People Watching
By Joan Caplin, Judy Feldman, David Futrelle, Ellen McGirt and Michael J. Powe

(MONEY Magazine) – KEVIN MARSHALL Granby, Conn.

Stay Friday and Saturday nights at the Dutch Iris Inn (outside Hartford), and completed federal and state tax returns will await you come checkout time Sunday. Owner Kevin Marshall, 38, is a C.P.A. (Good thing he was never a proctologist!) His "Tax & Relax" deal is $399 per couple, filing jointly or separately.


Should you take a low bid for your house or hold out for more? Which of two properties you're torn between is the better deal? Software created by this 23-year-old math whiz strips out emotion to give objective answers based on data from local real estate sales. She charges $99 and up at


After visiting Afghan refugee camps in 1993, Aziz vowed to act. In 1994 his one-man crusade, the Children of War, scraped up $1,000. Now Aziz, 44, has raised $1.5 million, enough for three schools and the care of 230 kids. Elated? He sighs: "There are still 75 girls on a wait list."


At 12, she launched Blackgirl, a lifestyle magazine for teens. Nearly two years later, the magazine has 4,500 readers, and advertisers are calling, including Burger King. James, "tired of reading the same old things," has scored interviews with OutKast and Oprah. Something tells us we may be working for her someday.


This would-be Net mogul just axed all the "C" titles at discount outlet, CFO, COO--deeming them symbols of corporate bloat. Byrne, 41, now goes by president. His folksy, straightforward manner echoes former boss Warren Buffett, an old pal of his dad, insurance industry fixture Jack Byrne.

CRAIG NEWMARK San Francisco isn't just a way to search for a job or a pal online. It's a certified phenom, with 4 million folks now frequenting its 35 ad-free U.S. sites each month to find anything from a used sofa to a sperm donor. Founder Newmark, 48, is expanding overseas, with sites set for Sydney, Manila and Bangalore.