Paddle Away
By Amy Wilson

(MONEY Magazine) – Once in a great while a new technology fundamentally changes a sport. Last year it was Airalite, and it took the paddling world by storm. By combining the affordability and durability of polyethylene with the strength and lightness of the composite used for pricier models, WaterMark Paddlesports created a kayak that marries high performance (think stability and speed) with a bearable sticker price. Paddlesports is now offering numerous models using Airalite technology. The new Perception Carolina Airalite 14.5 is perfect for day touring. At $1,450 and just 54 pounds, with dual dry-storage compartments, a Thermafoam seat pad and an adjustable backband, it's roughly half the cost of a comparable composite kayak. It's available at Avid kayakers say the patented bent-shaft Xception Tour paddle improves your control and eases your strokes. It's on sale at for $340, a 15% discount, till March 31. --AMY WILSON