True Confections
Best new chocolate made by small companies.
By Mary Kilcoyne

(FORTUNE Small Business) – [This article consists of photographs--See PDF or hardcopy of Magazine]

B.T. McElrath Chocolatier Minneapolis Dark-chocolate ganache, $10[*]

Chocolat Moderne New York Raspberry ganache, $32 (left); lychee jam with toasted-coconut ganache, $37

Tribeca Treats New York Dark ganache with hazelnut praline (left); black currant jam, $15

Lillie Belle Farms Jacksonville, Ore. Dark chocolate with cherries, $18

Anna Shea Chocolates Tarrytown, N.Y. From left: White peach cream with honey; dark-chocolate ganache with port wine; Grand Marnier ganache, $19

Romanicos Chocolate Miami Dark- and milk-chocolate blend, $24

Garrison Confections Providence Ganache with espresso (left); dark ganache with green tea and ginseng, $20

Christopher Elbow Artisanal Chocolates Kansas City Passion fruit caramel (left); soft caramel ganache with fleur de sel, $30

Jacques Torres Chocolate New York Dark-chocolate ganache, $15

Recchiuti Confections San Francisco From left: Lemon verbena dark-chocolate ganache; vanilla-bean dark-chocolate ganache; sesame nougat with dark- and milk-chocolate ganache, $40

[*] Prices listed for one box; boxes contain five to 25 chocolates.