15 surprises ahead in 2007
Business 2.0's Chris Taylor highlights the most significant innovations, events and launches that are planned for the New Year.
Condoms invade Viagra's turf
Condoms invade Viagra's turf
When Viagra first cleared the FDA hurdle in 1998, it was the butt of a thousand talk-show jokes. But that didn't stop it from becoming a $1.6 billion bonanza for parent company Pfizer. It meets a need, and that same need is moving Durex to launch a revolutionary condom, the CSD500, in late 2007. Its secret sauce: an "erectogenic compound" called Zanifil, patented by tiny U.K. company Futura Medical. Pending FDA approval, Zanifil will be the first Viagra-like chemical to be sold over the counter. But it has to be applied directly to the skin - hence the Durex partnership. If it accomplishes anything near Viagra's sales, Futura will be standing proud.
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