Table of contents: VOL. 35, NO. 11 - November 1, 2006
You can, if you want, spend every spare hour working on your finances. Or you can take these simple shortcuts, reach your goals just fine and actually have a life. (more)

THINK SCAMS HAPPEN ONLY TO OTHER PEOPLE? Wake up and smell the coffee. (more)
How can you cut your medical costs...get ahead at work...make better financial decisions... and be more creative?Get a good night's rest. (Really.) (more)
Save more than 25% by reading your hospital bill.Cut drug prices 35% by using mail order.Save $2,000 by flossing daily...and 47 other cost-cutting tips you haven't thought of. (more)
The Iraq war turned him into a candidate. Running for Congress turned his family's finances upside down. (more)
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Follow these guidelines and feel confident that you'll be making the right financial decisions. (more)
Picking stocks is hard. There ought to be an easier way to be an active investor. In fact, there is. (more)
Redoing a 1980s bath addition adds value to a 1920s home (more)
Buying is getting easier while selling is getting harder. So how can you avoid getting caught in between? (more)
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Drag racing wasn't just my passion, it was my business. Getting the IRS to agree was the sweetest victory. (more)
The Answer Guy comes up with two options - and one big risk. Plus: How to judge target-retirement funds. (more)
THIS MONTH: Oil and Dell. Both down in the dumps. (more)
When a star manager hits a dry spell, don't treat him as though he's some off-key wannabe (more)
As Marc and Lillian Harris look past Army life, it's time to build a portfolio that can handle whatever the markets bring. (more)
The real estate slump changes how you should look at your biggest asset--and the rest of your portfolio (more)
Unpleasant memories and some legitimate but short-term worries are keeping share prices down (more)
Somewhere there's a hard drive with your name on it. A lot of hard drives, actually, filled with stuff like what you do for a living and when you pay your bills. Businesses peek at those records to determine everything from whether you get a loan to whether you get a job. Errors cost you, and--count on this--there will be mistakes unless you keep an eye out. Watch these three things: (more)
The key to getting a suite deal: Offer a compelling reason you deserve an upgrade, then be politely persistent. If the hotel has a nicer room vacant, it costs them nothing to put you in it. That said, it's all about timing. N.Y.C. on New Year's Eve? Fuhgeddaboutit. (more)
The empty-nester challenge: Once the children are gone for good, you need to rethink your financial priorities. (more)
Come on in, the water's fine. If you follow a few investing basics, you won't feel like you're swimming with sharks. (more)
A couple of popular credit cards rein in rewards. But you can still find a good deal. (more)
If you're stopping only at the major online retailers, you could be missing out on some money-saving opportunities (more)
To get in shape for life after you leave your job, you need to work on your body as well as your bottom line (more)
Whether you're raising money or asked for a donation, your main goal is to keep everyone feeling charitable toward you (more)
Want to really travel this winter--and not just go somewhere? Hit the road, rails and sea. (more)
New compact photo printers are so easy to use, even a...oh, wait--he's using it already (more)
It's a mall! It's a cute downtown! No, it's just a clever design to make you spend, spend, spend. (more)

Fighting the 6% Real Estate CommissionDavid BarrySan Francisco (more)

Discount airlines no longer have a monopoly on good fares. (more)
We asked people if they'd noticed a decline in their housing market. They had. (more)

The once hot housing market's about-face has created amazing incentives for buyers. What are you waiting for? (more)
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International Slips, Large-Caps Shine (more)
In a Robust Market, Tech Stands Out (more)
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Think the only answer is to turn down the heat and break out the flannel underwear? Then you need to back away from the thermostat--and take this quiz. (more)
When you are just starting out or finally starting to get serious about saving, the basics will get you far. Here are more than a dozen tips that will help you lay the base for building your net worth. |more|