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78. Medtox Scientific

78. Medtox Scientific
Rank: 78 (Previous rank: 54)
CEO: Richard J. Braun, Chairman, president and CEO
Headquarters: St. Paul, MN
Employees: 523
Industry: Healthcare
Website: www.medtox.com
Medtox sells products and services to companies, hospitals and drug treatment centers that test for illegal substance use. The company offers its clinical testing in Minnesota and Wisconsin, for a market it pegs at $200 million.
Financials: Latest Results
Revenues 80.3 12.1
Net Income 6.7 -
Earnings per share - 56.7
Total Return - 26.2
From the July/August 2008 issue of Fortune Small Business
Source: Zacks
Revenue and net income are for the most recent four quarters ended on or before 2/29/08.

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