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Table of Contents:VOL. 18, NO. 6 - July 2008
Lose weight or else!
Lose weight or else!
Should you use carrots - and sticks - to nudge your employees toward better health and higher productivity? 
Tasty Pairs
Move summer meals beyond Bud and barbecue. 
Backyard escapes
This is the summer of the staycation, so pour a glass of lemonade, hit the backyard, and indulge in FSB's selection of literary escapes - tailored for small-business owners - all being published in July or August. 
Skydiving for sales
To boost its brand recognition, launched a skydiving team. 
Tequila and sympathy
Padre's Modern Mexican is turning the downturn into a marketing opportunity: Bring in a foreclosure notice, get a free drink. 
Pork futures
A Maine artesian-foods importer this month becomes the first U.S. company to legally bring in Spain's famed jamon iberico de bellota - for $180 per pound. 
Light a store, save a town
By reopening an iconic clothing shop, a rural community revives its once-dying downtown. 
Found in translation: Avoiding multilingual gaffes
Found in translation: Avoiding multilingual gaffes
How a small translation company helps big brands avoid global mishaps. 
Can I sell my firm without jumping through hoops?
Anne Fisher answers this question, plus tells you how to sell and when to hold a job for a veteran. 
What are they saying about you?
The web empowers customers to praise - or pummel - your business. Be prepared. 
A tiny cure for cancer?
A startup's nanotechnology promises to zap liver tumors without nasty side effects. 
Feed the locals first
A poorly planned expansion made me realize that my restaurant chain was strongest as a regional brand. 
Selling clean machines
Entrepreneur David Oreck explains how he built a small distribution firm into a vacuum empire. His secret? Innovating more persistently than his competitors. 
Pitching Mother Nature
These makers of eco-friendly products know how to stand out in a market rife with green hype. 
Proving grounds
Want to stop employees from skipping off to Starbucks? These hotshot espresso machines might help. 
HR software saves time and cash
Employee-evaluation software can help you reward stars and lose deadbeats. 
Mush, puppy!
Originally designed for extreme athletes, Diggler's scooter has gone to the dogs. 
Floored by growth
An installer of carpeting and tile struggles to manage his booming business. 
One homebuilder's solution: Pay early, pay often
Amid the housing crisis, this North Carolina builder found a new way to win in real estate. 
Cover Story
The FSB 100America's fastest-growing small public companies more
Hardy growers
See how our 2008 champions push through tough times. 
The richest
These FSB 100 owners and executives each hold more than $50 million in stock and options. 
Off hours
Go surf a kite
Go surf a kite
A seasoned kiteboard entrepreneur teaches newbies to ride flat water. 
Eat my wall
George Irwin builds green structures for a living, but his latest project aspires to rebuild lives. 
The art of glass
Recycled treasures from independent artisans. 
Becoming Ben Taylor
A wide-ranging new album from the indie musician and label owner. 
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