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97. Atrion

97. Atrion
Financials: Latest Results
Rank: 97 (Previous rank: N.A.)
CEO: Emile A. Battat, Chairman and CEO
Headquarters: Allen, TX
Employees: 492
Industry: Healthcare
Website: www.atrioncorp.com
This medical equipment and supplies company manufactures fluid-delivery devices that are used in intravenous and oncology therapies, and to administer anesthesia. Atrion also makes valves used in safety products like life vests and inflatable boats.
Revenues 88.6 10.9
Net Income 14 -
Earnings per share - 25.2
Total Return - 40.7
From the July/August 2008 issue of Fortune Small Business
Source: Zacks
Revenue and net income are for the most recent four quarters ended on or before 2/29/08.

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