Capitalist Clicks
By Carmen R. Wong

(MONEY Magazine) – Where does a young woman with entrepreneurial spirit go for inspiration these days? Besides watching the women's team on The Apprentice? The website offers cheeky profiles ("Women on Top"), money-management tips ("Kick Assets"), business news and discussion boards. Mother-and-daughter team Debbie and Tara Brannigan launched the girl-power site because, says Debbie, "there's virtually no niche for a young female capitalist to identify and connect with peers." So how is a Capitalist Chick different from other chicks? Debbie, 39, lays out the mind-set: "She's self-motivated, comes out of college a leader and doesn't buy into 'I deserve things handed to me.'"

Fun fact: A full 40% of page views come from young men. Tara, 21, can only guess why: "Guys seem more likely to do a search for 'capitalist' and then forward the site to their girlfriends." Uh, something tells us that this is a rare "chick" search result that guys aren't ashamed to pass to the women in their lives. --CARMEN R. WONG