Table of contents: VOL. 16, NO. 3 - April 1, 2006
When it comes to building large businesses, women lag far behind men--but that's changing fast. (more)

A hair-removal chain takes off. (more)
A celebrity jeweler seeks growth through a risky partnership with De Beers. (more)
Seven experts debate what keeps more women from growing big. (more)
Savvy entrepreneurs are looking to wealthy women for funding. (more)
Women can play the VC game and win big. Take it from two Stanford MBAs who built a fast-growing concierge service. (more)
How can a Wisconsin bakery win new customers? Make the place look old. (more)
This cardiac psychologist soothes stressed-out entrepreneurs--and his talk isn't cheap. (more)
Innovative new turbines bring wind power to the home market. (more)
As organic food becomes more popular, one bottled-tea company makes a big bet and converts its entire product line. (more)
Ron Lando has energy, a great product, and a patent. But is that enough to protect his eyewear company? (more)
At, Mike Faith helps employees find their voice--and use it to keep customers loyal. (more)
A new computer password system is based on recalling faces. (more)
A U.S. entrepreneur turns his passion for Burgundy (both the wine and the region) into a business. (more)
A corporate relocator ramps up with help from FSB. (more)
It could be called extreme, but Jay Shafer built a business by scaling down his life. (more)
off hours
This summer the first man-made rafting park in the U.S. opens in North Carolina. (more)
Josh Smith's cutting-edge knives stir collectors' passions. (more)
A new Buick for the, ahem, mature market. Plus, Toyota's revamped Camry. (more)
owner to owner
When signing on a No. 2 proved easier said than done, I revamped my entire hiring process. (more)

An oil heiress, at 83, is expanding her chain of small, posh, profitable hotels. (more)

A case in Vermont's Supreme Court has advocates' attention. (more)
Of all the arguments the Supreme Court has agreed to hear this term, three little-noticed cases stand to have a big impact on small business. (more)

Entrepreneurs are finding that creating eco-friendly offices costs a bit more up front but can deliver lasting benefits. |more|
More cities are requiring restaurants to tell customers how much fat is in that burger. Smart business owners are embracing the trend. |more|
At the Bitter End, some of the world's best sailors take amateurs - including many entrepreneurs - on a wild ride. |more|
FSB's makeover squad helps a shoemaking couple chart a growth plan. |more|
Facing a dwindling supply of American tech workers, employers struggle to hire skilled foreigners. |more|