Weakest holiday season in years 7:55am: Many stores suffer big sales misses in December, but Wal-Mart and Costco benefit from cash-strapped consumers shopping for discounts. (more)
Dec 26: Santa wasn't so nice to retailers this year. But stores could now haul in $60 billion over the next 7 days. (more)
Dec 26: The online retailer records its strongest holiday shopping season ever. (more)
Dec 25: The final days before Christmas are crucial, and shoppers gave it their best shot. But the push may not have been enough to prop up spending for the season. (more)
Dec 24: The last weekend before Christmas is crucial, and shoppers gave it their best shot. (more)
Dec 18: Attention shoppers: 17% of Americans haven't started buying gifts. What they do in the next week will be key to stores' 2007 season. (more)
Dec 11: Lack of a 'must-have' toy also dents demand, a new report says; stricter testing requirements expected to be announced by year end. (more)
Dec 11: Mall traffic drops dramatically in the final run-up to Christmas, and chain stores see only modest sales increase. (more)
Dec 9: After a strong kick-off after Thanksgiving, retailers report mixed sales. Aggressive discounts may follow. (more)
Dec 7: Retail sector might not help boost November labor market, even with the holiday shopping season underway. (more)
Dec 5: Retail sector might not help boost November labor market, even with the holiday shopping season underway. (more)
Nov 29: Early returns are in on Black Friday and initial holiday shopping. Wal-Mart and other discounters did well, as did online sellers. Department stores? Not so much. (more)
Nov 27: When the bills come due, the holiday consumer spending spree could be a 'last hurrah' for the nation's economic growth. (more)
Nov 26: Cyber Monday traffic and sales reported at a blistering pace. Retailers say 72 million people will shop sometime during the day. (more)
Nov 26: Cost to buy all items mentioned in song up 4% in '07 to $78,100, according to PNC report. (more)
Nov 25: Industry trade group says Black Friday discounts drew big crowds but not big spenders. But Cyber Monday sales expected to break record. (more)
Nov 25: Toy recalled due to 'date-rape' drug reaction when swallowed advertised because of lag time. (more)
Nov 24: Research group and Penney both say weekend results have started off strong. (more)
Nov 23: Bargain-hunters make a dash for deeply discounted items at the Wal-Mart and Target stores in Union, N.J. (more)
Nov 23: Tourists flock to Manhattan on Black Friday to take advantage of the weak dollar as well as holiday sales. (more)
Nov 23: Shoppers shrug off high energy prices and snap up TVs, digital cameras, laptops and other high-tech goodies offered at big discounts. (more)
Nov 23: The Web kicks off its holiday-shopping season on the Monday after Thanksgiving. (more)
Nov 23: Black Friday customers rush Toys 'R' Us flagship store in New York for Wii, Guitar Hero. 'The Zunes are done!' yells one. (more)
Nov 23: Black Friday crowds spend an estimated $20 billion. The big question for the economy: Will they keep buying? (more)
Nov 21: While deep discounts will get retailers through a mediocre holiday season, the bigger worry is how merchants will manage a post-holiday sales slump. (more)
Nov 20: Research groups find that toys on store shelves still contain illegal amounts of toxic substance. (more)
Nov 19: Consumers are likely to spend less this season due to the rising costs of gasoline and heating oil, a survey shows. (more)
Nov 13: Retailer's planned discounts for day after Thanksgiving center on consumer electronics such as a Philips 50-inch HDTV and an Xbox 360. (more)
Nov 13: Even though more than half of shoppers will buy gift cards, sales will fall this season, according to a survey. (more)
Nov 13: Largest retailer tops third-quarter earnings forecasts, but says fourth-quarter earnings may fall below estimates because of flat sales. (more)
Nov 9: Parents are trying to avoid trendy toys by considering alternatives like books and music. (more)
Nov 8: Retailer's hot Black Friday discounts reportedly include a 37-inch LCD HDTV for $549 and a $60 free gift card with purchase of Xbox 360 and Halo 3 game. (more)
Nov 7: Retailers are reporting a higher incidence of product returns with either fraudulent or stolen receipts and returns of used merchandise. (more)
Nov 6: The CEO of the toy retailer talks to Fortune's Matthew Boyle about this year's hot toys and the hard line the company is taking on safety. (more)
Nov 5: Wal-Mart's early price-cutting has ignited a wave of deep discounts that could rival Black Friday's blockbuster deals. (more)
Nov 2: Weak dollar spurs malls to go all out for shoppers from overseas - offering discounted hotel fares and free limo rides with Champagne. (more)
Oct 31: World's largest retailer, anxious to capture holiday sales early on, plans to offer a $348 laptop computer and a 50-inch plasma HDTV for $998. (more)
Oct 30: The central bank cut interest rates on Wednesday, but 2 cuts in 2 months may not be enough to boost holiday sales. (more)
Oct 29: Despite parent company Wal-Mart's warning about tapped out consumers, Doug McMillon says he's not afraid to pitch a $347K diamond ring. (more)
Oct 25: Lee Scott to analysts: 'In the U.S., I feel we are properly positioned for Christmas.' (more)
Oct 19: First out of the gate is Sam's Club, which is offering free breakfast in all of its stores nationwide to shoppers who come for its early-bird specials. (more)
Oct 18: Retailer is threatening legal action if Web sites leak its highly-popular Black Friday circular before Nov. 19. (more)
Oct 18: Discounter cuts prices on 15,000 more products this week, including toys and kitchen appliances. (more)
Oct 16: Industry survey shows Americans plan to spend a total of about $924 on gifts and other holiday purchases, up just 3.7% from last year. (more)
Oct 10: Experts offer secrets to scoring special sale items, buying safe products and making money while you shop. (more)
Oct 5: CNNMoney.com survey finds that lackluster merchandise, wary consumers could drag down critical year-end shopping season. (more)
Oct 2: Toy Wishes magazine picks Barbie Girls MP3 player, Fisher-Price's Smart Cycle and Rubik's Revolution among toys of the year. (more)
Oct 1: World's largest retailer ignites holiday price war in October by announcing deep discounts on some holiday toys. (more)