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Concur Technologies
Rank: 50 (Previous rank: 51)
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Industry: Tech
CEO: S. Steven Singh , Chairman & CEO
Headquarters: Redmond, WA
Employees: 542
Concur's Web-based software makes it easier to file and store business expense reports, thanks to an imaging service that archives receipts online. Last year, the company acquired a corporate travel-services provider.
Revenue (millions, 2006) $97.1
Revenue growth (3-year annualized) 22.9%
Annual net income (millions, 2006) $34.1
Earnings per share growth (3-year annualized) 161.64%
Return for investors (3-year annualized) 18.21%
Source: Zacks
From the July/August 2007 Issue of FSB magazine
An earlier version of this table had incorrect revenue and net income numbers for some of the companies. regrets the error.
Industry: Tech
Ansoft 29 77.2
American Science & Engineering 6 163.6
CAM Commerce Solutions 84 27.2
Concur Technologies 50 97.1
CoStar Group 69 158.9
Cybersource 44 70.2
Dawson Geophysical 7 168.6
Ebix 55 29.3
Hauppauge Digital 66 97.7
Logility 70 37.3
Online Resources 97 91.7
Rimage 98 103.3
Sonic Solutions 61 148.7
Supertex 52 80.1
Trio-Tech International 20 29.1
Vasco Data Security International 11 76.1
Websense 79 178.8
Wayside Technology Group 40 182.0
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Top companies by revenue growth
Arena Resources 164.2%
Delta Petroleum 91.5%
Smith Micro Software 88.7%
FSB 100 by state
These states are headquarters for the highest number of America's fastest-growing small public companies
Texas 15
California 11
New York 10
Richest executives
Call them mini-Buffetts: the executives who hold major stakes in their companies on the FSB 100 list.
Corbin J. Robertson, Jr. Natural Resource Partners 173.4
John Farahi Monarch Casino & Resort 73.9
Nicholas Csendes Ansoft 61.5
How we pick the FSB 100
In our seventh annual list, we once again asked financial research firm Zacks to rank public companies with revenues of less than $200 million and a stock price of more than $1, based on their percentage growth in earnings, revenue, and stock performance over the past three years. (Banks, real estate firms and adult entertainment companies were excluded.) If you have further questions about the FSB 100, please e-mail
Lessons from the fastest
What does it take to catapult your company onto the FSB 100? Innovation and persistence, of course. But this year it also helped if you worked in industrial manufacturing. Although conventional wisdom holds that U.S. factories are trapped in a death spiral thanks to cheap overseas labor, a quarter of our fast-growth all-stars are finding creative ways to thrive in the bent-metal sector, up from 3 percent in 2003. Another 21 companies are building profitable niches in health care, selling everything from new drugs to remote patient monitors. Tech plays round out the top three categories, with 18 companies providing a smorgasbord of software and semiconductor products. (more)
How we pick the 25 richest executives
Equilar, an executive-compensation research firm in San Mateo, Calif., reviewed proxy statements for firms on the FSB 100 list. When the shares owned outright and vested options are factored in, these 25 executives have the most bling.