)
Hot spots, fault lines, and events that might have an impact on global risk. (more)

The U.S. government is cracking down on enforcing the Cuban embargo, and American businesses overseas are paying the price, says Fortune's Eliza Barclay. (more)

Michael Steinhardt, 66, chairman, Jewish Life Network, Steinhardt Foundation. (more)

Interview with Barbara Claudel, Master Sergeant, 43. (more)
first: news - analysis - informed opinion
Using a 1926 law, old-school U.S. airlines have halted the Virgin founder's bid to launch a domestic carrier. Here's how the British billionaire plans to win the dogfight. Fortune's Peter Elkind reports. (more)
first: picture this
Guiyu, China (more)
investing: america's most admired companies
Goldman Sachs is soaring on record revenues and earnings. The blistering pace may slow, but the long-term outlook remains bright, says Fortune's Yuval Rosenberg. (more)
investing: your money at work
The embattled drugmaker is prevailing in many Vioxx lawsuits. Better yet, it is getting more promising new products to market. (more)
An obscure Kentucky court case challenges state tax laws. Fortune's Jon Birger reports. (more)
Portfolios that seek to combine moral values with stock values are getting a makeover, says Fortune's Jia Lynn Yang. (more)
value driven
Despite (or because of) the Web, we watch more television than ever. (more)
what's next
Move over, Tinker Bell. Disney's latest star is fast becoming a brand of her own. (more)
what's next?
The 3-D online experience Second Life is a hit with users. IBM's Sam Palmisano and other tech leaders think it could also be a gold mine. (more)
Eighteen leaders and luminaries share their thoughts on where we're headed and what we'll see when we get there. (more)
while you were out
Fortune's Stanley Bing is thinking about extending his brand to fashion, fragrances, even facial cleansers. Watch out J. Lo! (more)
Teen retailer's results also hurt by falling sales, gross margins. |more|