Get More, Pay Less Do you go online to save money, save time or stay cool? You have thousands of websites to choose from. We picked 75 great ones for every type of shopper
By Makebra Anderson, Daniel Binder, Mattie Brickman, Jonah Freedman, Megan Johnston, Tara Kalwarski, Donna Rosato, Stephanie D. Smith and Lawrence Ulrich

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KITCHEN SUPPLIES Gourmands on the hunt for the high-end (such as All-Clad pots and pans) or the hard to reach (designer fish-bone pliers, say) will find both here. A recent clearance-section find: an eight-inch All-Clad skillet, originally $70, marked down to $35.

THEATER TICKETS A single source for shows across the U.S. and in London's West End. Available seats for Tony winner Avenue Q range from $55 to $105, including service charges.

EVENT TICKETS Need seats for the Washington Redskins-Dallas Cowboys face-off? Want to off-load some Jimmy Buffett concert tickets? At this eBay of sports, concerts and shows, you can buy for a 10% fee or sell for a 15% fee.

DISNEY TIPS Launched as a hobby by Disney devotee Mary Waring in 2001, this site is a treasure trove of Disney discount coupons, hotel package deals and advice on navigating the parks.

CLASSIC TOYS If you're yearning for time with your kids without a PlayStation controller in sight, go to eHobbies, where you'll find such childhood classics as radio-controlled cars, telescopes, models, and science kits like the Uncle Milton Giant Ant Farm ($19.99).

A ROOM IN AN EXCLUSIVE HOTEL For the best collection of luxury hotels, spas, country houses and private islands, visit Small Luxury Hotels of the World. You can book one of 14 cabanas at Fiji's Turtle Island Resort. Sign up for a monthly e-mail of special offers.

STEAKS A New York City institution for over 100 years, Peter Luger has a weeks-long waiting list. Stay home and order Luger's renowned prime Porterhouse--dry-aged at the restaurant--for $157. Two steaks that will serve four to six are shipped overnight in a reusable cooler for $39.95.

TEXTBOOKS Students and serious readers can cut the cost of learning at this site, which scours the Web for new and used book deals. A recent search for Hamlet in paperback turned up a 50¢ used copy at and a $3.74 new copy at

DESIGNER CLOTHES This fashion site carries brand names, from Diesel to Diane von Furstenberg, at a discount. Recent finds include a Prada shopper tote for $279.99 (originally $585). A generous 90-day return policy can remedy fashion mistakes.

GIFT SUGGESTIONS Known for its signature red wrapping, this eclectic and imaginative site sorts picks by recipient or occasion. A $50 junior microscope is a RedEnvelope favorite birthday gift for a kid age 10 or older.

SPICES Need filé for your gumbo? Hungarian paprika for your goulash? Turmeric for your tagine? Stop by Wisconsin's Penzeys Spices, where you can order 250 herbs and spices in quantities ranging from 1.25 ounces to an entire pound.

USED CARS Until recently, few could imagine buying or selling a used car or motorcycle through an Internet auction. But eBay Motors has overcome skepticism to become the nation's largest used-car marketplace, with 10 million unique visitors a month, making up 20% of all eBay's visitors.

CAR NEWS This source of wide-ranging auto news features reviews, chats, message boards and spy shots of upcoming models.

CAR PRICES Get your negotiating edge at Edmunds, where you can research dealer costs and local sale prices for new and used models. Then you'll be well-equipped to hash out a deal.

SEEDS AND PLANTS, Famous for its roses, Jackson & Perkins also has a wide selection of trees, shrubs and tools. Burpee is best for seeds.

LAST-MINUTE TRIPS A wealth of deals for the impetuous or the procrastinator. In July, you could have booked a weekend trip from New York City to San Diego, including flight and two nights at the Marriott Mission Valley hotel, for $485 a person.

COFFEE Forget that Seattle brand. Peet's Coffee & Tea of Berkeley offers 32 coffee varieties, all strong and all shipped within 24 hours of roasting. Set up regular deliveries so you'll never run low.

JEWELRY Buying jewelry is already fraught with anxiety--did I pay too much? Which stone is best? Blue Nile tries hard to reassure with copious consumer education, on-call phone consultants and designs you can customize. As for price, one carat (total weight) colorless diamond solitaire stud earrings go for $3,204 vs. $3,999.99 at Free shipping via FedEx and delivery insurance are included.

DESIGNER HANDBAGS bagborrow Do you tire of your handbag often? Here you can borrow one and then swap it for another anytime. This site's $19.95-a-month plan gives you access to Ralph Lauren and the like. For $99.95, you get Fendi.

BEDDING Visit Eddie Bauer's Home Store for a huge selection of bedding, including 340-thread-count sheets. Shop Eddie Bauer's winter and summer white sales to save up to 55%.

HARD-TO-FIND SHOE SIZES The department store that began as a shoe retailer is the best online destination for hard-to-fit feet. A search for a women's size 5 narrow yields more than 50 styles, including a pair of Birkenstock Mary Janes for $150.