Name Company FSB 100 Rank
Bailly, R. Jeffrey UFP Technologies 75
Barrett, Bruce J. Somanetics 94
Battat, Emile A. Atrion 97
Bernstein, George H. Nobel Learning Communities 90
Braam, Ronald H. Synalloy 56
Braun, Richard J. Medtox Scientific 78
Brown, Donald Interactive Intelligence 10
Butler, J. Neal KMG Chemicals 72
Byrne, Timothy W. United States Lime & Minerals 44
Camp, David M. Key Technology 96
Cariou, Yvon Pierre Dynamic Materials 6
Carlson, Allen Sun Hydraulics 40
Caruso, Joseph P. Palomar Medical Technologies 51
Chagnon, Anna Bitstream 25
Chase, Peter Chase Corp. 64
Cittadini, Peter I. Actuate 37
Coker, Daniel Amerigon 15
Conway, Anthony Rochester Medical 16
Crispin, Neal AeroCentury 8
Degen, Michael J. Nortech Systems 100
Drimal Jr., Charles E. PrimeEnergy 53
Edenfield, J. Michael Logility 24
Elliott, E.J. Gencor Industries 91
Evans, Thomas R. Bankrate 42
Evans, Ronald North American Galvanizing & Coatings 4
Fabiano, Anthony American Science and Engineering 61
García, César M. Iris International 80
Gatoff, Eric Nathan's Famous 88
Gemperli, Karl B. Elecsys 84
Gorder, Mark S. IntriCon 22
Gundermann, Peter Astronics 1
Hadeed, Charles P. Transcat 86
Hawkins, James B. Natus Medical 26
Hershberg, David Globecomm Systems 67
Hicks, Kerry R. Health Grades 35
Higham, Jay IntegraMed America 99
Holster, Robert HMS Holdings 70
Hui, Alex C. Pericom Semiconductor 30
Hunt, T. Kendall Vasco Data Security International 5
Jankov, Ronald NetLogic Microsystems 83
Jensen, Tony Royal Gold 89
Johnson, IV, S.P. Carrizo Oil & Gas 41
Jones, Stephen Jones Soda 76
Knapp, Geoffrey D. CAM Commerce Solutions 98
Kraeutler, John A. Meridian Bioscience 65
Leganza, Leonard F. Eastern Co. 87
Liu, David The Knot 11
LoCascio, Robert LivePerson 77
Lodzinski, Frank GeoResources 31
Lopez, George A. ICU Medical 45
Majeski, Carrie L. Art's-Way Manufacturing 57
McBride, Kenneth 50
McDevitt, Michael S. Medifast 47
McKiernan, William CyberSource 29
McWilliams, Bruce M. Tessera Technologies 95
Mitcham, Jr., Billy F. Mitcham Industries 20
Noland, Kevin S. A.D.A.M. 55
Norris Jr., John Fuel Tech 34
Oldham, Larry Parallel Petroleum 17
Owens, Gary OYO Geospace 14
Pagano, Dominick A. Edac Technologies 82
Palm, James Gulfport Energy 9
Pao, Henry C. Supertex 79
Pardo, Brian Life Partners Holdings 7
Prior, Michael T. Atlantic Tele-Network 32
Prociv, Theodore M. Versar 54
Pudil, Michael J. WSI Industries 43
Raina, Robin Ebix 23
Rhian, Jack American Medical Alert 92
Rochford, Lloyd Arena Resources 2
Romano, Stephen American Ecology 63
Rosenzweig, Lance PeopleSupport 68
Rossi, Dino Balchem 60
Saks, Ronald S. LMI Aerospace 21
Schacht, Nicholas Learning Tree 71
Scherr, Scott Ultimate Software 19
Schmieder, Luke Mesa Laboratories 62
Schulte, John Spectranetics 33
Severson, Clinton H. Abaxis 93
Shear, Bruce A. Pioneer Behavioral Health 69
Shifrin, Kenneth S. American Physicians Service Group 39
Silverman, Louis E. Quality Systems 52
Singh, S. Steven Concur Technologies 13
Singhal, Anil NetScout Systems 66
Singleton, Shirley Edgewater Technology 28
Smith, Jr., William W. Smith Micro Software 85
Smolyansky, Julie Lifeway Foods 49
Soto, Raymond Bolt Technology 3
Southworth, Richard Spectrum Control 74
Speaker, Andrew R. Mercer Insurance Group 36
Sredni, Salomon TradeStation Group 46
Steinberg, Earle Thomas Group 12
Stern, Michael Kreisler Manufacturing 18
Stern, Gary Asta Funding 81
Weiler, Robert Phase Forward 38
Wellesley-Wesley, Michael I. Chyron 58
Whitener, Wayne TGC Industries 27
Willis, IV, Charles Willis Lease 73
Yarmuth, William B. Almost Family 59
Yong, S.W. Trio-Tech International 48
From the July/August 2008 issue of Fortune Small Business
Top 3

California 18
Texas 12
New York 11
T. Kendall Hunt 266.2
Donald E. Brown, M.D. 116.4
George A. Lopez, M.D. 103.5
Arena Resources 132.7%
Smith Micro Software 97.8%
TGC Industries 74.0%
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